Love Compatibility of Aries

Written by Alison

Aries needs to love and be loved ardently and live every moment passionately. But they feel strong enough to exist alone, out of the shadow of a partner. They are difficult to 'conquer'. The best way to do this is to consider yourself an equal and respect their freedom and even their whims. Learn everything here about your compatibility in love!

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The Men:
1st decan
This decan is exclusive, demanding, and very daring. Sometimes to the point of unconsciousness! However, they compensate for their lack of foresight and perseverance with an exceptional instinct. This man has confidence in himself, and the effect he has on others, which protects him from gross errors and most often gives him a companion totally seduced by his ardor.
A Sagittarius woman is particularly able to share the daily life of this adventurer who is the 1st decan of Aries.

2nd decan
For this decan, to live is to love. Nothing can stop this man if he wants something. He is often clumsy, unnecessarily boastful because if he is very energetic and active in his actions, he loses his temper in front of his emotions and his sensitivity. He needs a woman who can manage and express the tumult of his feelings.
A Gemini woman will significantly help an Aries from the 2nd decan to verbalize, but he will have to repress her often too critical senseĀ…

3rd decan
This decan is paradoxical. The more he loves, the more he can be authoritarian, sometimes paternalistic. This is because he has difficulty admitting the emotions linked to his feelings as if they were all weaknesses. He is passionate while looking for a stable bond, which in itself is not simple. He aims for balance beyond his irrepressible impulses.
A Libra woman is ideal for stemming the focused passion of the 3rd decan of Aries and transforming it into lasting well-being in the relationship.

The Women:
1st decan
This woman needs to be loved and admired. She easily passes for being provocative when she is, above all, daring. Besides, she does not really try to impress her audience but rather exteriorize her immense energy by fully living her femininity, without always realizing the place she takes.
A Leo man is well placed to understand it better than anyone and to be a partner of 1st choice for an Aries woman of the 1st decan. For their part, they will be seduced by her royal appearance.

2nd decan
This decan is sure of itself; this woman asserts herself and imposes herself naturally with great ease and accuracy. She never doubts her feelings and has little difficulty in making herself loved in return. Her frank, direct, and loyal behavior does not protect her from mood swings, but her influence remains enormous.
An Aquarius man will appreciate more than any other, the freedom and autonomy shown by an Aries woman of the 2nd decan. He will appreciate the few complications in his daily life.

3rd decan
This decan puts her life in her feelings! She is a logical woman who can, however, lose reason when she falls in love. Her own emotions often blind her, and her desires quickly go to her head. It is she who will most sublimate her loved one through devastating bouts of passion.
A Libra man, seduced by the fiery temperament of an Aries woman from the 3rd decan, will be the most suitable for balancing this explosion of feelings and reassuring his partner about the stability of their union.

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