Scorpio's horoscope for November 2026

Written by Daisy

Between action and reaction, this month promises to be anything but lukewarm! The energies at home: the Sun until the 22nd and Mercury throughout the month, highlight your social personality and detective intellect. Mars and Jupiter are in duet until the 24th. However, they are inharmonious and instill a way of acting excessively or emotionally. Beware of the backlash! Act with tact and composure. After the 25th, a project moves forward, or a friendship is formed. The home sphere will have to appease 1st decan, while a financial surprise could delight the same decan. Between serenity and stability, your daily life allows you to settle down and see far. Venus behind the scenes this month boosts your inner life, then the Sun slides into Sagittarius on the 23rd: your mind is focused on your assets.

Scorpio: Love in General para November 2026

Scorpio: You may find it difficult to express your feelings as your feelings will be kept in check. On the other hand, your libido will be strong and even a little extreme until the 24th, so don't go overboard, or people may run away from you. Love will not be your monthly priority.

Scorpio: In a relationship para November 2026

Scorpio: Make a conscious effort to reassure your other half, especially since you will have the words to say it. You don't want them to take your modesty of feelings for indifference or even dislike. The pillow to make up will be an option that you will undoubtedly abuse!

Single para November 2026

Scorpio: You meet someone, but they are committed elsewhere. Either you start a clandestine love affair anyway, or you decide to stay single and give in to flings, very sensual preferably. Make your choice!

Scorpio: Career / Finance para November 2026

Scorpio: You will not spare any effort to get what you want, but the resistance of others, colleagues or bosses, could be challenging. You should prefer tactics since Mercury supports your strategic qualities rather than an aggressive approach.

Scorpio: Advice from FREE Horoscope para November 2026

Scorpio: Monthly turmoil and waves, but you hate flat calm more than anything, so look forward to small challenges here and there. Think deeply before you act.

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