Your astrological sign and sales

Written by Alison

It's sales time!!! Good deals are just around the corner. Electricity is in the air, and there are enough ads to make our heads spin. So, how will each sign react? Maybe there are a few good ideas to nab from other people so that you are certain to get that thing you've been dreaming of. But, above all, what traps ought to be avoided? Not traps laid by businesses, but by our own weaknesses. Find out the best way to avoid dodge them, while still having fun, which is very important during these dark days.


Aries' temperament makes them one of the first to reach the a store's door. They can be combative if they need be in order to nab the last shirt or article of sports equipment. It's in the line while they're waiting to pay that this sign will be the most vulnerable and will have to fight their furious desire to run away.
One idea to steal from them: dress almost in sports clothes. Maybe a skirt, t-shirt, sweater and slip-on shoes so that you can stay in it for the long haul and try on clothes without necessarily even having to step foot in a fitting room.


Taurus hates being rushed, jostled, or forced to do anything. But, since they have a real good understanding of the money to be saved, they can bulldoze right through the rest to nab that article of clothing they've had their eye on. They're not the type to fall prey to an impulse buy.
One idea to steal from them: their ability to spot a good one and to have patience Just like they do, learn to wait for the second or even third mark-down, but, unlike them, know, too, how to change your mind if an article you lost could be easily replaced with something else...


This sign is right at home amid the frenzy of the sales. Clever and discreet when they need to be, they're at the head of the pack when it comes to finding a good deal. That is, assuming they're motivated - if they don't need anything in particular, they won't even go have a look.
One idea to steal from them: The way that they can quickly change goals depending on the deals they see and their ability to dip and weave among even the densest throngs of people.


This sign is a packrat by nature. The feeling they get from a good deal can quickly lead to a compulsive shopping, which will quickly fill up their closets with somewhat questionable articles of clothing, but will mostly empty their wallet... They have a hard time, too, not giving in to their children.
One idea to steal from them: how much this sign thinks of their family. Like them, think about your partner and children when you find a good deal.


A Leo left to their own devices in their favorite store will do everything in their power to get the best deals, even if they have to be forceful. Walking away with a rare item right in front of everyone else is almost worth more than the thing itself.
One idea to steal from them: The willpower they show in not walking right up to the newest collection, as well-organized and tempting as it may be... But, do remember that catalogs exist for a reason: to get you to look closer later.


Virgo looks through their dresser and closet, then writes up a list before they jump into the shopping madness. They know exactly what they want and will never deviate from the list - unless it's on a whim, which is totally possible with this double-sided sign.
One idea to steal from them: a Virgo's list is a monument to common sense. If one of your friends is a Virgo, bring them with you and entrust them with your money.


It'll be a nightmare for this perpetually indecisive sign, especially if the size or color they decided on isn't there anymore. Go shopping with a friend for double the fun, but pick someone reasonable.
One idea to steal from them: the way they twist the salesperson around their finger with their happy and bubbly attitude and the smile they use to charm their way to what they want.


Sales can be Heaven for this investigative sign. Just the idea of getting a deal will hone their skills of observation and increase their natural combativeness. Scorpio knows, too, when to give up.
One idea to steal from them: Scorpio knows that spring follows winter and that other good deals will come in a few months. Like them, get your deals in order before going on the hunt.


Sagittarius has to remember than 50% off an expensive item is still expensive. They must avoid as well buying that fifth black sweater or third pair of unnecessary tennis shoes Try not to buy clothes that are too small with the nice, but false, idea in your head that you'll slim down.
One idea to steal from them: leave the credit card and checkbook at home. Bring only cash. You might get annoyed at times, but that's still better than ending up broke in a few months...


This sign isn't too crazy about crowds or commotion, and their plain taste doesn't push them to go on wild spending sprees, either. But, they do know what they like and will be one of the biggest winners to come out of the sales.
One idea to steal from them: slip on a pair of ballerina slippers or velcro shoes. Even if you don't plan on buying shoes, it's still easier to try on clothes this way, and they allow you to walk for longer periods without getting tired.


Aquarius prefers to do their shopping online. Deals have been abounding on the net in recent years, offering a magnificent array. If they do go out, nothing will encroach upon their independence, even the most tantalizing of offers if they don't need them.
One idea to steal from them: sign up to receive offers from your favorite website. Be the first to know, the first to get, all from the comfort of your home.


Pisces would be wise to write up a list beforehand and to stick to it if they don't want to be totally lost in confusion during the sales and end up back at home with their account empty and their closets full of useful, and not so useful, things...
One idea to steal from them: their intuition. This way, you won't set your sights solely on the highest shelf or settle for what the vendors offer you. What you need could be a little lower, a little higher, or in a different spot...

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