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Africans were the first to take an interest in the stars and to study astrology. African astrology is based on the tales, legends and traditions of Africa, highlighting the ancestral symbols of this culture. This astrology is mainly concerned with social relationships, with the family, the village, the friends, the entourage.

African Astrology includes 12 signs calculated on the basis of the date of birth. This astrology is based on a symbolism drawn from daily life taking into account the environment, activities and people's company. Common sense and a sense of observation dominate the symbolism of this astrology. This discipline is intended to enlighten each person on the resources and flaws of their sign, so as to evolve as best as possible on the path of life.

The Baobab: Between January 4th and February 3rd, the sign of Baobab is born. Thursday is it's day and it's favorable months are January and May. Its element is air, its meaning is the sense of smell. Physically, its weak points are the liver and gallbladder. Baobab is a sacred tree, worshiped by the African people. This sign is honest, fair and thoughtful. They have a natural business sense and thrives in positions related to trade or exchange. They do not crush anyone to succeed, they are loyal people who counts more on luck than on others. The Baobab is sure of themselves and perseveres to achieve their goals. Their excellent intuition rarely deceives them: they guess what they must do. They are a good advisor but they do not impose their ideas.

Amber and silver goods: Between the 4th of February and the 5th of March is when the sign of Amber and Silver are born. Its day is Wednesday, it's favorable months are February and June, its element is the air, its meaning is sight, especially at night. Physically, its weak point is the nervous system. Amber symbolizes wealth, fortune and a fertile marriage. This sign is of a nervous temperament, agitated, it needs action, it adores the unexpected and can launch without fear into new projects, far from its usual routine. On the other hand, they can go astray on the way, trapped in their passions, they then go headlong, without taking the time to reflect. It is a seductive sign, but one that lacks attention and must learn to step back and listen to the advice of those close to them.

The Family: Between March 6th and April 4th the Family is born. It's day is Tuesday, it's favorable months are March and July, it's element is the earth, their sense is the sense of smell. Physically, their weak points are the lungs. The Family is the sign of success, it allows a spiritual ascent. This sign has balance and momentum that will push it to fulfill itself fully. They are generous, supportive and sociable, they like to give. The natives of this sign accept everything and everyone, their heart is open without limit. Their destiny is to mingle with others and especially not to live alone. They are here to build.

Small Services to the Neighborhood: Between the 5th of April and the 4th of May, little services rendered to the neighborhood is born. Its day is Saturday, it's favorable months are April and August, its element is the earth, its meaning is hearing. Physically, its weak points are the tissues and the medullary system. This sign is the symbol of the union between the individual and the group, of the man with the woman, the sacred with the daily routine. they represent solidarity in the community, they are able to temper anger and can put others on the right path. This native must make the right decisions without hesitation, they are the pillar, the balance of the group. Extremely kind, they are a sociable and popular person. But they must avoid relying on the affection of others, the best is to advance without waiting, at the risk of being often disappointed.

The Market: Between May 5th and June 4th the Market is born. It's day is Sunday, it's favourable months are May and September, it's element is fire, its meaning is the sense of touch. Physically, their weak points are the veins and the throat. The Market is the symbol of the exchange of differences, the mixing of colors and communication. Market life is calm and prosperous. Of an optimistic nature, this native manages to overcome the difficulties of existence but they tend to dramatize situations, they are afraid of losing what they have. To live more serenely, they must learn to let go and understand that there is no point in saddling an uncertain future. The natural benevolence of this sign makes it sympathetic to everyone.

The Ancestor: Between the 5th of June and the 4th of July, the Ancestor is born. Its day is Monday, it's favorable months are June and October, its element is water, its meaning is taste. Physically, their weak point is the head. The ancestor symbolizes knowledge, wisdom, solidity. It is a strong sign, but it expresses its true value only within a group. The Ancestor is often too moralistic and willingly uses terms a little too "politically correct", their secret desire is to change others so that they realize great projects. The Ancestor governs and guides. But to become a true sage, they must rise to disinterestedness, give without expecting anything in return. They should not influence their loved ones but guide them by loving them as they are, without changing them artificially.

