2022 horoscope Pisces

Written by Susan

You attack the year with a serene and very realistic heart. You do not lose yourself in wild dreams, you are anchored in reality. In April, Venus in your sign, inspires you to make a wish. In June, you project it into reality. In the summer, Venus tells you yes. In September, Venus in Virgo, and her sense of organization, can distill some small reproaches. Do not be shy, for if you are loved, it is not for your talents as a perfect homemaker! In November, with Venus in Scorpio, you regain control of the situation, thanks to your hidden talents.

Pisces, your Social life

Between January 1st and May 11th, Jupiterian influxes bring luck to your projects and your talents. In January, after a somewhat chaotic start, Mars in Capricorn puts you back on track. You have prowess. With Mars in Pisces, your intuition guides you. It makes you sense things early enough. It saves you precious time. In summer you are pragmatic. Your common sense brings solutions. Your bright ideas are essential. After a break of a few months, Jupiter returns to you between November and December to finalize and beautify things.

Well-being for the Pisces

You find motivation, and well-being, in the realization of your projects. The improvement of your daily life enchants you. The recognition of your talent by others reassures you. This year, you have vitality to resell. You motivate those who drag their feet. Sometimes the stress is waiting for you, but you recover quickly. You tap into your resources without exhausting them. Outstanding!

Pisces: Your advice for 2022

Your lucky star does not let you out of its sight. It guides you and protects you! Listen to her and when she gives you advice, do not take it for disapproval.

The 2022 for all zodiac signs:

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