Leo's horoscope for March 2026

Written by Daisy

A lot of inner turmoil and fighting spirit to change things! Mercury boosts your intuition, which takes on a beautiful dimension from the 21st and could help you make informed choices. Before the 20th, financial issues could shake you up a bit, primarily since Jupiter in Cancer does not protect you from specific hazards or puts people from the past in your path. However, Saturn and Neptune in Aries will offer you unfailing support to initiate new projects or a serious recovery of your intellectual capital thanks to innovative training. Uranus in square to your sign will force you to change your professional situation, the last decan, stay calm. A tension arising from a contractual partnership or a couple could become prevalent. After the 21st: your heart goes boom!

Leo: Love in General para March 2026

Leo: You may be questioning a potential partner unless you are looking for an unusual encounter. Still, the climate is going to be passionate. You are communicating on the edge while conjugating the verb to love in the most exotic tense possible: complex.

Leo: In a relationship para March 2026

Leo: This month, tense conflicts could leave traces within your duo, especially 1st decan, so go easy with your retorts! Wait until the 21st to see the atmosphere relax between you.

Single para March 2026

Leo: A magnetic and original personality could approach you. Still, you are not so flexible or accommodating and you like to assert yourself. What concessions are you ready to make for a love story? From the 2nd, your sensuality will be necessary.

Leo: Career / Finance para March 2026

Leo: A work contract is likely to be revised for better or for worse. It will be up to you to be vigilant, especially the 1st decan. But Saturn and Neptune in Aries will help you legally and push you to progress either by resuming your studies or taking a training course that will lead to qualifications.

Leo: Advice from FREE Horoscope para March 2026

Leo: This month promises to be eventful and rich in emotions: you'll love it! Calm your horses with your partners in love or at work. The one who raises their voice is not necessarily right!

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