Leo's horoscope for August 2022

Written by Daisy

Leo: Astral Climate for August 2022

Whether you go on vacation or not, you can count on your charisma and power to impress the crowds, but don't overdo it so as not to break the dialogue. From the 11th onwards, Venus will invest your sign, allowing you to shine, to seduce, but not to reign supreme.

Leo: Mood for August 2022

Jupiter boosts your confidence in your skills and ability to surpass yourself, while Venus reinforces your aura. This will seduce your private and social circle and give you the feeling that everything is possible. You will not hold still and attract the world around you. We appreciate your little touch of madness and your audacity, but we find that you sometimes go too far. Saturn cools down your exchanges and does not make it easy for you. If you are tempted to put pressure on others, wait for better times and put yourself at the service of others rather than just your own.

Leo: Love for August 2022

You can count on Venus to strengthen your power of seduction. You aspire to live in bonds that elevate you, meet inspiring people, and break with all forms of banality. You will not fail to make yourself noticed, even to shake things up. You will seduce with an approach that leaves no one indifferent but avoid doing too much. Take a step back from your love life to learn valuable lessons rather than raising your voice to overcome resistance. Correct what can be corrected by remaining an observer.

Leo: Money for August 2022

If you have great potential to push the boundaries of what is possible, be careful not to abuse your influence to demand that others comply with your demands. You want to break with the past, and you will pay for your difference. Try to remain realistic in your requests to not arouse the distrust of those who find you greedy.

Leo: Work for August 2022

Jupiter increases your chances of broadening your horizons and realizing your ambitions. You'll be able to use this influence to make an impression on those around you and seduce them. But if you are fighting for a project to take shape, avoid forcing anyone's hand. At the beginning of the month, you will have to deal with audacity, determination, fantasy, originality, and strategies carried out in the shadows. Focus on initiatives to put your future on the right track. Roll up your sleeves and put your strength to work for the community.

Leo: Leisure for August 2022

Some people are tempted to travel. Others take advantage of a sky that is supportive of their fulfillment to take on significant challenges (whether it be climbing Mont Blanc or scaling Cape Horn). Mars and Uranus put you in a trance at the beginning of the month. Take advantage of this to take on some significant challenges, but avoid extreme sports. If you are channeling your energies, it seems better to calm your inner fire rather than fan it. Take refuge in your inner world. There you will gather your memories and take out your family albums. An option that will give you time to take stock rather than launch into useless battles.

Leo: Key dates for August 2022

-On the 1st, you aspire to change your job or life. Pushed in the back by dynamic cosmic forces, you dare to take a step forward.
-On the 7th, don't play the agent provocateur with people who are against you.
-On the 11th, rely on your flair to move in the right direction. Avoid playing with the nerves of your hierarchy.
-On the 18th, irresistible, take advantage of your power of seduction to achieve your ambitions in business or in love.
-On the 27th, don't play too much, at the risk of upsetting some people who are doing everything to short-circuit you.

Leo: Advice for August 2022

If everything seems to be smiling on you in August, do not take advantage of it at the end of the month to impose your vision of things on everyone. To make the best use of your boundless energy, try to use as much strategy as determination to change things without messing up. Go on vacation and, if possible alone or in a place that will allow you to step back from everything.

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