Compatibility of Aries in love with the Gemini sign

Written by Alison

It is through discussion and an exchange of views that you will best flesh out your relationship. You both have dynamism and mobility in common, which preserves you from boredom and routine. It will, however, be necessary to take care of channeling your reflections towards useful, concrete, practical subjects because neither of these signs are very well armed to dig deep into emotional problems.

Love compatibility between Aries and Gemini

This couple is as bubbly as a bottle of champagne, so don't shake it up too much. You lack stability and security, but have a good potential for communicating, which is a good sign, as long as Aries can be more tactful and Gemini less critical. The best way to drive out tension is to do any sort of physical activity together, especially something hands-on for Gemini.

Compatibility between a Aries woman and a Gemini man

Upon meeting, female Aries and male Gemini merge as one and forget everything else. They will enter this relationship in a whirlwind – but make sure her jealousy doesn't make him uncomfortable. Gemini loves his space and could break it off if he feels like his territory is being invaded! Dear Aries: learn to trust and to stop testing others' emotions. And you, dear Gemini, charm, and treat, this woman who admires you like the princess she is, or else she could run off, leaving you with nothing but her glass slipper if your love is not complete! There is more tenderness than crazy love in this relationship, but who says that tenderness isn't love?

Compatibility between a Aries man and a Gemini woman

Female Gemini, constantly looking for an ideal, for the perfect couple, will be satisfied with this romance with Aries: sincere, courageous, forthright, and of strong character. He will impress her, make her head spin, and invite her to take part in his travels and adventures... And he will be charmed by this adventurous, willing, spontaneous, feminine, and oh-so charming Aries! This couple will always have something to talk about and will never get bored. Their fights won't last long, and they will have no trouble making up. This is a relationship that could last for all of eternity, as long as neither one tries to mold the other in their own image.

Compatibility between a Aries woman and a Gemini woman

Gemini make an effort to accept the challenge your partner presents you with and show that you can meet her expectations! This doesn't mean in any way that you have to abandon your own principles. Your partner's authoritarian side simply reflects her motivation - don't take them to be orders. On the other hand, she will push you to reach your goals, to get to the bottom of things, and to uphold your promises, which, admit it, you will find greatly satisfying.

Compatibility between a Aries man and a Gemini man

Between Aries' idealistic, instinctive emotional values and Gemini's impartial analytical capabilities, useful in putting any situation in perspective, giving it a human dimension, making it easier to manage, this couple is very well emotionally matched. It is through discussion and communication that you will best expand your relationship. You both share energy and mobility, which will spare you from the boredom and routine of daily life. You will still have to make sure to channel your thoughts into useful, pragmatic topic, though - neither one of you are very well prepared for dealing with these emotional problems.

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