Leo's horoscope for December 2025

Written by Daisy

An emotional or creative end of the year! The energies in Sagittarius stimulate your heart until the 21st, you thirst to love or prove your worth. Mercury, until the 11th, can hinder your domestic or family life with sharp words. Then this planet advances in Sagittarius, and exchanges become harmonious. Saturn and Neptune in Pisces help you structure or initiate changes you feel. Uranus in the square of your sign (last decan) can bring you some professional cold sweats, take a step back. A contract or an intimate association receives the powerful energy of Pluto: negotiate! As of the 21st, the energies in Capricorn reinforce your daily life, which promises to be joyful. You will carry out all your missions with talent!

Leo: Love in General para December 2025

Leo: The passionate duo between Venus and Mars in Sagittarius until the 15th will cheerfully promote your love life. You incarnate ardour and charm. Your warm personality should produce many effects on your entourage. Then this planet passes in Capricorn: you will be a little enigmatic but always attractive.

Leo: In a relationship para December 2025

Leo: Your cooperation seems obvious for the end of this year. However, be sure to communicate unequivocally until the 11th. Mercury in Scorpio in the square of your sign could put oil on the fire with too harsh words.

Single para December 2025

Leo: Until the 15th, conqueror at will. You will find the soul of a knight in shining armour ready to win your heart! And you will be prepared for a few indelicacies if necessary, beware! Love could find you in your daily life or at work.

Leo: Career / Finance para December 2025

Leo: Buy a lottery ticket. Your luck is real. Your assets seem stable but stay on your guard at work. Unforeseen events are likely and maybe not to your liking. This is an excellent time to renegotiate a contract, first decan, read between the lines and don't expect too much outside help.

Leo: Advice from FREE Horoscope para December 2025

Leo: The weather will be anything but cold! Appreciate these luminous energies that enhance your warm personality. Accept some professional constraints wisely, and they will resolve themselves more quickly.

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