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Sunday, May the 27th
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2018 Horoscope
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The Sign of Gemini
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Astrology: slim down for the summer
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Daisy, an Aquarius - and famous!

  Written by Evie

Born under the sign of Aquarius with Scorpio rising, Daisy' unorthodox career path is a classic illustration of the contradictions inherent in the combination of these signs when they form a square and are therefore potentially difficult (though in no way impossible) to attune… After studying psychology, she started on the university path that would culminate in a Masters in Philosophy on the subject of friendship in the works of Nietzsche… This chosen subject has added significance when one realises that Aquarius puts friendship above all else!

After a year spent writing a doctoral thesis on the subject of death… again in the works of Nietzsche, it is evident that Daisy had a knowledge of the heavens going all the way down to her finger tips, before she practised or even studied astrology. With Scorpio a sign that is strongly linked with death, and its master Pluto dominating her chart, you can imagine that, if the stars create inclinations but don't determine (according to Ptolemy), they fundamentally influenced the choices of our astrologer long before she herself embarked on decoding the language of the planets…

She was initiated into astrology by a friend in 1989. She realised immediately that she had found her true niche among the stars! As a true Aquarian, she will never belong to a particular school, or follow a specific course, or wish to pay allegiance to any particular master, but takes her main inspiration from and with the recognition of the Anglo-American school (psychological approach), as represented magnificently by Liz Green, Ruperti, Arroyo...

She is also interested in karmic astrology, which takes into account the legacy of the past (of this and former lives) and its baggage, in order to explain our compulsions and repeated behaviour patterns, as well as our spontaneous inclinations and talents. Karmic astrology tries to understand these and soften their impact, when they wound us and interfere with our expression of free will, or maximise their effect when we sometimes hesitate to highlight the best of ourselves!

If astrology is only about predicting events… it serves no purpose! What Daisy hopes to impress upon us in her writings has nothing to do with an astrology that knows everything about us in advance and would therefore only be able to offer us a platform for complete inertia and a point of view without … any prospects for the future! Her intention is certainly to give information about natural inclinations, but above all to help you understand (within the confines of our humble knowledge) that, beyond the incontestable influence of the planets on your birth chart and your path through this life, there exists far above all else … and within you … the magnificently creative and specifically human power of free will, without which we would be merely … empty shells!

It should be noted that whilst Daisy occasionally manages to decipher the subtle interweaving of celestial movements, it is up to you to interpret the message freely and adapt it to fit you, so that you can fully participate heart and soul in celebrating an astrology that is definitely non coercive and genuinely considered as a tool for transformation; a path which is initiating, poetical and spiritual towards the self and at the same time towards others.

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