2022 horoscope Capricorn

Written by Susan

Between January and February, Venus in Capricorn inspires you with feelings and desires. As for Mars, it makes you entrepreneurial. You are ready to re-establish a relationship or make a meeting. In April, with Venus and Mars in Pisces, a meeting or a relationship takes a turn in love in unexpected circumstances. In May, it gets complicated, with the transfer of Mars and Venus to Aries, which thwarts what has started so well. In August, Mars in Taurus protects your turf. In autumn, everything returns in order with Venus in Virgo and in Scorpio.

Capricorn, your Social life

With the influx of the Pluto-Neptune sextile, your relationships with others are greatly improved. They create ties, friendships and also affinities that are strong and time-tested. Between January 1st and May 11th, as well as in the autumn, the influx of Jupiter, the great beneficial gives consistency to events. They offer you happy circumstances that will improve your daily life. This year, your life opens up to another dimension. It gets out of its routine or loneliness. It finds movement, unexpected events, parties, pleasant moments and also projects.

Well-being for the Capricorn

You let go and let fate take you perfectly. This detachment triggers happy events and brings you unsuspected benefits. However, this state of grace may be compromised by the stressful and over-inflated influx from Aries. Between May and October, enjoy the moments of relaxation. In September, Venus in Virgo invites you to recharge your batteries. Accept his proposal!

Capricorn: Your advice for 2022

You are exposed to crises just when things are going better for you? Do not think that fate is fierce. Make a clean start in this situation! You will be like new again!

The 2022 for all zodiac signs:

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