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Sunday, November the 17th
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2018 horoscope for Taurus

Taurus: Your 2018 love horoscope

Love: Spotlight on Your Lover !
Your life structures have certainly been shaken up for a while (especially since December 2014) and you have been forced to follow the movement, to adapt yourself even if you abandoned certain beliefs or security from the past? Since December 20th, Saturn invites you to build yourself differently, to lay down new principles that will allow you to evolve and whatever the stages to cross and to flourish. Some (of the 1st decan) will sometimes feel that they have to toil more than others in order to widen their horizons but (this summer) they will receive the support of Uranus, which will considerably strengthen their desire to open the hatches and change their self-image and their outlook on life.

Jupiter shook your habits and sprinkled your daily life with surprising and sometimes destabilizing events in 2017. You can now count on the powers of this giant of the zodiac, in 2018, to connect to others, to turn a corner in love, to engage (or disengage amicably) and to provide you with many opportunities to carry out projects that are dear to you and for some an ideal! Jupiter evolving since last autumn in Scorpio, leaves no question of experiencing lukewarm feelings or of taking a step forward and a step back but instead of accepting the transformations proposed (imposed) by this demanding sign in order to fully live your relationships. Starting November 8th, whatever the options are, you will intuitively feel that to make your duo evolve, you should not rest on your laurels and know what to say and what to do in 2019 in order to maintain your happiness!

1st decan (April 21st - May 1st) In Search of Your True Self ?
This fall, Jupiter may allow you (between October 10th and November 25th, 2017) to make important meetings, formally engage in an ancient or recent story and make important decisions in love. Whichever option you choose, you have to deal with the energies of Saturn since December 20th, which could take you away from your emotional priorities and ask you to structure your future as conscientiously as possible. It is time to sort through the lessons from the transformations that have been accomplished (often through difficult events) and to lay down new principles that will animate and give meaning to your existence. Not without important decision to make? You will evolve in 2018 in an atmosphere probably a little more serious (grave) than others but will be sure to work in order to anchor your destiny solidly and chart your route on new more demanding bases. Do not try to get out of the work that needs to be done as Saturn will catch you. Talk about it more serenely and concretely and consider the openings in order to make the best of a year that could ultimately help you broaden your horizons on all levels (and for a long time)! Uranus slips into your sign temporarily between May 15th and November 6th. The opportunity to decidedly take charge of your destiny and assume what you now want to do and say! Count on Venus to encourage your projects between the 10th and 18th of February, to boost your seductive power between the 31st of March and the 3rd of April! This delicious planet will promote exchanges between May 19th and 27th and will allow you to pass your messages smoothly in the family between June 13th and 27th! Enjoy your magnetism between July 10th and 19th to turn on (or rekindle) the flame! Between September 9th and 29th, Venus will invite you to listen to each other. Do not neglect any opportunity to tighten the ranks. If you open well your ears and your heart you could end the year (between December 2nd and 17th) closer than ever to your partner!

In a Relationship, if you took advantage of autumn to engage with your partner, it will probably make it easier in 2018, to commit yourself to establishing principles of life that will probably concern you but will also mobilize you on a front less glamorous than that of exalted feelings. In 2018, you will have to dedicate yourself to new mental, concrete and sometimes spiritual principles and structures that will guide your existence in the right direction. It's time to find out who you really are and what you want to embody now based on what life has taught you. Count on Uranus between mid-May and the beginning of November 2018 to ruffle your feathers a bit and force you to assert your independent point of view. No question indeed this year of getting back into the ranks! Several times (see dates above) Venus will allow you to connect with your partner. It is up to you to make them understand that, whatever your degree of complicity, you will not be able to avoid the in-depth reflection on what you personally expect from life.

Single, if you have not met anyone special this fall, you may end up having better things to do in 2018 than sowing your wild oats. Unless that special someone meets all your expectations because, under the tutelage of Saturn, which urges you to grow since the end of last December, there is no question of compromising on the quality of the relationship! You have crossed (since 2015?) through turmoil that allowed you to sort out the essential and superfluous. It's up to you, in 2018, to make it something big, good and lasting. You will therefore have the ambition to lay down the principles of life likely to help you to evolve. Venus, on several occasions (see dates above) will support you and will give you a balm for your heart, but it is your self-image that will have to change in 2018. Uranus will open new avenues between May 15th and November 6th and especially this summer where flirting with Saturn, it will determine your roadmap!

2nd decan (May 2nd - May 11th) It’s Your Turn !
Since November 25th, Jupiter invites you to take a step towards the other, to connect and commit. In 2018, you will have many opportunities to turn a corner in love (and in many fields)! The cosmos that was sometimes rough with you last year, spoils you and in 2018 could well place you in orbit around happiness. Exalting celestial configurations conspire to promote your development since the beginning of December 2017! You still enjoy the favor of the sky in January (around the 16th), May (25th), August (19th) and September! You dreamed aloud? This is probably the time (and year) to realize your aspirations, to find that special someone and attract and retain whoever you like in your nets or tighten the ranks with a partner who is ready to follow you wherever you want to go (especially to the land of love)! Venus will be your ally in January (a beautiful period between the 2nd and 10th) and in February (between the 18th and 26th) where you will have plenty of projects in mind. Also in April (between the 8th and the 16th) where you will not be afraid to be overly optimistic and warm the atmosphere between May 27th and June 5th when communication will be honored most between June 22nd and July 6th as you will know what to say and what to do to bond your clan. This summer (between July 19th and 28th), you will be boiling hot and irresistible! Beginning at the end of September, be sure to remain attentive to your partner and do not hesitate to discuss everything, even if you want to reorganize your daily life so that it meets everyone's wishes. If, from the beginning of October, the current goes less well, open a constructive dialogue that will allow you to live a calm end of year and renew the complicity (between the 17th and 29th of December!

