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Monday, July the 6th
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2017 horoscope for Cancer

Cancer: Your 2017 love horoscope

Good-bye constraints!
In 2016, you will feel prisoner to a daily life, whether at work in your family life, that demands much of you,Ami Cancer, and leaves you hardly any room to maneuver. You will have duties to fulfill, obligations to handle,and challenges to take on, so it's not a certainty that you will really have the chance to relax, enjoy the present moment, and enjoy untroubled time with your lover or family. You may have been spending a lot of your time and energy taking care of business and so will not have a lot of time to put in your own personal development.

You yearn to refocus on your private life!
Since the end of summer 2016, Jupiter has been able to lighten things up and put you back in touch with your own private space. This giant of the zodiac has no doubt given you the desire to restructure the foundations you stand on, break out, and start working on improving your living space. That is, unless you've already taken advantage of this benevolent planet's influence to move houses, start a household, or expand your family, in which you case you may have felt, since September 2016, the need to expand your horizons, Ami Cancer, and maybe even your inner world, or to take care of your loved ones, breathing, in some way, new life into your private life and restoring your own personal well-being.

With heaven's help!
Since last winter, you've been able to enjoy a cosmic climate that is much for favorable for your sensual plans. You will, without a doubt, manage to restore balance to discussions about these ideas of yours, and you imagine the future in a much more productive and creative way, succeeding, in 2017, in wrapping up plans that count for you and those close to you. You might, though, have to make an important decision (at the beginning of Mars, end of September) and put up with possible friction between you and your partner (end of Mars, start of August), but will have every chance of this year unfolding the way you want. Starting on October 10th, Jupiter will take part in boosting your emotional life, turning up the temperature, and offering you multiple opportunities to meet great, new people, kindle (or rekindle) the flame, and spend some quality time sheltered from the storm. This period look to be auspicious for your love-life, Ami Cancer, and this end of the year should be a dynamic and promising one for you where you can finish on a high note and, above all, in good company.

A powerful boost for you love-life!
You will have to be patient and wait awhile in 2017, however, before being able to fully enjoy this period of respite. Especially in June, your demands for your love-life could result in plans and ideas that will sweep you off your feet, moving your relationship forward or allowing you to commit in a long-term relationship. In the meantime, you will have trouble making a definite decision, asserting your desires, or convincing your partner to follow you where you want to go. Venus will force you to go through another period of deep reflection in July but will place control of your emotional life back in your hands between July 31st and August 26th, when you will have all the assets you need to kick off a new cycle of life under better auspices. You can count on this delightful planet to start up, enrich, and elevate discussions between September 20th and October 14th, helping you bring your family closer together on November 7th, as well. The end of the year looks to have great wonders in store for you. Between November 7th and December 1st, when you will shine in all your glory, Ami Cancer, and make a few sparks fly in your love-life. If you are single,keep your eyes open. If you are in a relationship,you will reach great new heights, even touching seventh heaven, and will without a doubt feel like (re)making a commitment on Christmas and thus closing out the year on a high note and, above all, in great company...

1st decan (March 21 - April 1) An autumn worth remembering!
In 2017, you will make progress on good terrain for your love-life and shouldn't be met with any sort of sizable obstacle that might slow your momentum or trip you up at all. The path forward is all clear, so take advantage of it to finish up any plans that are dear to you and get ready, starting on October 10th, to welcome in Jupiter, the cherry on top! In fact, between October 10th and November 25th, this generous planet will favor your love-life and will give everyone wings. Keep an eye out for Saturn, though, who, starting on December 20th, will test the solidity of your bonds.

