Rooster: your 2022 Chinese Horoscope

Written by Alison

With the Tiger, this year is hectic. The pace is accelerating. New ideas and new concepts are all over the place. In this atmosphere, you may find it challenging to adapt to events and circumstances. Besides, the changes announced by the Tiger may destabilize you. However, if you wish, you can take advantage of this year, its chances, and its opportunities. To do this, take life a little less seriously. Don't hold on to your ideas and be open to those of others, even if they seem entirely crazy or utopian. By doing so, you will find that some are interesting and can serve your interests.

Rooster: your Romantic life

In this area, you share a taste for the passion of the Tiger, but alas, the comparison stops there. This year, you will have to settle with your legendary possessiveness, because your partner can claim his freedom and independence. In these circumstances, avoid taking a stand and accept their surprising ideas. In doing so, your love will take a different turn, but one that will satisfy you. So, if you come up against your partner's determination, question yourself, heed their wishes, and everything will be fine.

Tips from Free Horoscope.com for the Rooster: If your love meets some unexpected difficulties, put your contradictions aside. In the event of a thunderstorm, do not decide on a whim. Think beforehand and reflect on the consequences.

Group of friends for the Rooster

By nature, you are a passionate person. So, you like to exchange ideas with your friends. This year, you may have a hard time. Why? Because some people will defend their point of view with unusual vehemence. The boldest could even attack your way of life or your vision of things. In these circumstances, avoid leaving by slamming the door! Try to hear what you are told and take advantage of it.

To know: The concept of combat is very marked in you. You can take a stand if other people's ideas disturb you. If you want to keep your friends, stay zen.

Rooster: your Spiritual life

This year, spiritual practice will help you not to take everything literally. Also, it will help you accept these ideas that will disturb or destabilize you. So take things higher. In doing so, you will find that ultimately, everything that is going on this year is beneficial and that as a bonus, it can help you grow as you wish. So when you feel the tone going up, take a look up at the sky, and it will tell you what to do.

Our advice : Don't count only on yourself this year. Think that the sky is watching over you and that it can inspire you with bright ideas.

Well-being for the Rooster

This year, you can delve into provocative excess or prove what you do and what you want. This can work for you, but at times this attitude will play tricks on you, rooster! Although this year is hectic, this is not a reason for you to lead a similar life. So, avoid shortening your nights because you know it doesn't work for you.

Tip-Off : Get as much sleep as you need, and if you get tired, rest.

Rooster: your Family life

It's not a legend. The role of the head of your family suits you perfectly, and you assume it with a particular brilliance. Suddenly, everyone listens to you, and the most daring do not try to contradict you. This year things are changing. Those who did not dare to say what they think will shamelessly do so. So if you want to keep the peace in your beloved family, don't fight against the insurgents.

To meditate : Instead of getting on your high horse, listen to the ideas and suggestions of those around you. If necessary, put your principles aside for a while.

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