Your relationship between the sign of Aries and the Leo

Written by Alison

Each one pulls the other upwards: the Aries thanks to their boundless energy and their unwavering will and the Leo through their determination, heat, and high aspirations. Everyone needs a whole, powerful and even demanding love, which suits both of you but does not go without some sparks. But after all, this kind of spark is also part of the passion between you!

Love compatibility between Aries and Leo

You are indeed on the same wavelength. You share the same enterprising spirit and energy. Each one of you supports the other. You would be better off if your interests are in the same area, since neither one is willing to sacrifice themselves for the other - which is a good thing. Both of you are sensitive, so, Aries, have some tact, and you, Leo, don't be so controlling! But you do understand each other so well...

Compatibility between a Aries woman and a Leo man

Watch out, you two Fire signs – you are both winners who want to always come in first place – not share it. There's potential for a relationship here, but both of you will have to ease your tempers. Figuratively speaking, could a lion (a wild animal) ever live peacefully beside a ram (an animal of peace)? There could be real success in this relation as long as one of them has an ascendant that can overpower their sun sign. Their egos have much to learn from this relationship, namely, learning to let the other have their time in the spotlight without turning it into a power struggle.

Compatibility between a Aries man and a Leo woman

Both of these two always want to be right - and so expect discussions over anything and everything! This Lioness is as tenacious as her partner, Aries. Listening to them talk, no one knows who's right or who to believe! If they can make it through their passionate storms, their romance could be a warm and welcoming one. Deep down, they share the same hopes, and by getting to the bottom of things calmly, they will find new ways of communicating without hurting. This is a highly creative couple in every way, and lady Leo will see to it that their common goals will last over the long-term.

Compatibility between a Aries woman and a Leo woman

Leo, what's better than to live side by side with someone who is so similar to you? This is the best remedy for reflecting on yourself, finally becoming clearer about some of your more excessive characteristics, which, with a partner like this one, will become even more obvious! Direct confrontation with this lady Aries will get you nowhere. You would be better off fine-tuning your tactics and becoming more authoritative, though without becoming domineering... Show your weaknesses isn't shameful - think about it. Lady Aries will offer you the encouragement you've been dreaming of.

Compatibility between a Aries man and a Leo man

You are on the same page when it comes to your feelings: you are both passionate and have high hopes in love. You both push each other to greater heights: Aries, thanks to their continually renewing energy and unflinching will, and Leo through their determination, warm-heartedness, and lofty aspirations. Each person needs something emotionally: uncompromising, passionate, even demanding, love, which pleases you both quite well, but won't be without a few flare-ups when it comes time for making changes or compromises. But, despite all this, even these flare-ups will feed the passion between you!

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