Libra: your horoscope for the 24th of September 2023

Written by Susan

Your astral forecast

Don't trust the superficial opinions you overhear, but check for yourself. Your natural moral strength and courage are going to compensate for your lack of energy. You're not getting enough sleep.



Today doesn't look like being restful. You will need to focus on your sense of priorities, to make sure you don't forget anything really important.

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You will need to make an important choice to get a clearer picture of things. Whether it relates to two people or two different lifestyles, you will need to keep a cool head, in order to keep your doubts under effective control.

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You will find it difficult to put directives which are too exacting into practice today. It's time to think about your independence.

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Don't be shy to speak openly with your colleagues; you'll need to be insistent to get your point across today.

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This week


The moon is in Capricorn, in position 21 degree(s),59 minute(s): Emotions and reactions internalised and under control, common-sense, emotional frustration but ambitious.

First decan

23rd September to 3rd October

You will have to reckon with a rather frustrating atmosphere today. There will be restrictions and responsibilities to accept, especially on the family front. You should fit in with other people's expectations and codes of behaviour, carry on with your activities and expand your knowledge.

Second decan

4th October to 14th October

You will take care of your emotional ties with a certain self-discipline. Whether in relation to your family, work or your social life, you will lay down the foundations of relationships which will be solid and stable in the long term. This will force you to take certain decisions, leading you to accept your responsibilities.

Third decan

15th October to 23rd October

You will be able to form your aspirations by listening to advice from some and the opinions of others. It will be a constructive day, as long as you take things seriously, as there will be no room for frivolity, capricious behaviour or childish altercations. People will be trying to be constructive, not seek arguments ...

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