Neptune Transits

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Neptune rules the sign Pisces towards which it is currently gravitating. This planet is one of the slowest-moving, making its way through the zodiac every 164 years and taking 14 years to pass through each sign. Find out all about this planet's transits with other slow-moving planets in the solar system.

Neptune Jupiter (expansion/spirituality)

These aspects are reformed every 13 years

Conjunction (1996, 2010, 2024)
The conjunction of two planets brings a wave of fertile imagination, and this tendency is noted in humanitarian circles, art, and religions. Caring is on the program because people are full of compassion. Intuition lets us know what is best for everyone. Certain personalities are highlighted during this period.

When a sextile is formed between these two planets, people feel concerned by social injustices. Improvements are made in the structures devoted to the disadvantaged. The artistic and spiritual fields are highlighted. Intuitions are goo. It brings opportunities and
enthusiasm for those who are ready to follow.

Thanks to this aspect, mutual help is on the menu. We manage to put ourselves in other's shoes, and we look at how to meet everyone's needs. A wave of spirituality overwhelms fixed ideas, and we turn to creativity to make the world a better place.

When Jupiter and Neptune are square, we can expect violent upheavals in closed places such as hospitals, prisons, and places of worship. Harmful excess is to be feared. No one has a clear idea, and essential decisions should be postponed to avoid unfortunate consequences that could last.

The opposition between these two planets does not bode well. Opinions are decided, and the debates are energetic, especially concerning religions and everything related to spirituality. Lack of patience, clarity and organization provokes unresolved conflicts that will not persist but which will not bring about any awareness.

Neptune Saturn (control/spirituality)

Conjunction (1989, 2025)
This aspect between Neptune and Saturn brings significant improvements for the well-being of all. The collective conscience is moving towards a new, more tolerant, and socially just world. Wisdom mixed with a certain authority makes it possible to act with clarity and pushes everyone to release their tension through art or the creation of useful structures.

This is a unique aspect that allows for the realization of useful projects in areas such as social protection and the environment. Fascinating ideas are put forward by people who naturally agree. Understanding is present in debates and opinions. This tolerance really makes things go in the right direction.

This aspect is beneficial for infrastructure, such as hospitals or retirement homes. The realization of ideas that seemed utopian can finally see the light of day thanks to more clarity and better organization. The atmosphere is full of benevolence and intuition is combined with reflection. It brings both creative projects and wise decisions.

The square formed by these two planets brings anxiety and frustration. Ideas are confused and lack realism. For everyone, things are difficult to move forward. You have to be patient and not despair. Good ideas should be kept for a time when action will be more satisfactory.

This opposition has uniquely harmful effects on the collective conscience. Insane ideas are followed with determination. Incoherent projects are carried out with a total lack of organization and frustration is present most of the time in everyone's head. People are drawn to radical opinions, which maintain a feeling of insecurity.

Neptune Uranus (change/spirituality)

These aspects are reformed every 172 years

Conjunction (1817, 1990, 2160)
The conjunction of Uranus and Neptune encourages minds to turn to a better understanding of others, to care for the poor, or to find more equitable ways of allocating resources. Great ideas are popping up all over the place, and some people are motivated enough to make them happen.

Thanks to the sextile formed by Uranus and Neptune, society is better informed. A collective consciousness is turned towards improving the way of thinking. There is a real desire to see things differently and get out of an old-world, which needs a new lease on life to avoid boredom and to have the impression that things are moving forward.

Thanks to this aspect, the population learns to manage without their leaders. Real solidarity is set up to build the future intuitively. There are many good ideas, enthusiasm is general, and the atmosphere is creative. Opinions are defended with tenacity and tolerance. It is a precious mixture to evolve positively.

This aspect induces tensions within society; certain ideals are claimed with violence and without discernment. Ideas are confused and sometimes senseless. Those who have to make decisive choices are hesitant, and general misunderstanding could have negative consequences. However, this atmosphere may push leaders to change the way they do things.

This aspect induces a tense atmosphere where spirituality is undermined because the population needs change. Significant upheavals in the way of perceiving religions could affect many people and ancestral structures. The opposition between Uranus and Neptune took place around 1904 and will happen again in 2076.

Neptune Pluto (Spirituality/metamorphosis)

These aspects unite every 492 years.
Note: Pluto has an important role in dissolving certain situations in order to make way for new ones.

Conjunction (around 1400, 1900, 2400)
The conjunction between Neptune, planet of spirituatlity, and Pluto, planet of metamorphosis, favors spiritual renewal, a broadening of the collective consciousness, and a better standing of yourself and those around you. This transit can have extremely positive effects on anything area having to do with crativity and humanitarian endeavors. The last time this conjunction formed was in 1892, and the next time will be in 2400.

Sextile (around 1940)
This aspect began in 1942 and will end in 2030, thus effecting a good number of people right now. This sextile between Neptune and Pluto pushes for devotion and greater social justice. This transit favors freedom of speech, helps to develop our collective conscious, and represents an opportunity for improving society and advancing spiritually as a people. With this sextile, open-mindedness and creativity will be strengthened. Each of us are ready to be more compassionate and to improve how the system works. An interest in new religions and occult and paranormal forces will arise.

The Neptune-Pluto cycle is the longest interplanetary cycle, lasting around 500 years. Currently, it effects no one.

Currently, it effects no one. The last square between Neptune and Pluto was around 1560, and the next one will start in 2055.

Currently, it effects no one. The last opposition between Neptune and Pluto took place around 1637, and the next one will start in 2131.

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