2023 horoscope for Capricorn

Written by Daisy

You aspire to start a family or to improve your living conditions. Count on Jupiter until mid-May to encourage your personal and family development, invest in a property, settle down, make you want to conceive a child, and enlarge your family. You will break with a weary routine to spice up your emotional life. You invent other love games or lead the other person to follow you along less conventional paths. If you are single, encounters force you to try something else. You want to have a good time in pleasant company. Opportunities to rejoice do not exempt you from reflecting on the nature of your links with those close to you, even if some problems darken the picture. You have just gone through a period of metamorphosis, so don't dwell on the issues that are causing you problems. Concentrate on resolving them.

Capricorn First decan, your 2023 horoscope

(22nd December to 2nd January)

Potentials are awakening, the obligation to reorient your professional or financial life under cosmic influences (from March 23rd to June 11th) that shake up your usual reference points. Expect from 2023 onwards and in the following years to explore new resources that will lead you to change your life. Count on Saturn (from March 7th) to invite you to be more rigorous in your reasoning. Don't take anything lightly, structure your mind and don't disperse yourself. An atmosphere happily warmed by Jupiter (until February 20th) encourages complicit exchanges with your family and (from May 16th to July 5th and then from November 6th, 2023, to February 21st, 2024) exalts your radiance and favours your emotional fulfilment.

Love: Reflection Is Needed

Saturn (from March 7th) weighs on the year's mood. Your reasoning deepens, and you consider your surroundings more lucidly. A reflection allows you to be more objective and to express yourself without frills in a more honest way, but this surprises or displeases those around you. But count on Jupiter to close ranks with your family (until February 20th). If you want to improve your living conditions, move house, start a family, or conceive a child, this is the time. The giant planet boosts your power of seduction (from May 16th to July 5th, then from November 6th, 2023, to February 21st, 2024). The current flow between you and your loved ones is from January 27th to February 4th. You will redouble your attention to your parents, children and partner from February 20th to 28th, and you will enjoy your love affairs from March 16th to 25th. Listen to each other (May 7th-16th). You are going through a period of questioning your attachments from June 5th to 16th. You have the ambition (from October 9th to 20th) to give meaning to your stories. Inspiring projects will be in the air from December 4th to 13th.

Social Life: Keep A Cool Head

Pluto will be only a furtive observer of your decan in 2023 (March 23rd to June 11th). Still, his influence will be working its magic. This period triggers profound changes in how you act and earn your living. Count on Saturn to put your thoughts in order and get down to basics from March 7th. Jupiter exalts your creativity and your thirst to shine and to be recognized from May 16th to July 5th, then from November 6th, 2023, to February 21st, 2024. Caution is recommended around May 18th: you may think you are invulnerable. Mars endows you with an ardour for work which works in your favour until the end of January. You convince your interlocutors to follow you. Put in the forms (from March 25th to April 14th). Decided to push back your limits (from July 10th to 26th),you impose yourself in high places (from August 27th to September 12th). You have projects that you will defend (from October 12th to 26th),even if you are advised (from November 24th to December 8th) to refine your strategies.

Well-being: Active Cosmic Support

Saturn will weigh you down from March 7th onwards. It forces you to prioritize, structure your thoughts, and manage your relationships with those around you! But count on Jupiter to bring some fantasy into your life. Opportunities to improve your family life, settle in a place you like, and experience intense emotions in love (or with your children). You have no shortage of opportunities to counterbalance your darker moods. Until January 30th, don't overdo it, or you'll burn out (November 24th to December 8th).

Capricorn First decan: Your advice for 2023

In 2023, it is important to avoid dispersion and futility and to re-establish communication that deals with the essentials. Jupiter compensates for the austere version of the year by warming the atmosphere with gratifying emotional events, but don't give in to the easy way, to superficiality, a weakness that Saturn would quickly rectify. So don't choose between lightness and depth. One does not prevent the other.

Capricorn Second decan, your 2023 horoscope

(3rd January to 11th January)

Saturn has stopped burdening you with the burdens that plagued the past year. You have enough latitude in 2023 to concentrate on your love life, occupying your thoughts and being the object of reorganization by 2024. You will want to free yourself from a way of functioning that you consider too limiting in love. Uranus influences your behaviour and awakens the desire to love, but without aspiring to fusion. A greater need for independence, novelty and fantasy is felt. Count on Jupiter (from February 20th to April 4th) to change your place of living, to find a home, to enlarge your family and (from July 5th to November 6th) to seduce or express your creativity.

Love: Different Drives And Impulses

In 2023, there is no question of attaching yourself without preserving your autonomy. You are looking for a link that will surprise you, take you out of a routine or reference points that weigh you down or even imprison you. You renew your daily life, and you try "something else." Jupiter (from February 20th to April 4th) helps you to improve your environment and to close ranks with your family. From July 5th to November 6th, the giant favour your emotional blossoming through a return of the flame, a meeting, and you benefit from good love affairs. From February 28th to March 8th, you'll be watching over your loved ones with benevolence. From March 25th to April 2nd, you'll bewitch whoever you want and take a step towards the other from May 16th to 26th. You can expect to question yourself from June 16th to 29th and from September 14th to 25 to redefine your needs and those of the other person. In search of meaning (from October 20th to 29th),you end the year with several projects in mind (from December 13th to 21st).

