Love between Aries and Capricorn

Written by Alison

Beware of unstable moods, powerful wills, and excessive demands! Harmony is hard to find between the impulsiveness of one and the reserve of the other but with your fair and honest mentalities and your common values, you can make a great love story. Your salvation is in a liberated relationship with relative independence.

Love compatibility between Aries and Capricorn

You don't live in the same world, but you have shared interests, though very different ways of going about them... Aries offers his enthusiasm and decisiveness, while Capricorn offers their faithfulness, seriousness, and modesty. You can complement each other, but this will never be easy between two people as moody as you two. This would be a good match in business rather than in love.

Compatibility between a Aries woman and a Capricorn man

This will be a relationship based on friendship for these two signs. Male Capricorn's strictness bores woman Aries, who, in life, as well as in love, seeks passion, rather than a safe relationship based on routine. This is the core of the challenge that they need to take on if they really want to commit in this relationship. Aries' little escapades are totally unacceptable to Capricorn, especially when it comes to finances. It will be vital for the relationship for them to agree on how to manage their budget! Their intimate life, on the other hand, looks to be red-hot. He knows how to light her fire with his serious sensuality that drives his partner crazy the most; he is patient – she is not…

Compatibility between a Aries man and a Capricorn woman

Both of these two will have to learn to stand and live alongside each other, which will prove to be no easy task from the start. Female Capricorn is likely to get easily annoyed by her impatient and slippery Aries who lacks the follow-through to see their shared plans through to the end. She will quickly retreat into her dignified silence when he gets goofy. They can both be quite commanding, which will lead to clashes. These two will have to learn to share the wheel for this relationship to last. Your couple lacks no depth or originality socially - enough to arouse jealousy among others. Aries won't fail.

Compatibility between a Aries woman and a Capricorn woman

Capricorn, don't look for a perfect relationship that will last forever. This attitude saps your self-confidence. You have a little trouble sharing your personal values freely, so take time to think things over first. Your other half doesn't take as much time to think, so take a page out of her book sometimes! Lady Aries isn't as good at being patient as you are. Teach her how to be, but tactfully and without encroaching on her natural dignity. Understand her naturally emotional ways.

Compatibility between a Aries man and a Capricorn man

This is, at first sight, the perfect couple. You share the same idealistic values, and are both sensual and warm, but watch out for shifting moods, strong wills, and disproportionate and differing demands! Harmony will be hard to find, what with one's impulsive nature and the other's hesitancy. Each will have to put themselves in the other's shoes. With each person's honest, loyal way of thinking, and shared values, you can have a very wonderful and successful romance likely to last, as long as each person takes each other's view on things, doesn't try to dominate or sequester off the other. You will find respect in a free, relatively independent relationship.

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