Affinities in love between Aries and Scorpio

Written by Alison

Scorpio tends to fall into obsession or suspicion by analyzing their feelings and those of the other sometimes compulsively. Aries is idealistic and asks too few questions. The Scorpio finds them light or not involved enough and Aries does not understand why they have to repeatedly keep proving their good faith, fidelity, or the depth of their feelings.

Love compatibility between Aries and Scorpio

This is the meeting of two real characters! Either it's intense, renewed passion, or permanent conflict - in either case, it's never boring! The danger to watch out for in this relationship is power struggles, where you could wear each other out and lose your soul, even! Be on your guard in your conversations: Aries is impulsive; Scorpio holds grudes. Both of you, watch your words to avoid drama.

Compatibility between a Aries woman and a Scorpio man

This looks to be a relationship that will be based on the balance of power. Female Aries will have to learn to keep her fiery temper in check by being more mysterious than impulsive – and Scorpio will have to open himself up more… This is an amical relationship that could very well wind up being more than even an emotional relation only if the fates take interest in this couple to make it last for eternity. The challenge for these two will be lowering their guns when they're together and to take time, to think when talking with each other. Female Aries' liveliness excites Scorpio's thirst for domination, who will try to corner her with his biting wit – wrong move!

Compatibility between a Aries man and a Scorpio woman

Lady Scorpio will have to learn to give her man some freedom for even a semblance of a relationship to begin. It will fall to her to learn to balance her emotions, to be less demanding and exclusive, and, above all, to not always be on the high alert if she wants him to change his temper. Aries is much more tolerant and doesn't seek to mold his partner into what he wants - hard for his Scorpio woman to believe! Their intellectual jousting matches can take them quite far if they share a common passion. One of them will have to have an Ascendant to douse the flame if this relationship is to last.

Compatibility between a Aries woman and a Scorpio woman

Scorpio, you will have to rethink your position with this partner. Learn to express yourself, rather than staying inside your shell, if you want to put your fiery partner, who has trouble understanding your or putting up with your silence, at ease. Don't hesitate to tell her that you're concerned, if that's the case. She won't hold it against you for admitting a weakness. On the contrary, you'll be surprised to see her soften up quite a bit and give you the help you need! Don't think she's insensitive, despite how she might come across. Her femininity lies within, so help her to bring it out.

Compatibility between a Aries man and a Scorpio man

Things won't always be easy, what with a jealous, passionate temperament on one hand, and an egotistical, impulsive one on the other - sparks will fly. Scorpio, prideful and tormented, and Aries, energetic and willful, will both have to make compromises. Scorpio will have to stop playing the victim, tone down their suspicion, and curb their destructive existential crises so as not to tire out Aries, who isn't the kind to mope around or put up with too much whining for long. Aries will have to make an effort, though, to be more tactful and tenacious.

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