2022 horoscope for Capricorn

Written by Daisy

In 2022, despite a tense astral climate, you will maintain good communication. You are back to a lightness that boosts your morale and your desire to undertake. From August 20 until the end of March 2023, do not lose patience if you find that the pace is not sustained enough. Use your newfound energy to act and serve the community, without trying to direct everyone.

Capricorn First decan, your 2022 horoscope

(22nd December to 2nd January)

Jupiter, until mid-February, invites you to communicate. This is the time to come out of retirement, multiply your contacts, both pleasant and valuable, and enrich your address book. Take advantage of your good mood to get closer to people who have been neglected lately. From May 10 to October 28, Jupiter favors your private and family development. You will re-establish harmony at home, you will start a family or enlarge it, you will move or embellish your living environment. You will renew your relationships and emotional life.

Love: You Make or Renew Contact!

In 2022, a window opens on the outside world until February 12. You find the taste to frequent the world. From May 10 to October 28, Jupiter allows you to reconnect with a happy family. This sentimental fulfillment exalts your desire to live in harmony with your loved ones. Venus favors exchanges from April 5 to 14. From May 2 to 11, you will pamper your loved ones and seduce anyone you please. Listening to others from July 18 to 26, you aspire to live a story that lifts you up from September 5 to 13 and to make plans from October 23 to 31. You end the year on a high note, ready for a new cycle of sentimental expansion, in full possession of your means from December 10 to 18.

Social Life: Power Up!

In 2022, you are back to expressing your gifts with people around you who are open to your proposals. Until February 12, Jupiter facilitates contacts, and the conjuncture stimulates your curiosity to enrich your knowledge. You arouse the interest of those who recruit you. Mars endows you with a determination and a strength of attack likely to convince from January 24 to February 7. From March 6 to 19, you will be on the attack to defend your interests, and you will not lack arguments (from April 15 to 28) to rally the votes. Rely on your creativity (July 5-19) to get noticed. From August 20 to September 7 and from December 27 to January 30, you work to ensure your daily life but channel your energy so as not to attack anyone.

Well-being: Charisma On The Rise!

In 2022, the floodgates open. You renew with more open communication that strengthens your energies and avoids any drop in morale. Count on more cooperative exchanges with your family to regain confidence in yourself and your ability to please.

Capricorn First decan: Your advice for 2022

In 2022, you will regain freedom of expression that will help you regain your momentum on the sentimental or professional level. Open yourself to the world and your entourage to unite and reconnect with the joy of living that had deserted you.

Capricorn Second decan, your 2022 horoscope

(3rd January to 11th January)

Count on Jupiter in 2022 to make your difference and your freedom of tone attractive. Around February 18, new acquaintances, relationships, or brilliant communication helps you to take a step forward. In this late winter, be on the lookout for what favors your contacts, exchanges, and successes.

Love: Back To More Lightness!

In 2022, you will benefit from dynamic influences from February 12 to March 26. Expect enriching encounters, pleasant surprises in love or with your children (around February 18),and the possibility of reconnecting with a certain lightness. Venus makes you attractive from January 6 to February 21. It favors exchanges from April 14 to 23 and family harmony from May 11 to 20. You will shine from June 6 to 14 and listen to others from July 26 to August 3. You dream of getting away together from September 13 to 21 and making plans from October 31 to November 8. You end the year in style from December 18 to 26.

Social Life: An Opening To Exploit To The Fullest!

In 2022, the climate remains restrictive, but you will communicate more creatively thanks to Jupiter (from February 12 to March 26). You will meet partners likely to help you evolve or even offer you a job or support your initiatives. A little wind of freedom and renewal contributes to exalt your talents and charisma. Mars gives you a lot of energy from February 7 to 20. You will defend your interests from March 19 to April 1. You will monopolize the speaking time from April 28 to May 11 as your forceful arguments will leave a lasting impression. From July 19 to August 7, you will rely on your self-confidence, talents, and merits to impress those around you. You will invest yourself in work from September 7 to 30, November 27 to December 27, and January 30 to March 3, 2023.

Well-being: You Get Your Head Above Water!

You find freedom of maneuver and expression from February 12 to March 26. A break that allows you to smile again. You will meet new people and enrich your address book. You will seize every opportunity (around February 18) to reconnect with a lightness that will allow you to finish the year well.

Capricorn Second decan: Your advice for 2022

You are coming out of imprisonment, and you break with a feeling of powerlessness (February 12 to March 26). A brightening helps you dispel the cloud cover that's been holding you back and grounding you.