In a Relationship, since the end of November 2017, you sometimes feel that you are moving closer to an emotional ideal, to communicate more subtly but also more deeply with the other? Count on 2018 to strengthen the bond and complicity that could feed common projects and a vision of a shared world, life and future! Venus will often play by your side in 2018 (see dates above) and you should take advantage of this astral manna to turn a corner and embark on some inspiring adventures that will open up new avenues to explore together! If this autumn (especially from October 5th), you feel that the current is not so good, it will be up to you to take a step towards each other and to take into account your partner's suggestions, in order end the year in osmosis and decided to stay!

Single, you have not yet unearthed that special someone. Since last fall, Jupiter has been promoting important encounters. This giant of the zodiac will confirm your chance to fly until January 21st, 2018 but also between April 25tg and September 19th. You will then have many assets to find your soulmate. No question indeed of contenting yourself with little. The current astral state of affairs allows for many hopes and in particular to meet someone who might well correspond to an ideal, which will make you want to go far, make big projects and then dare to commit quickly or even pronto. Bet on Venus, on many occasions (see dates above), to encourage your initiatives and enhance your aura. This autumn, do not hesitate to open the dialogue if (especially from October 5th) you feel that clarification (and concessions) are necessary for your (newly formed) couple to advance in the right direction!

3rd decan (May 12th - May 20th) Advance Together, if Possible !
Jupiter comes to boost your exchanges and give relief to your relationships between January 21st and April 25th, 2018 and redoubles his efforts between September 19th and November 8th! The opportunity to strengthen your ties, to give back to your loves, to meet important people, to get married (or to part ways to try something else)! So, in 2018, there is no question of going it alone, but of taking a step towards the other and opening up new possibilities, in particular in April (around the 14th, where you are likely to be inspired and ready to push your limits in order to give a second wind to your couple or embark with your partner on great and inspiring adventures! Indeed, Pluto invites you to explore new paths (internal as well as external), to broaden your horizons and thus to give up some form of parasite in one way or another. Uranus ends up dissolving some unconscious beliefs that have done their time! Between January 10th and 18th Venus will encourage your flights and the emergence of new projects and will assure you of the support of your friends between February 26th and March 6th. This delicious planet will allow you to shine with all your light between the 16th and 24th of April and to communicate (and seduce?) across the board between the 5th and 13th of June! Between the 1st and the 10th of July, you will have it at heart to tighten the ranks with family and will profit from the summer (between July 28th and August 6th) to launch tender offensives that should reach their goal. Between August 27th and September 9th, you will manage the stewardship and should end the year and start the path to 2019, enchanted!

In a Relationship, Pluto titillates your decan and invites you to question an outdated worldview. Then in 2018, you will thirst for training your other half in your adventures! There is no question now of unfolding existence without addressing the great existential questions that may have been perturbing you for a long time. Uranus finishes his race in the shadow of your sun and should this year finish clearing up the last shadows that still restrained your existence. Do not be afraid to open the hatches and weld your duo by sharing your desires and findings, passionately. Venus will relay your thirst for authenticity and passion several times (see dates above) and if you pay close attention to your partner's needs (between August 27th and September 9th), you should complete the year, entwined and more bonded than ever!

Single, Uranus ends up releasing some buried fears and a life force that only wants to express itself and Pluto invites you to take control of your destiny, give meaning to your existence and begin to etch out another direction in life? As for Jupiter, count on his support to encourage meetings and engagements between the 21st of January and the 25th of April and between the 19th of September and the 8th of November! You will want to get out of your isolation in order to take a step towards each other and you will not miss an opportunity to hit the bull’s eye and conclude with tender alliances for the long-term. Venus will often point out (see dates above) your chances of meeting that special person who will make you want to start your personal quest, which is better well-surrounded!

Advice from FREE Horoscope
You have many assets in 2018 to experience great moments in love, unite for the best and commit for a long time! Jupiter invites you, until the beginning of November, to take a step (or two, or three) towards the other, to turn a corner and whatever happens, to leave your shell. So, 2018 is not the time to stick close to home but to venture outside, to take some risks in order to incarnate an ideal of life and love that you have cherished for a long time. The natives of the 1st decan will however have to contend with a demanding Saturn throughout the year, which will ask them above all to restructure their thoughts and their existence taking into account the turmoil crossed and the transformations (sometimes difficult) accomplished since 2015. Mission sensitive but indispensable in order to trace the route definitively in the right direction!

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