Tips for love for the Taurus and Aquarius couple

Written by Alison

Taurus tends to take ownership of their partner but Aquarius does not support any chains, constraints, or questioning; this can regularly cause friction! Each one of you is stubborn and resentful and we can fear a harmful immobility in case of a problem, none of you will want to surrender. For the relationship to work you must be more flexible.

Love compatibility between Taurus and Aquarius

Not easy... Between Taurus' possessiveness and Aquarius innate need for independence, the balance will be hard to find... Taurus' sensuality can feed off of Aquarius' great compassion, which is in turn warmed by Taurus' tenderness. It's worth a try... If Taurus manages to control his jealous feelings, and if Aquarius does what's necessary to put their partner at ease, you have every chance in the world.

Compatibility between a Taurus woman and a Aquarius man

If female Taurus can accept Aquarius' free-spirited nature and doesn't touch his sacred independence, these two will have gentle and harmonious relationship. Male Aquarius will be kept under a benevolent supervision, giving him security, while female Aquarius will be won over by this sensitive and attentive lover. His powerful sensuality will be a whole new, insanely pleasant world for her to discover, in which she will be able to develop her femininity. Her partner will encourage her down this path. She will know how to add elegance to her femininity, just as she'd always imagined.

Compatibility between a Taurus man and a Aquarius woman

The masculine side of this relationship will be fascinated by his other feminine, and exceptionally attentive and sensual, half who is anything but ordinary. He has found THE one in his life and will do everything in his power to hold onto her! He will show a pronounced need for tenderness, cuddles, and Love with a capital L, whereas she will need to be protected - a lucky match! As stubborn as you both are, it would be wise to avoid controversial topics and instead seek lines of communication that will allow you to truly and openly express your ideas. They both share an eye for aesthetics, which will bring to life their more glam sides. However, lady Aquarius will have to double her efforts to satisfy her partner between the sheets!

Compatibility between a Taurus woman and a Aquarius woman

If you are an Aquarius, don't be so selfish with your partner, and don't hesitate to share your desires with her. You are, for certain, more awkward than she is at expressing your feelings, but you are the love of her life, and she will do anything for you. Your partner is capable of defending you tooth and nail as long as you agree to share your ideals with her. Your conversation will give you the practical sense to put your grand plans into action! Your imagination, together with her sensuality, will make her a totally one-of-a-kind partner, as long as you can be more dominant intimately.

Compatibility between a Taurus man and a Aquarius man

Taurus tends to take over his partner - thoughtfully, tenderly, warmly, and kindly, but she does it, nonetheless. Aquarius will put up with no chains, constraints, or challenges to his individuality as he sees it. This could get uncomfortable pretty often! Both of you are stubborn and prone to hold grudges, and, the good, fixed signs you are, to stick to your guns during a conflict, which can be harmful for your relationship - neither of you want to back down first. For your couple to last, other components in your chart that are more flexible, tolerant, and lively will be necessary. In this case, your relationship may be a great source for discovery for both of you.

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