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2020: News About the Pandemic
2020: News About the Pandemic
Fleeing toxic relationships
Fleeing toxic relationships
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Selfie: reflection of your personality

The planets in world astrology

  Written by Daisy

The planets used by world astrology are Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Neptune. Fast planets are also used when it comes to comparing, for example, the map of the sky of a country with that of its leader. In doing so, it allows to interpret its future, the influence of a head of state on the nation and its relations with its counterparts. It is through astrology worldwide that astrologers analyze the outcome of presidential elections. Regarding France, they are based, in most cases, on the sky map of the Fifth Republic.

To go around the zodiac, Pluto is 284 years old and 157 days old. It evokes the incompressible transformations of a nation. Once they have occurred, the country and its citizens are no longer the same. The plutonian effects translate into underlying movements that world astrology presses, but which are often overshadowed by citizens and leaders. Once they have arisen, it is too late. We must face. Moreover, Pluto evokes the forces of power and money, but alas in their darkest aspects. It is often when Pluto is at work that political and financial scandals are revealed. The masks fall. The truths that are carefully hidden for years come out of nowhere. Pluto also evokes the tyrants and totalitarian regimes that oppressed or destroyed communities throughout the 20th century. Pluto is associated with Hitler and Stalin.

Neptune needs 164 years and 280 days to cross the twelve signs. He evokes spiritual movements in both good and bad ways. Also, it expresses the instinct of solidarity of a country and its fellow citizens and the communion of the crowd, whether in a period of jubilation as in a crisis situation. It is with Neptune that the great currents of ideas are sensed by world astrology. It evokes the geniuses who mark their time by their creativity. It expresses the humanitarian and its leaders who have made history by their involvement with the suffering peoples. In addition, Neptunian dissonances presage an inevitable chaos through ideas that are too idealistic. Neptune is associated with Communism and Karl Max.

Uranus takes 84 years and 7 days to cross the twelve signs of the zodiac. It evokes revolutions and those who provoke them. The independence is often achieved under the leadership of Uranus, because it has the supreme vocation to free from oppression. In addition, Uranus is often the author of great discoveries and cutting-edge technologies. It reveals and promotes ideas of genius, explorers, inventors, creators, pioneers, among others, who are intended to evolve human nature or its existence. It is with Uranus that great ideas, even those that are provocative, arise and are proclaimed. Uranus is synonymous with progress and vanguard for a nation. It brings forth leaders who have the talent to mobilize crowds. Its discovery in 1781 by the astronomer William Herschel connects it to the French Revolution and the independence of the United States.

Saturn only takes 30 years and 167 days to cover the zodiac. As a result, it has a more national than international footprint. It evokes the power and its respect and sometimes, this fatality which marks the spirits, and which encourages a people to stick together. It also evokes order, repression and economic austerity. It expresses the traditions of a country, the conservative spirit of its people or a leader. Saturn often bodes that a country will have to make efforts or sacrifices to get out of a situation.

Jupiter whose sidereal revolution is done in 11 years and 315 days contributes to world astrology. Positive and expansive, this planet expresses legality, justice, equality of opportunity. Also, it gives information on the administration of a country and the exercise of the power of its leaders. It reveals, through the interpretation of the map of the sky of a nation, its capacity to integrate the human into society and its means to respect the weakest. It also expresses humanitarian and social status.

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