Winter Hobbies

Written by Alison

Signs burst in the winter and in the snow. This time, winter is here. So let's go all the way! The lucky ones already have their plans for the mountains. But for all the others, snow, ice and cold can also be synonymous with seasonal pleasures. No question of being fussy but of staying positive and sticking your nose outside.


Cold ? You're not afraid. At the thought of walking or running in the snow, you stomp with joy like a child. You are so in a hurry that you do not bother to cover yourself well. Now, pay attention to your weak point, the head. A good hat and a scarf will not be too much. Otherwise, you're up for trying all winter sports, downhill skiing and speed skating, or even paragliding and ice climbing. At the bare minimum, you continue with your daily jog.


Winter, for you is the opportunity to take out cozy cashmere outfits twenty-four thread count (or almost). But go and walk in the forest: under the snow or not, it's the perfect opportunity to surprise wildlife by practicing snow shoeing - made for you - or why not, cross-country skiing when possible. You have nothing against long-term efforts and your nature will be delighted. The silence of the woods, the murmur of the wind, it inspires you


Winter is like any other season, it can be fun too. Provided you try it's pleasures in a group. Often a city dweller, you can test the ice rink: it will be the perfect opportunity to meet people, even with no other intention than to exchange some comments inspired by current events. Always aware of everything, you also have your mobile application that allows you to know what state the snow is in on the mountains ... because the more you vary the activities, the better they go!


In the hollow of winter, you often prefer to stay warm under a blanket rather than face the frost. But make an effort, shake yourself up. Nature can be romantic right now. Go, if possible, to the edge of a lake: frozen or not, the landscape will have something to make you dream. This period of withdrawal is not so unpleasant; it leaves the field open to your little romantic soul.


It's true, you love the mountains, especially the chic resorts. You are perfectly aware of what is fashionable: The place to be in 2018 will be nothing if you are not there, one way or another. In general, you like that there are people, that everyone can admire both your shock and chic - a combination of flashy skiing and above all, your inimitable style, on the snow or dance floor. The important thing is sometimes to put on a show because it does you well!


On the whole, you do not like doing too much, like everyone else you do not want to go skiing at all costs. Besides, this hobby is expensive and you keep a tight budget. You also find so much pleasure in undertaking a snowshoe hike, on small wild roads that are known only to you. You will thus have the impression to better preserve the beauties of nature, which seems to you very fragile at this time of the year. Because you are easily ecological.


Not necessarily in love with sport, you will not leave your home or the city unless you have social reasons. If you have to go skiing, think of Club Med. It is not quite like in the summer but you will be sure to share things. Either tips for better skiing, or just to meet people. Besides, you do not leave without having thoroughly reviewed your wardrobe. Face the cold, alright, but stay stylish.


No, it's not the unexpected weather that will prevent you from doing just that. Neither the cold nor the wind nor the ice will stop you if you have decided to brave the elements, on the contrary. Your rebellious spirit may even find glamor to hit black diamond runs under the flakes, knowing that there will be almost no one to spoil the landscape. Another possible plan, you decide, like that, to go for a walk in the woods, just to discover the hidden mysteries.


A priori, any outdoor activity may please you, provided it is varied, fun and exciting. You like the speed and even the intoxication of the summits. Euphoric, you take yourself fast enough for a pro skier, sometimes forgetting a little too quickly the dangers of the mountain. So go with a guide or friends more realistic than you. Thus, you will be in company and you can enjoy yourself more.


The rigors of the climate, well it's a bit your element! Joking aside, you are often sensitive to the charms of the vast snowy expanses, the smoke that escapes from the cozy chalets, hung on the side of the mountain. However, you do not like the crowd too much. So you prefer to go off the beaten path, but be careful off-track, which can be dangerous or cause avalanches. It's almost a metaphor, but in any case, you like to push your limits.


While others go out of their way to do the same thing, whether it's traffic jams on the road, or lining up at the bottom of the slopes, then to a restaurant, then home, you prefer alternative routes. A good sled ride will always make you laugh, it's friendly and there is no aggressiveness or competition in the air. Always against the tide, you also love night skiing under the full moon or you will burn up the dancefloor at the top.


It must be admitted, you are often afraid of the cold. In your case, it is necessary to think about triple layers of clothing, including a thermolactyl: nobody will see anything except you. After, you can stick your nose outside. The ideal would be to book a sleigh ride, just to get some fresh air and enjoy the scenery without too much effort. Otherwise, a little walk with a dog to give you courage can be a pretty good idea.


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