Scorpio's horoscope for September 2026

Written by Daisy

It's an active autumn in many ways and especially if you had a project on Fire! The planets in Virgo (the Sun until the 22nd and Mercury from the 1st to the 9th) accent your social life and friendships and encourage you to move the lines. Your dynamism will be powerful and tinged with ideals until the 27th: take advantage of it to move your pawns forward! Jupiter can bring you ups and downs if you go beyond what is good for you: opportunities will be present, but also traps, so keep an eye on them. Uranus blows a wind of surprise on your financial and sensual life while Pluto activates the embers of discord in your home: zen. After the 23rd, your social life calms down a bit, and your intellect thinks deeply.

Scorpio: Love in General para September 2026

Scorpio: Until the 10th, you will feel the call of the senses more than your feelings. In other words, you will be ready for any conquest but not to commit your little heart. Then your effect will be apparent, your emotions true, and you will aspire to a love that suits you: intense!

In a relationship para September 2026

Scorpio: You will have a little trouble communicating, which could annoy your other half until the 9th. On the other hand, your demanding libido will strengthen your cooperation if your other half agrees. Otherwise, you could go and see if the grass is greener elsewhere!

Scorpio: Single para September 2026

Scorpio: This month is not really conducive to a significant encounter. Still, a person you meet in a training course or during a trip abroad could be the beginning of a romance. At the end of the month you will be attractive, but in a hurry to conclude! Career/Finance: This is the focus of the month, and it requires you to adopt without delay. Daily realities will prompt you to work seriously and without illusions: the celestial manna could help you structure a project and obtain the financing that goes with it. Don't give up the prey for the shadow.

Scorpio: Advice from FREE Horoscope para September 2026

Scorpio: A return to school as you like it, with challenges at stake! Act with discernment or the help of others, and you will avoid taking radical positions that could be detrimental to your popularity.

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