Luck and your horoscope for this Friday the 13th

Written by Alison

Are you superstitious? Do you believe Friday the 13th brings good luck or bad? We are the main players in our lives and we need to exercise our free will in all circumstances. But superstition aside, our future is also formed from what we envisage and we can never stress this enough: positive thoughts lead to positive events and negative thoughts lead to situations which cause harm. Taking this as our basic standpoint, let's have a look at the potential of each sign for luck in general, especially where this Friday 13th is concerned ...


You rarely have doubts in your lucky star and your combative spirit often leads you to success. Nevertheless, you can have frequent and intense fits of despondency, but fortunately these are short-lived.
This Friday the 13thThis is a day when you will have every chance of winning a little something when trying the odds. However, you need to be sensible. Luck is as likely to mean £2 as £2,000!


Your appetite for life's pleasures is tinged with solid common-sense. You have little faith in illusions and prefer to rely on your abilities rather than on pure luck.
This Friday 13th: With good aspects to Venus and Pluto, you have real chances of a great win. The opportunities are there, but not just on the financial front. Stay on the alert and be ready.


You have a habit of taking opportunities as they arise and your lucid intellect protects you from misleading illusions or wild flights of fancy.
This Friday the 13th you'll probably have an opportunity to establish very pleasant and powerful connections in your love-life. There's also the possibility of financial good fortune, with modest gains.


You believe in luck when you are in a good mood and rotten luck when you are fed up. But at the end of the day, it's you that create the atmosphere you are dependent upon. Think about it!
This Friday the 13th, you are in a position to meet new, worthwhile people or even win a little something if you try your luck.


You most often seem confident and enterprising in life, an outlook which attracts good luck, as long as you don't lapse into excesses which would have an adverse effect on your equilibrium.
This Friday the 13th: These excesses are the ones to worry about. If you get it into your head that you are going to win, you will be in danger of squandering a fortune gambling, or making an investment that goes against all good sense. Be cautious, especially in your

professional life.


Your practical common-sense and modest outlook most often preserve you from the gambling dens. You have more faith in effort, hard work and perseverance than luck for being successful in life.
This Friday the 13th, why not break with tradition and buy a scratch-card. The planets are looking at you favourably and could well bring you an unexpected gain or give your diverse activities a boost in the right direction.


For you, luck is often bound up with other people. Your dependency on those around you makes you follow most fashions and trends. Luck is therefore often dependent on your relationships ...
This Friday the 13th: the heavens will waver between

This Friday the 13th: the heavens will waver between surprise and frustration, depending on which decan and area. If luck is to show its face, it will be in your personal and love- life. However, you could make a small gain, thanks to the presence of Mercury in a friendly sign.


You aren't really superstitious, but are aware that Nature has hidden forces. You generally do your utmost to get all you can from opportunities which come up.
This Friday the 13th, the heavens look clear for fulfilling your desires and ready to push you towards starting afresh and a new life.


Your open mind and optimistic outlook give you a reputation for being a jammy devil, as you attract good luck with your behaviour and unshakeable enthusiasm.
This Friday the 13th, The planets will protect your interests and could bring you some great surprises in your everyday life. Be careful, however, of going on wild spending sprees. Luck is to be found in moderation!


You don't really believe in chance, You rely more on hard work, ambition and discipline to achieve your goals. But when you're relaxed, you aren't averse to trying your luck, though you always take the sensible approach.
This Friday the 13th: The planets are boosting your enthusiasm and could make you more optimistic and inclined to believe in your lucky star. The ideal placement of the planets could bring you an unexpected gain, so watch this space!


Your outlook is unconventional. You aren't superstitious in the usual sense of the word, but you can believe in other influences which, if nothing to do with magic, are less easily explained by science alone.
This Friday the 13th: The opportunities are there and numerous, especially in your home and family life. However, if you do decide to take a gamble, you'll need to make sure you don't persist. If you by chance lose, you could face ruin.


For you, magic is a definite part of your life. Your sensitivity and extraordinary intuition put you in contact with worlds whose existence is unsuspected by most mere mortals.
This Friday the 13th: You have very good chances of making a win, especially in your immediate environment. Colleagues, neighbours or relations will give you the chance to seize some unexpected opportunity or other. Make the most of this!


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