2022 horoscope Sagittarius

Written by Susan

From January to the end of April, your loves get bogged down in questioning. You have the feeling of being stifled or you want free reign. The successive arrivals of Venus, Jupiter and Mars in Aries awaken your sentimental ardor. These influxes upset the order of things. They reinvigorate your feelings and desires. With Jupiter, luck, everything is possible! It is between May and October that your loves find their bearings through a reconciliation or a meeting. However, from September to December, if you want to preserve the agreement, keep your promises.

Sagittarius, your Social life

Saturn in Aquarius continues to bring depth to your ideas and how you communicate. It causes feelings of loneliness or not being understood by your entourage. It makes you feel that time passes slowly. Do your projects come to terms? They are pulverized by the transfer of Jupiter into Aries. It is between May and October that things improve greatly. The difficulties are solved. Jupiter installs a climate of ease and enthusiasm that will restore you strength and confidence. However, stay connected to reality and consider the advice given to you.

Well-being for the Sagittarius

The waves coming from Mars in Sagittarius, Aquarius, and Aries produce liberating effects on your motivation and on your morale. With Jupiter in Aries, bye bye moroseness and anxiety! Your reactivity exploits the opportunities and all the chances. However, be wary of Neptunian influxes that push you beyond your limits. Workout but know to relax from time to time.

Sagittarius: Your advice for 2022

Do you feel the need to assert yourself? Then in this case, follow the influx of Jupiter between May and October, if you want to avoid shots in the dark.

The 2022 for all zodiac signs:

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