Capricorn Third decan, your 2022 horoscope

(12th January to 20th January)

In 2022, count on Jupiter to multiply your encounters, renew your creative communication with your loved ones, and, more broadly, with the world around you from March 26 to May 10 and from October 28 to December 20. These are periods to be optimized by staying on the lookout for the slightest event likely to enrich your personal universe and bring about opportunities for fulfillment. Remain attentive to what is proposed to you around April 12 and May 3.

Love: A New Momentum!

Amid personal change, count on Jupiter's influence in 2022 to meet an exceptional person, someone who will guide you, inspire you, open you to other dimensions of existence. If you feel like writing, communicating, this is the time. Around April 12, an event will help you connect with what makes you happy and allow you to complete your reconstruction. Venus helps to illuminate your emotional life until January 6 and then from February 21 to March 6. You connect with your loved ones from April 23 to May 2, you harmonize your personal and family ties from May 20 to 28. Count on your charm to seduce whoever you please from June 14 to 23. You will close ranks with your partner or become romantically involved from June 14 to 23. You will look together in the same direction from September 21 to 29. Pleasant projects are born from November 8 to 16, and you end the year more confident, ready to launch a new expansion cycle.

Social Life: Another Source Of Inspiration?

In 2022, Jupiter invites you to take a step forward. Around April 12, a sudden inspiration opens up new perspectives for you. A recent acquaintance connects you to another dimension to explore and that you like. A direction that may better suit you and respond to your personal transformation needs has given rise to. Master your energies from January 10 to 24 to inaugurate a new cycle of evolution from February 20 to March 6. You are digging into your potentials from April 1 to 15, defending your ideas, investing yourself intellectually or manually from May 11 to 24. From August 4 to 20, your self-confidence will allow you to be noticed, and from September 30 to November 27 and March 3 to 25, 2023, you will prove yourself, serve the cause and make a mark.

Well-being: Positive Outlook!

Saturn invites you to manage your finances and be discerning and prudent in expressing your talents. Count on Jupiter to give you a breath of fresh air, and your mind opens up. Close friends or inspiring encounters will bring about beautiful experiences, something to keep or regain a smile.

Capricorn Third decan: Your advice for 2022

Rely on the messages you receive in 2022, on encounters, to discover what has been lying dormant in you for a long time. Don't hide your feelings. Express what connects you to the essentials and makes you want to exploit this new facet of yourself. Spring opens the way. Follow it.

Capricorn your 2022 horoscope, month after month

January 2022

After a somewhat frustrating end of the year, you start a new cycle of expansion. A wind of freedom rises, you radiate, and you seduce. Do not take advantage of this to manipulate everyone at the risk of awakening enmities.

February 2022

You use your triumphant energy to communicate successfully, and you arouse interest. You assert your originality and take every opportunity to express your difference. It's the correct method to get yourself noticed and elected.

March 2022

You don't give up, and you get what you want. The current flows well in business, in love, in family, and you communicate successfully. You do not compromise on the essentials, but you express who you are from now on.

April 2022

Venus favors contacts, valuable meetings, and Mars endows you with an offensive verve to seduce and convince. Do not be afraid to express freely who you are. A new teaching or a providential meeting will transport you.

May 2022

Full of good intentions, you contribute to the happiness of your people, and you do not hesitate to mobilize so that everyone has the best conditions to blossom. Intuition or an encounter allows you to reorient your life.

June 2022

You have absolute freedom to maneuver to change your daily life, but you must remain attentive to others. Venus exalts your power of seduction. Get involved in family and private matters to reassure your loved ones.

July 2022

You assert your ambitions without blurring the frequency too much because your desire to live harmonious emotional and family ties prevails over your will to power. Your expectations are heard if you do not prove to be too demanding.

August 2022

Eager to develop your family ties, you use the appropriate strategies to achieve this. But do not abuse your charm to impose your desires on others, do not be too greedy, and raise the debates.

September 2022

You have original ideas to broaden your horizons and assert your ambitions! But do not forget to build the foundations of your works on solid ground. Channel your projects so that they do not come up against insurmountable limits.

October 2022

Invest yourself in your activity, even if you are more concerned with your personal development. Don't push anyone or anything around. Agree to serve the common cause to convince your superiors of your goodwill.

November 2022

Venus invites you to take a step back emotionally, to sort out the essentials from the superfluous to tackle the new cycle that is coming up. Channel your projects so that they do not exceed your means, at the risk of finding yourself frustrated.

December 2022

Venus exalts your power of seduction. Take advantage of it to shine, but do not think you can do anything, even if your intentions are praiseworthy. Take a step back from your emotions to direct your initiatives fruitfully.


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