Horoscope for Monday, 12th February 2024

Written by Susan

Aries Horoscope for Monday, 12th Of February 2024

Your optimism is infectious and you will get to know new people. You will be on top form, so take this opportunity to be alert to certain bad habits in your lifestyle.

You're determined to review some of your past decisions and you'll be able to see things clearly, from new and different angles.

Taurus Horoscope for Monday, 12th Of February 2024

You're continuing as you started. Follow yesterday's enthusiasm and your horizons will widen. You're finding it difficult to establish limits and balance your energy levels realistically. Slow down and try to relax.

Don't let yourself be ruled by what other people might want. Concentrate on the things that you need to do.

Gemini Horoscope for Monday, 12th Of February 2024

Focus on stability and trust today, and consolidate things, particularly with family members. Your impatience to stray off the beaten track is making you reckless... Be careful about your joints.

You waver between the desire to take more radical decisions and the need to stand back. There's no hurry.

Cancer Horoscope for Monday, 12th Of February 2024

The skies are clearing and you're going to be able to embark on new projects. Beware of the wind, air-conditioning and draughts etc... Protect yourself from the cold in general, as you're susceptible to it.

You're calmer than usual. This makes you formidably effective in resolving certain issues. Make the most of it.

Leo Horoscope for Monday, 12th Of February 2024

An immense need for action is pushing you into making hasty decisions. Be objective in your choices. You could do with going green for a few days, as you are under psychological strain. Make sure you get some time to yourself.

Your enthusiasm for life and your optimism attract very promising favours from new acquaintances.

Virgo Horoscope for Monday, 12th Of February 2024

Check your sources of information, so you don't waste your time to no avail. You'll be on top physical form. Enjoy life without waiting for others.

Avoid dubious and uncertain ventures. Don't take your eye off the ball, you will be taking things in the right direction.

Libra Horoscope for Monday, 12th Of February 2024

Your lively spirit will be very evident in all areas as a background to all you do. You should review your daily routine to find a better balance and more stability in your health and lifestyle.

You're going to find some useful support, which will reach its full extent next month. Today is a good day for making contacts!

Scorpio Horoscope for Monday, 12th Of February 2024

You will discover some truths among those around you, which will be hard to accept. This will be a blessing in disguise. You are on increasingly good form. All you need to do is anticipate the consequences and you will expend your energy effectively.

Don't get into any pointless debates, and try to avoid jealous people today - you'll be attracting them a lot.

Sagittarius Horoscope for Monday, 12th Of February 2024

It would be a good idea not to trust certain people, so be selective. The stars are protecting you from being overwhelmed by fatigue and the wind is behind you. Keep going, but don't put your foot down at the wrong moment!

You won't lack opportunities to stand out. There's no point in making a big meal of things, though, keep a sense of proportion.

Capricorn Horoscope for Monday, 12th Of February 2024

The clarity of your ideas will win you some fans, and your passion will see you defend them with ease. You'll be perfectly confident in your ability to face up to your obligations, but you could still do with relaxing.

Luxurious, calm and voluptuous...This should be your ideal programme! You will need to be more sensible with regard to your impulse to spend.

Aquarius Horoscope for Monday, 12th Of February 2024

You will have the feeling that things are going too fast, but dealings with others will enable you to keep pace. You are entirely happy with yourself and you are establishing a life-balance. Doing sport would be a good idea all the same.

You will be more conciliatory than usual and people will have more confidence in you. Show your desire for harmony without hesitation.

Pisces Horoscope for Monday, 12th Of February 2024

You will be free to act as you want today. Financial actions are very favourable. Your mind is bubbling and you're going to find all kinds of things to do. Be sensible.

The end of an awkward situation is in sight, thanks to your diplomacy. Be optimistic and get away from your usual routine.

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