Libra's horoscope for December 2025

Written by Daisy

Between very present relationships and household issues to deal with, you will not lack for work! Until the 21st, the energies in Sagittarius push you to collaborate, discuss, and act in the direction of your desires towards a renewal! You aspire to assert yourself smoothly. Mars and Venus, in the beautiful aspect of your sign until the 15th, facilitate any meeting. You will be charming and optimistic at will, enough to attract the person you like. Jupiter in Cancer invites you to redouble your vigilance at work. You will not necessarily have the law on your side in case of hierarchical conflict, so be careful. Uranus causes financial reversals, especially for the last decan, so be on your guard. From the 21st, the planets in Capricorn will shake up your family life.

Libra: Love in General para December 2025

Libra: The sky spoils you! Between love and passionate desires until the 15th, your emotional life promises to be comfortable, joyful, and warm. Then the planets pass in Capricorn and oblige you to make efforts to preserve the benefit of this very protected first fortnight! Thanks to Pluto, your love life could change radically (1st decan).

Libra: In a relationship para December 2025

Libra: A lot of passion in perspective: until the 15th, the duo in Sagittarius reinforces your emotional and carnal expression. Your collaboration will be excellent! Then the second fortnight imposes some readjustments. Do not confuse intensity and conflict, and everything will be fine.

Single para December 2025

Libra: Conqueror, passionate, a driving force, you will be hyper attractive during the first fortnight and can seduce whoever you like! Your chances of meeting people are essential, even after the 15th: Mercury boosts your way of communicating, you captivate with enthusiasm.

Libra: Career / Finance para December 2025

Libra: Jupiter in Cancer and in retrograde can hinder your professional realization. Keep a cool head, and don't get too excited about an attractive idea. What you hope for will come later. Stay pragmatic in all circumstances. Saturn and Neptune in duet seek to stabilize what must be stabilized, do not go faster than the music.

Libra: Advice from FREE Horoscope para December 2025

Libra: A pretty end of the year for your loves and your relationships in general, nourish your good nature, it's hyper receptive to others. Flee the indelicate ones if they were to present themselves in the professional sphere.

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