The Judge: Between the 5th of July and the 4th of August, the Judge is born. Its day is Tuesday, it's favorable months are July and November, its element is fire, its meaning is touch. Physically, its weak points are the kidneys. The Judge symbolizes the law and justice. The Judge is solid and direct, they do not procrastinate, they know what they want and what is the most fair. They are often called upon to make decisions within the village, they are a sacred figure. They know how to be generous but they sometimes seem too demanding in the eyes of those around them. They thrive in trades where the gift of self wins over money. Their words are enriched by their actions, the Judge is an active contemplative, a wise man engaged in real life.

The Cola Nut: Between August 5th and September 3rd, cola nuts are born. Its day is Wednesday, it's favorable months are August and December, its element is the earth, its meaning is taste. Physically, its weak point is the genital tract. The cola nut symbolizes the pleasures of the flesh and sexuality. Fragile in appearance, this sign is above all a sensual being who likes physical contact. They are particularly greedy for intimate pleasures. Therefore, they appreciate aphrodisiacs and powders based on chilli or ginger. Of a gourmet nature, the cola nut captures every pleasant sensation to make a feast. This native is overflowing with energy, they go for it and the routine breaks them, they need movement. Frank, lively, sometimes provocative, we notice them immediately within a group.

The Traveler: Between September 4th and October 3rd, the traveler is born. Its day is Thursday, it's favorable months are September and January, its element is the air, its meaning is the view. Physically, its weak points are the feet and the joints. The Traveler is the symbol of travel and spirituality. This sign navigates in the marvelous and disorder. They sometimes hurt those who love them by leaving the village but they experience extraordinary things and go to meet their destiny. The Traveler sometimes takes mysterious ways, they quickly become anxious if they lose confidence in themself, their hypersensitivity often plays tricks on them. The traveler is also introverted, this sign progresses on its spiritual path thanks to its adventures and its discoveries.

The Distance: Between October 4th and November 3rd the distance is born. Its day is Friday, it's favorable months are October and February, its element is water, its meaning is hearing. Physically, their weak point is the heart. The distance symbolizes strength and surpassing oneself. This sign has strength but life on earth is not always enough and it tends to create a phantasmagorical existence. They are an artist at heart who finds refuge in their creations. This sign often alternates between joy and depression. If the Distance has a benevolent entourage, they can overcome anxieties and achieve great things.

The Child of the World: Between November 4th and December 3rd the Child of the Word is born. it's day is Saturday, it's favorable months are November and March, it's element is fire, its meaning is taste. Physically, its weak points are the intestines. The Child of the word symbolizes enthusiasm and ambition. This native has an energy out of the norm, they are a fighter. They shine, their aura seduces everyone. Of a benevolent and generous nature, their words are in accord with their actions. It is rare that they make enemies, they are made to succeed. But they can sometimes be proud or feel superior, their enthusiasm and success should not make them selfish. They are a bon vivant who loves life and benefits from it. their talents can however push them to neglect: too much ease kills the effort.

The Harvest of the Grains: Between December 4 and January 3 the Harvest of the grains is born. Its day is Tuesday, it's favorable months are December and April, its element is water, its meaning is hearing. Physically, its weak points are skin and bones. The Harvest of the grains symbolizes peace and serenity. This sign is a ray of sunshine for their entourage, they takes care of their goods for the happiness of all, their presence is reassuring. Usually this sign is noticed and loved but it sometimes they tend to lock themselves in their comfort and become a "homebody" who dares to change their habits. In love, they are rarely called into question. This sign has an interest in focusing on their qualities of generosity, serenity and sincerity. To succeed, they must ally themselves with the right people and follow their intuitions.


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