Capricorn: your horoscope for the 20th of July 2024

Written by Susan

Your astral forecast

You're going to get positive feedback from last month's efforts. Festivities are round the corner. Reasons to celebrate! The psychosomatic illnesses and slight disorders you are suffering are caused by your frustrations. It would be a good idea to admit to these and tackle the problem at source.



The situations you'll find yourself in will be euphoric. Live life to the full, without inventing problems...

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Your emotional sphere is tinged with happiness and you are naturally inclined to show your consideration by listening fully to your partner's sensitivity. It's an ideal atmosphere for expressing your feelings.

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You will have the chance to meet people likely to join in the completion of your projects.

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You will defend your interests with determination until you feel reassured. Don't lose your self-confidence.

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This week


The moon is in Capricorn, in position 14 degree(s),53 minute(s): Emotions and reactions internalised and under control, common-sense, emotional frustration but ambitious.

First decan

22nd December to 2nd January

A wonderful day with your name on it, when you will have the potential to shine with your very distinctive qualities. Your discreet but powerful charm which work on those above you and your partner, as well as strangers, whom you will need to win over to find love, wealth, a job ... Off you go!

Second decan

3rd January to 11th January

You will be completely in control of your affairs and ready to move your goals forward. You will benefit today from very positive influences, which will make you attractive, eloquent, reliable and persuasive. You will therefore be in a position to succeed in the area you have chosen.

Third decan

12th January to 20th January

This will be the best time of the month with personal satisfaction, specific advancement in your plans or activities, stable moods and gratifying relationships with others. You will need to make the most of this to make applications, obtain a favour, make an appointment or obtain a promise ...

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