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2018 Horoscope
2018 Horoscope
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The Sign of Gemini
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Astrology: slim down for the summer
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2018 horoscope for Pisces: your love-life

  Written by Daisy

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Love: Dreams at your Fingertips ... and in Your Heart!
In 2017, Jupiter paved the way for change. No question of being complacent but instead of adapting to the events that have shaken you up and accepting the transformations, which most of the time, have been imposed on you! In 2018, you aspire to broaden your horizons and apply the lessons and understandings you have learned from your recent (and past) experiences in order to try to broaden your horizons, push your own boundaries and why not friend Pisces realize your ambitions in love (among others)! In 2017, whatever your desire to evolve and fully enjoy the present moment, you have run into imponderables, difficult obstacles to identify and some disappointments that may have left you with a bitter taste and sharpened your distrust or your self-doubt and the ideal you pursue.

In 2018, almost everything seems to come together for your intuitions to be good counselors and for the cosmos to be complicit in your quest. Thus, friend Pisces whether you are looking for that special someone or want to give a second wind and height to your couple, this year you can surf lightly on a state of affairs that listens to you and is favorable to the realization of your desires, and why not, an ideal that you pursue for a while! Only the natives of the first decan will have to contend with Saturn, which risks delaying some of their projects or compelling them to rationalize their future prospects a little, so that it fits better with reality and takes more account of their environment!

1st decan (February 19th - February 28th): Patience!
Last autumn Jupiter invited you to turn a corner, to evolve the link or to achieve your ambitions in love?! Yet, since late December, you have to deal with Saturn, which may be casting a shadow over your plans. Count on this austere planet, in 2018, to bring you back down to earth. Do you have big plans? Why not start laying the groundwork. However, you will have to comply with certain rules, accept deadlines and suffer some restraints that will sometimes give you the feeling that you are alone in the world. Fortunately, you can count on Uranus between early February and mid-July to develop your creativity, find new ideas that can free you from an entourage which is weighing you down and then see a different future. You can build it slowly but surely, by innovating and leaving room for your desire to cut some ties or habits, which restricted your perspective and your prospects! It's up to you to be up to the task and to be very serious in your initiatives while seizing all the opportunities that come within your reach, on the fly and to move the lines at your leisure! At the end of the year (from November 8th, 2018), Jupiter will propose that you take on and accept new social responsibilities and stay on the front lines on the professional front. So, this year, try to build your future without blinking but without trying to rush the movement too fast! Venus will boost your influence and help you win votes between February 10th and 18th. Take advantage of this period of grace to convince those around you to adhere to your projects and support you in your realization. This delicious planet will allow you to send your messages smoothly between March 31st and April 8th and make nice in order to try to achieve family unanimity between April 24th and May 2nd. Between May 19th and May 27th, there is room for love and seduction. You will then shine with all your fire and should not leave anyone insensitive to your charms. In July (between the 10th and 19th) take a step towards the other, open the dialogue and do everything possible to embark with the other in your dreams. In September, (between the 9th and 29th) Venus will give you an enthusiasm and an increased willingness to push back some limitations that prevent you from realizing some of your projects. You may have to wait until December (between the 2nd and 17th) to really turn a corner and finally open the way. Saturn will rclear off on the 8th and you will finally get rid of the slowness that may have restrained your desire for fulfillment!

In a Relationship, you aspire to project yourself in the long run and last fall, Jupiter gave you hope for the best and in particular to be able to challenge yourself. Among other things, that of building a better future together, of structuring the future on a stable basis and therefore making it as sustainable as possible. Saturn is likely to put a few sticks in the wheels in 2018! Enough to probably test the validity of your plans and the cohesion of your couple. So stand together and do not try to do things too quickly. Uranus will blow a new wind on your projects between February and mid-July! So to succeed and above all to pass the Saturnian test, temporarily reduce the wind in your sails. Patience and obstinacy will pay off and allow you to build your plans and weld your couple for the long term!

