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Introduction: Born tinkerer!

Gemini ascendant Virgo: You have a sharp eye and intellectual faculties that often take precedence over your emotions. You reason about everything and you don't hesitate to criticize what needs to be criticized, sometimes without realizing the damage you are causing. You are usually very good at manual work, championing tips and tricks to make your life easier on a daily basis. Repairs by you last a lifetime!

Strengths of the for Gemini ascendant Virgo: Meticulous and discreet
Weaknesses of the for Gemini ascendant Virgo: Fussy and acerbic

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Personality: Observant and responsive!

You have an analytical personality that naturally leads you to think things through, down to the smallest detail, whenever something is close to your heart. Modest, but not averse to making humorous remarks when no one expects you to, you can adapt to any audience. Your flexibility of mind allows you to enter into any environment. Perceptive, cautious, you leave little room for randomness in your life, because for you, controlling the unfolding of events is a necessity, a reflex that makes you feel secure and allows you to lead your life where you want.

Vitality / Temperament: Nervous, but meticulous!

You benefit from a highly developed sense of observation and analysis, you know how to judge a situation very quickly, but in the grip of doubt, your questions and your questioning can slow you down, even paralyze you in action. You are however very gifted to solve practical problems. You are able to hide your lack of confidence and distance yourself from your problems thanks to your sense of humor and irony.

Love and emotional relationships: At ease in public, shy in love!

In the sentimental field, you are distrustful, you have difficulty to confide in you. You need time to feel at ease and to open up. You express your emotions in what you create, so you need to stay active to not let your feelings overwhelm you. On the sentimental level, you never throw yourself lightly into a story. Very often, the analysis of the attitude of the person you covet takes precedence over your emotions and a lack of spontaneity appears.

In the family: Resourceful, but not very educational!

In your home, you are constantly thinking and finding many tricks to make everyone's daily life easier and more harmonious. You are precise and skilful, both in your achievements and in your family relationships. Unfortunately, you are not always understood and your complex explanations may not be easily understood.

Relationship with money / material goods: Money is not everything!

You are intelligent and clever, and can do wonders with finances if you are really interested, but this is rarely the case. You have modest tastes and are able to make do with little without being stingy. You are dedicated and spend money on your family or friends, but you do not seek personal wealth. However, if you can build up a small amount of savings, this will give you a lot of reassurance for your future.

Socio-professional life: Journalist or craftsman!

With a sharp and critical mind, you handle words with great ease and finesse and you may be attracted to writing. Methodical, thoughtful, organized, you are very efficient in your work. You are very forward thinking and plan everything. A sedentary job does not suit you; you need movement, preferably in an intellectual career. Beware of a possible tendency to overwork.

Sphere of friendship: A social animal!

The course of your life forces you to develop limits to the demands of others, for you tend to have a distorted image of what you should or should not do. You cultivate a large number of friendships and contacts with whom you satisfy your thirst for exchange. You can exert a strong influence on this environment. Your friends play an important role in your life.

You have an Air sign and your ascendant is in an Earth sign

At times you find it hard to cope with everyday life, you are constantly on the move, changing and dizzy. At other times, you feel grounded by an unimaginative and overly materialistic existence, because you need security,

Your sun and ascendant are in square

You can be hypercritical and very acerbic in what you say. In order to fully blossom, you need to be constantly stimulated intellectually. You are quickly overcome by stress and a relaxing activity is strongly advised to avoid any overwork.

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