If you are in a relationship,noting will stand in the way of you enjoying this creative year and fully realizing your romantic ambitions. Want to move your relationship forward? You will have the chance to all throughout this promising year that will start off gently but hold you back a bit until mid-May. Avoid pushing anything on anyone and try to get your priorities in order and get an idea of what impact your decisions will have on your lover and loved ones. These first few months of reflection will enable you to lay foundations for a future that inspires, between June 6th and 16th. Between July 5th and 14th, you will polish your plans, and Venus will work behind the scenes to help you get ready for your return to the spotlight. You will take back control between July 31st and August 9th, when Venus will endow you with irresistible charm and powers of seduction. Take advantage of this wonderful fall to get in touch with those around you and get your messages through, which will indeed be received. Between October 14th and 22nd, you will be called to action to take care of your loved ones and the daily chores but will get to express your desire for love without further hesitation between November 7th and 15th, when you will be ready to do anything to have fun and fully enjoy the present moment. So, get ready to finish out this year in good company, especially after Christmas, when you will evolve and grow in harmony with others, even though Saturn, starting on December 20th, will push you to question the validity of your bonds with others.

If you are single,you will have a certain person in mind at the start of the year and will take time to reflect on this recent conquest. If you are still looking for that special someone, you will have ample opportunity to find them before mid-May but might ask yourself whether it would be smart to commit long-term. Starting in mid-May, you will express how you feel more clearly and will dream up plans to make between June 6th and 16th, when friendship will have pride of place. If you don't have anyone in your sights, don't hesitate to get out there and meet people. With any luck, you'll find the love of your life or make a new friend that could change your life. Though you might be tempted to look to, or ruminate over, the past between July 5th and 14th, you will quickly forget all about your reservations and hesitations between July 31st and August 9th and will shine in all your glory, likely making a lasting impression and stealing a few hearts with ease. You will make a great impression on those around you, as well, between September 20th and 28th, when everyone will want to get to know you and hang out. Between October 14th and 22nd, you will mostly be preoccupied with your loved ones' well-being or with improving your living environment. The most propicious period of the year for you should be between November 7th and 15th, when you will take center stage, romantically speaking, and should enjoy some wonderful conquests and will not go unnoticed. You will finish this year ready to make a commitment or, at the very least, get closer to others. Plus, if are yet to find the love of your life, anything will be possible between Christmas time and January 2, 2018. From December 20th on, however, Saturn will make you even pickier and more distrustful!

2nd decan (July 2 - 12) Free to love at last!
In 2016, you felt like you were being crushed under the weight of all your responsibilities and so were neglecting your personal life. In 2017, you will take back control of your romantic life and take advantage of this lenient, merciful climate to move your love-life forward and in the right direciton. This won't be without its own tensions and potential disagreements between you and your partner(end of March, start of August), but you will be firmly intent on elevating discussions and bringing them to a close kindly and tactfully. From November 25th on, Jupiter will show up to ignite your senses, set your heart aflame, and heat up an old or more recent romance, or even put you on the right path towards finding that special someone.

If you are in a relationship,you may have lost touch with your partner in 2016. Squeezed for everything your worth at work, your hopes and expectations were dashed at times, putting you in a rotten mood and making you unavailable to others. In 2017, you will get back on your feet and seek to improve living conditions for yourself and those you love. You will feel like breaking out, moving, and, above all, getting closer to your partner who has been neglected or mistreated recently. You both won't always agree on everything but would do best to rely on dialog around March 30th and August 4th, when things could get heated. You will do everything in your power to move your relationship forward at the start of the year but will certainly have some trouble making the decisions that need to be made together before the end of May. You will be inclined, between June 16th and 25th, to set new challenges for yourselves and to open up new possibilities together. In August, you will regain your self-confidence and no longer be afraid of saying what you want or letting your light shine bright. If you listen and keep yourself open to dialog with those around you between September 28th and October 6th, you should succeed in winning your family's support at the end of October. From November 25th on, Jupiter will encourage your urges and sensual time together with Venus taking over between the 15th and 23rd. You can expect to enjoy an idyllic end to the year under the protection of the stars, which could help you make your dreams come true.

