Ox: your 2023 Chinese Horoscope

Written by Alison

This year looks better than last year. You're in a good mood again. You feel safer. The year of the Water Rabbit promotes and encourages your beliefs, plans, and lifestyle. Consequently, you will enjoy your achievements and your work, in all serenity. You will take your time to do things. Before making a decision, you will think about it carefully. As a result, what you are going to undertake, whatever the field, will succeed and will project itself into the future without these unexpected events that disconcert you. In the euphoria, be careful not to fall into excesses. Don't set too many rules. Leave room for spontaneity.

Ox: your Romantic life

With the Rabbit, love is cautious and reserved. People find it difficult to express their feelings for fear of being rejected. As a result, this mistrust reduces exchanges, passion, and romantic impulses. This atmosphere will suit your most profound nature. On the other hand, it can raise questions about your loved one's feelings. Under these circumstances, do not expect everything from the other person. Go through the security gates and offer something pleasant that will break the routine. If you are ever distrustful, focus on the positive.

Tips from Free-Horoscope.com: A misunderstanding can make a relationship tense. To avoid this, dare to talk about personal matters even if it bothers you. Open your heart, and of course, meet the expectations of your loved ones.

Group of friends for the Ox

With the Rabbit, it is the oldest and most faithful friendships that are most apparent. Exchanges are precious and happy. In the event of a problem, your friends can count on your help. All this without those disturbing aspects that offend the most beautiful friendships. In return, your friends will appreciate your discretion. Therefore, they will confide in you when they encounter any problems or doubts.

To know: By nature, you're a good advisor. So if one of your friends has a problem, help them make a wise and reasonable decision.

Ox: your Spiritual life

By nature, tension is your worst enemy. During this year of the Rabbit, they fade away, but a few can reappear without warning. Under these circumstances, take a step back. By doing so, you will see that it is your visceral attachment to your safety that is playing tricks on you. To remedy this, let go of the habits that create these blockages. Draw inspiration from authors who extol the merits of happiness in the present moment.

Our advice: Read books that extol the joy of life and encourage people to see happiness in the small details of everyday life and others' qualities.

Well-being for the Ox

By nature, you are not attracted to physical activity, the year of the Rabbit confirms it. You prefer to stay at home and do little to maintain your figure and mind. This lifestyle will work for you, but don't be surprised if you become overweight. If it bothers you, avoid a drastic diet as it will irritate your good mood. Eat healthy food and get some exercise.

Tip-Off: Although a sedentary lifestyle may work well for you, don't abuse its benefits. Keep up the habit of taking long walks in the great outdoors.

Ox: your Family life

By nature, your family's well-being is paramount, but that doesn't mean you're demonstrative. This year, the Rabbit encourages you to be a little more expressive and discuss each other's small problems. If, by any chance, your loved ones are a bit lazier than usual, don't get on your high horse. Try to find out, without being intrusive, what's going on and what they want to do.

To meditate : Don't get ahead of yourself, and although it's very tempting. Listen to those around you and wait for them to ask you for advice.

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