Social Life: More Fun

You will no longer be subject to the law of Saturn, and you will have settled the material issues weighing on your daily life. In 2023, you freely express your thirst to give free rein to your originality, your whimsical, innovative side which had been dormant. Until May 28th, from December 10th, 2023, to March 13th, 2024, you will stand out and surprise your partners. Jupiter will take over (July 5th to November 6th),exalting your desire to shine and create. Count on Mars (from January 30th to March 3rd) to support your assiduity at work and to strengthen your influence on others from April 14th to May 2nd. You'll take a stand (July 26-August 11th) to mark your territory and defend a project that motivates you from October 26th-November 10th. Just take the time to think about how to make what you want to happen a reality (December 8th-22nd).

Well-being: Soaring

You are no longer subject to the cosmic heaviness of Saturn, and Uranus remains alone in the ring. This is a wake-up call for you, and you're in a hurry to release what's been lying dormant. Whether in love or business, you seek distraction and a new approach. Jupiter contributes to your personal development and puts you back in the saddle in 2023 with the desire to have fun and enjoy life.

Capricorn Second decan: Your advice for 2023

It is time to break with a routine drying you up and see your present and future in a new and more motivating light. In 2023 you will have many opportunities to change your life.

Capricorn Third decan, your 2023 horoscope

(12th January to 20th January)

The long process of metamorphosis that you are going through will come to an end in 2024. You emerge from a period of self-examination that reveals who you really are, rid of what has hindered your identity. From March 7th onwards, you will come to terms with the pressure exerted by Saturn, which has forced you to structure your material world. Count on Uranus (from May 28th to December 10th) to awaken your desire to love, create, and live per your need for freedom and fantasy. Jupiter contributes to your family blossoming (from April 4th to May 16th).

Love: Times Are Changing

Whether your moult is underway or completed, in 2023, you need to free yourself from a way of functioning that no longer suits you. You have changed. You have gone through dark periods, forced to work on your dark side. You can count on the situation of the year to move on to something else thanks to Uranus (from May 28th to December 10th),which brings fantasy to your love life. You want to break with the past and explore other avenues. Whether in a duo or solo, you're getting back in touch with strong emotions, likely to take you out of your comfort zone. You want to experience a different version of history. However, you do not neglect your loved ones and (from April 4th to May 16th) you improve your living conditions and look after your family's well-being. Jupiter exalts your desire to harmonize your family ties, move, blossom, find a home, conceive a child, and enlarge the family.

Social Life: More Audacity

In 2023, you will evolve your conception of love. You will study the subject and abandon certain social objectives relegated to the background. Count on Uranus to set your heart in motion, liberate you and give birth to a new creative impulse that makes you want to change your registration. You stop conforming to the rules and act as a maverick. You show boldness. You work with determination to convince others that you belong (March 3-25),and your interlocutors need only behave themselves from May 2-20. You display your ambitions without filter and push back the frontiers of the possible from August 11th to 27. You impose your methods from September 27th to October 7th. You will bring a project to fruition (from November 10th to 24). Still, you must calm down from December 22nd to January 4th to refine your strategies.

Well-being: Out Of The Tunnel

Pluto will end its course in your decan in 2024. You will require strength and courage to make the radical metamorphosis that will allow you to be yourself within a more unified personality. Saturn (until early March),the austere planet, has exposed you to sensitive material issues. In 2023, count on Uranus to free you from these burdens! It stimulates your thirst for something else, in love or on the creative level, which will reconcile you with the pleasure of living or even reinventing your life.

Capricorn Third decan: Your advice for 2023

To regain control of your life and emerge from a period of introspection, rely on a desire to blow a wind of novelty into your love life, family life and professional activity. You are coming out of a long and slow period of questioning. This is the time to put your destiny on a different track, one that is more in line with who you have become through questioning.

Capricorn your 2023 horoscope, month after month

January 2023

An emotional intensity influences your beginning of the year (1ster ). The current passes well between you and your entourage (2nd, 13th). The inner metamorphosis continues (18th).

February 2023

Your reflections feed your exchanges with your loved ones and contribute to fluid and creative communication (6th, 10th, 15th, 19th). Express your feelings and get your messages across gently.

March 2023

You settle material problems (2nd) and improve your living conditions (11th). Explain to others your methods which could offend sensitivities (15th, 16th, 17th).

April 2023

At the top of your seduction, you bewitch whoever you want (7th, 11th),and you experience gratifying events with your family (11th).

May 2023

Your intentions are good (5th),your charm is irresistible (the 18th),and your determination allows you to score points (15th).

June 2023

Listening to each other, you enjoy strengthened complicity (2nd, 9th). Don't interfere with this beautiful frequency by imposing your originality. Your methods might not be appreciated (the 19th and 26th).

July 2023

If you need to evolve in love and elsewhere, opt for dialogue (7th, 9th, 14th, 20th) rather than provocation (the 2nd and 23rd).

August 2023

Give up trying to annoy the other person at the risk of exasperating them (9th, 16th). To get ahead, rely on your audacity (16th) without going overboard.

September 2023

You broaden your horizons, and you push back the frontiers of the possible (16th, 21st and 30th). But deal with those around you (19th) and do not manipulate anyone (29th).

October 2023

If your ambitions are legitimate, do not defy authority to achieve your ends (9th, 21st). Instead, praise your merits and seduce others with your performance (31st).

November 2023

Rely on your charm to gently convince people (3rd, 6th) that your projects are worth supporting (9th) and on your power of conviction to win them over (17th, 18th, 20th, and 22nd).

December 2023

Do not abuse your seductive power to force anyone's hand on the 3rd, and send clear messages to avoid misunderstandings (17th, 27th, and 28th).


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