Dragon: your 2022 Chinese Horoscope

Written by Alison

The Tiger serves your interests, and as a bonus, it puts you in particularly lucky situations. Happiness never comes alone, and it puts you in the limelight. In this happy state of mind, you will have the feeling that everything is working out admirably for you. Some will applaud your success. Others will admire you without restraint. Although this year is looking at its best, you will have to be careful not to get intoxicated by the glory. Stay connected to reality, because if you let yourself be lulled by success and its advantages, you will no longer think and, alas, you will embark on operations that will embarrass you.

Dragon: your Romantic life

This year, you are all in charm and seduction, because you dream of living an exceptional love. This wish could be realized thanks to a happy combination of circumstances, dragon! You capsize hearts and attract attention. So make good use of it. When you feel that your partner is fascinated by your charm and that they are ready for anything, do not abuse your power. Instead, show tenderness from time to time. Play a game of subtle seduction. Be more nuanced.

Tips from Free Horoscope.com for the Dragon: Your pride is playing tricks on you, and you know it perfectly. So if you feel it is taking over, pull yourself together! Get off the pedestal on which your fans put you.

Group of friends for the Dragon

By nature, you arouse the admiration of those around you. Some boast of your talents and your success. Your way of doing things inspires others. As you are doing quite well this year, you will be an example to follow. This is all very good, but be careful that this success does not bother you. Under these circumstances, you would become inaccessible, and it would ruin long-standing friendships.

To know: Take advantage of your success to show your great qualities of heart and your generosity. By doing so, you will talk less about yourself and others will feel valued.

Dragon: your Spiritual life

This year, your ego could take over. Under these circumstances, you will go astray in the wrong direction. Buddhism could help you take the necessary step back that will detach you from your success. In this state of mind, you will welcome praise with modesty, and on the best days, you will attribute them to your entourage or your collaborators. Suddenly, they will admire you for your sense of sharing.

Our advice : : Detach yourself from the success you love so much. In doing so, you will attract attention for other reasons that will make your relationships more authentic and lasting.

Well-being for the Dragon

This year, it's time to indulge in a new discipline. So if by events and circumstances, you are offered to practice an activity that you do not know, jump at the opportunity. This will change your ideas, and as a bonus, you can deploy talents that you are not yet using. Since you are a workaholic, this will allow you to ease off and recharge your batteries.

Tip-Off :This year's trend spurs you to explore new methods. Do not hesitate to do so. You will be pleasantly surprised by the beneficial powers they will have on you.

Dragon: your Family life

By nature, you are particularly aware of your duties to your family. In this state of mind, you take matters into your own hands, even if you are not asked. This attitude is successful this year, but you can be blamed for it. So if you want to avoid hearing grievances, let your loved ones live as they see fit. Do not suffocate them with your advice and let them live their experience.

To meditate :Do not be guided by the wish to have the ideal family. This will avoid the disappointments which undermine your morale and triggering the questions that remain unanswered.

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