Single, autumn 2017 has given you a glowing future and made you want to embark on new adventures? If you want to give shape to a recent story or build a future to your liking, you will have to hold your horses a little bit, in 2018! Indeed there is no question of building on the wind but instead of following the rules enacted by Saturn, master of time! Uranus will happily blow a wind of freedom and fantasy between early February and mid-July. You will have the opportunity for different and stimulating encounters that will encourage you to free yourself from the past and to build a respectful future, which includes as much your desire for stability as your thirst for novelty! In December 2018, Saturn releases its pressure. You now know what you need and what you can do in order to be happy and build on solid bases!

2nd decan (March 1st - March 10th) : Your Asset… heart
In 2017, the situation has shaken you a little and forced you to deal with disruptive elements that could thwart your desires and induce a rather unpleasant atmosphere of frustration to bear? All this is finished? In 2018, you will enjoy delightful currents that could put a little fun in your life and some rumba in the air. Indeed, everything seems possible in 2018, where the planets agree and put some “oomph” in your loves! You will be able to enjoy the grace of the cosmos, which should greatly facilitate things and lift you from the ground in early December 2017 but also in January when love lurks and where your heart could well boom and reconnect with great thrills! You will undoubtedly get closer to an ideal of life in May (around the 25th) and in August (around the 19th) where all the conditions will then seem to work together for you to find that special someone or to turn a corner, happily toward nirvana! Also count on beautiful openings in September (around the 12th)! You could then reach your goal in 2018 as long as you accept to transform yourself, learn from the past and give up the fantasy of fusional love for the reality of a more mature bond. Pluto now occupies the field of your theme related to the future but also to the relationships you have with your group (whether your friends, a social circle or other). No question, then, to live an idyll cut off from others. You will need to find someone who will direct your life as a couple towards a goal to be fulfilled for the benefit of all or lead your current duo towards a more inclusive, more participative version of the relationship. Venus will very often be your ally in this exciting quest. Notably in January where you will have a wonderful launch pad to jump into the deep bath of delicious and sensual emotions. Venus will boost your power of seduction between February 18th and 26th but do not abuse your charms to try to control everyone except at your own risk (the 17th and 25th)! You will know what to say and what to do between April 6th and 16th to please your entourage and (between May 2nd and 11th) to bring harmony to your home! Venus will boost your libido and your desire to rekindle the flame with your crush between May 27th and June 5th and invites you to listen to them and pamper them without reservation between July 19th and 28th! It will be time to embark for the land of love, to take off from the end of September, even if from the 5th you will probably only be able to actually take flight in December (between the 17th and 29th)!

In a Relationship, after the possible challenges and mandatory changes to be made in 2017, you will enter in 2018 a frequency field that should please you. The opportunity for you to tighten the ranks around the same vision of the future (mission, common goal) and a strong desire to evolve your duo in the right direction; that of a complicity found because it is fed by a new project of life! We can not see why 2018 could prevent you from loving yourself, dreaming together and understanding each other five out of five!

Single, you will come into 2018 a little depressed from a year that forced you to grow, to transform and to withstand shocks, separation and symbolic mourning that have however had the merit of making you aware of what is possible or not, achievable or not. If your fantasies have taken a blow (to the fins) you will have the opportunity, in 2018 (and in fact since December 2017), to reconnect with an ideal that, freed you from pretense, could well open the door to the right path. If there is no question of living your love affair and experiencing a romance cut off from the world, you could then have the opportunity this year to forge a strong bond with someone who will help you broaden your horizons and will offer you to share a dream, a mission and a vision of the future that should inspire you and make you want to continue ... and why not commit for a while?

