2022 horoscope Virgo

Written by Susan

From January to the beginning of March, Venus in Capricorn makes your life easier. She takes care of you, without being invasive. Things get spoiled when she goes into Pisces. She demands much more and above all proof of love. The pressure rises, your discernment may flinch and reason has trouble getting the upper hand. At the end of May, with Venus in Taurus, you can begin to feel like yourself again. The summer is therefore calm, since Venus in Cancer tempered the most eager feelings. You attack the new school year in control of the situation. In autumn, things are very clear with Venus in Scorpio.

Virgo, your Social life

With the dissonance of Jupiter and Neptune in the first part of the year, it's time to sort through your priorities and projects. Opportunities will not be missed. Aiming for the essentials and privileging your interests will lead you to success. You will have to resist the utopian propositions of others and not yield to ease. To do this, summer is a beneficial time because you have the support of Mars in Taurus. On the other hand, you will have to focus on the essentials and not spread yourself thin until the end of the year, if you want to achieve your goals and succeed.

Well-being for the Virgo

You go through periods of ups and downs. To remedy these not very productive variations, you will have to use powerful means. This year, there is no question that you are overwhelmed by emotions. You must release them by relaxing and physically unloading yourself. A yoga session and a squash session a week, does it inspire you?

Virgo: Your advice for 2022

Opportunities will not be missed this year. Do some sorting and think especially about yourself and your interests. This state of mind will dismiss hazardous, doubtful or utopian plans.

The 2022 for all zodiac signs:

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