If you are single,you may have been held back by your professional duties or by a business climate that prevented you from making your aspirations into reality. In 2017, you will get the chance to enjoy renewed success and open yourself up to new perspectives in every area of your life. In love especially, you will seek first and foremost to get closer to your family or set yourself up in a comfortable position in which you can welcome that special someone, who you should find quite soon. Starting on November 25th, Jupiter will increase your powers of seduction and could help you break out of your solitude. At the start of the year, you will begin to make your way out of the limbo you've been in and will week to regain some sort of success, whether in business or in your romantic life. You could have some trouble coming to a decision and, up until the end of May, might be held back by the fear of making a mistake. Your interactions with others won't be all daisies and roses, and those you meet won't always be so easy to get a handle on or to hold onto. You will enjoy support from your friends between June 16th and 25th in dreaming up plans for the future and setting new challenges for yourself. After a short period of reflection between July 14th and 22nd, you will look straight ahead of you between August 9th and 17th, when Venus will endow you with all the qualities you need for seduction. Make room for interaction and dialog between September 28th and October 6th, and for your family between October 22nd and 30th, when you will feel like building a cozy little nest for yourself or bringing together those you love. Starting on November 25th, Jupiter will place your love-life center stage. You will enjoy a heavenly, ad hoc arsenal to help you show off and make a few sparks fly. Especially since this sensual Venus will inspire you and give your libido a boost between November 15th and 23rd. The end to the year looks to be languishing and favorable towards (re?)birth and moving thrilling relationships along.

Third decan (July 13 - 22) Blessing from the gods!
Since winter 2016, you've enjoyed excellent conditions for renewing your daily life, and make a reality plans that will bring you out from under professional supervision that has separated you from those close to you and put your personal life on the back burner. You will be dead set, in 2017, on improving living conditions for yourself and your loved ones and should achieve your ends without too much difficulty and finish out the year in touch with yourself, with the world around you, and your love-life.

If you are in a relationship,the stars have been favoring your fulfillment in every area since winter 2016. It will be easier for you manage your daily life and you will enjoy more opportunities to freely express yourself at work, as well as your desire to share this ecstasy with your loved ones. You can count on Jupiter, up until March 24th then between August 20th and October 10th, to gather your family around shared plans and enjoy harmony, understanding, and a shared vision of th world. Venus will call upon you, up until the start of June, to evaluate what you want to set into motion in order to break free from your constraints, urge you to move your relationship forward and figure out what your priorities are, and, starting on June 6th, you will get to take the plugne together and dream big. Take time between July 27th and 31st to fine-tune your plans and figure out what consequences they will have for your future. Between August 17th and 26th, your charm should have its effect on your partner. Between October 6th and 10th, you will get your message through tactfully and will have no trouble drumming up support from those around you. Between October 30th and November 7th, you will lovingly take care of the household and those you love. Get ready to come out of your shell between November 23rd and December 1st, when Venus will put bliss in your heart, give you the desire to build a home, or to expand your family, and endow you with an irresistible charm that your partner will be unable to resist.

If you are single,your living and working conditions have been improving since winter 2016, which will enable you to start off 2017 determined to enjoy this period of respite to spread your wings in society and make up for lost time in love. Rely on Jupiter up until March 24th and between August 20th and October 10th to set yourself up comfortably, redecorate your apartment, and get ready to welcome into your life someone that you like and in a pleasant environment at that. You will yearn to thrive and will get the chance to in 2017. At the start of the year, you will, without a doubt, perpetuate your recent professional success and use your charm and powers of seduction to drum up support and thrill the heart of the one you love while you're at it. You will dream a lot and will do your utmost, up until June 6th, to make your romantic aspirations a reality. Make room for plan-making between June 25th and July 5th, when you will expend your great energy to maintain your love-life and friendships, which will push you to forge ahead. After a short time, you could be tempted to give into doubt or rumination and dwell on the past (between July 27th and 31st). You will once and for all start a new stage of emotional growth between August 17th and 26th, when nothing will seem impossible for you. In October (between the 14th and 16th), you will seek to convince your loved ones to follow you and, between October 30th and November 7th, will focus on your well-being, and your family's, as well as maintaining your bonds with others. If you still haven't found that special someone, between November 23rd and December 1st, you will enjoy a heightened charm, which should help you make a few conquests that could become something more.

My advice:

This year, you should make amends and reconnnect with love and feel like sharing your life with someone, restoring the intimacy to your life that has been lacking recently. So, take advantage of this good momentum not only to take the plunge into love, but to build a new life, as well.

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