3rd decan (March 11th - March 20th): Openings!
In 2017, you may have been primarily mobilized on the professional front where you managed to play your cards right and move the lines despite tensions and transformations (social status, remuneration, job etc.) to accept willingly or not! If Jupiter boosted your libido and sharpened your desires, not sure you really had the time to answer and fill them! In 2018, you can count on Jupiter to widen your horizons on all fronts and why not, to make significant encounters or give your couple a chance to gain a second wind between the 21st of January and the 25th of April but also between September 19th and November 8th, 2018 where this giant planet of the zodiac could help you to turn a corner, even as fast as the speed of sound! Especially this spring, when combined with Pluto (in April), who should offer you some great opportunities to connect with your partners (whether your friends or your lovers) around a shared vision of the world and common ambitions for the future. Pluto, should indeed (between February 6th and July 13th) encourage you to change your goals and give you other desires, other aspirations probably less centered on exclusively personal goals and perhaps more centered on universal or idealistic ones. Venus will boost your thirst for love and your lover between February 26th and March 6th, your desire to communicate harmoniously with others between April 16th and 24th (a blessed period to meet or deepen the bond). Bet on May (between the 11th and 19th) to get closer to your social circle and make every effort to improve your exchanges within the clan. Venus will exalt your charm between the 5th and the 13th of June, where you will have every chance to hit the ground running or sensually rekindle the flame. Between July 28th and August 6th, the dialogue will be advised and promoted if you actually consent to listen and hear what you are told. You should end the year in osmosis with your partner, decided to evolve and grow the relationship and if you have not yet found that special someone, prepare to surpass yourself, in order to achieve your goals and captivate whoever you want!

In a Relationship, you will benefit repeatedly in 2018 (but mainly in the spring) from a beautiful launch pad to steer your future and your relationship in the right direction. You will want to move the lines, invest together in a future that inspires you and you can count on Pluto, in 2018 (and in the years to come), to revitalize your projects or even transform them completely for they follow as close as possible to the evolution you have accomplished together!

Single, In 2018, you focused on realizing concrete goals that may have moved you a little further from your emotional pursuit. If you do not lack the want to fully enjoy life and the present moment, you can expect in 2018 more effective support from the sky, in order to achieve your aspirations and find with whom to share them. However, you will need the chosen one to be ready to follow you where you want to go. Indeed, Pluto risks (especially between February and July) transforming a little your vision of the world and your projects and future prospects. No longer a question for you to live in isolation but to leave your bowl so as to connect to a cause, a mission or an ideal that is gradually emerging in your mind. You will seek to find that special someone who will love you enough to participate in your business and adhere to your need to follow a destiny that inspires you and exceeds you!

Advice from FREE Horoscope :

A year that should leave good memories for most of you and maybe bring them closer to a vision of love and the future carried within it! However, provided you agree to open the hatches, to transform yourself, to abandon sometimes an old version of the relationship to your partner and the others to evolve and not miss your chance, in 2018, to reach for the moon and why not, live a love that meets your expectations and desires.

2018 horoscope for Pisces: your love-life - 3 comments
(last message on the 23/04/2018 am30 07:09)

I like it I don't like it
Susan from the site
Posted the 23/04/2018 at 07:09
Pisces Jahangir, sign for Pisces
Posted the 18/04/2018 at 03:14
I don't know my date of birth but Pisces is closer matching to my daily life. My age is 55 and last 5-6 years passing very very hard time without having any reason. Luck is disfavoring really.
Thanks Jahangir for your comment. Here are some articles that might be interesting to read for your astro sign : Pisces free astrology portrait, Qualities and dispositions of Pisces , Weak points, flaws and imperfections of Pisces. Have a nice day !
I like it I don't like it
Pisces Jahangir, sign for Pisces
Posted the 18/04/2018 at 03:14
I don't know my date of birth but Pisces is closer matching to my daily life. My age is 55 and last 5-6 years passing very very hard time without having any reason. Luck is disfavoring really.
I like it I don't like it
Pisces ginger, sign for Pisces
Posted the 26/11/2017 at 06:31
Sounds wonderful, cant wait for 2018, roll on!!
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