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How to handle toxic relationships

Written by Mary

Our relationships have much to say about us. Some people we hang out with will start to make us uncomfortable over the weeks and months, or perhaps over an entire lifetime. And for good reason, if we are often the target of their ridicule, anger, and pathological tendencies. Over time, we ourselves become ignorant of it - and the harm it does - ourselves. Learning to distinguish a toxic relationship can help you get free and respect yourself. Let's take a look at the zodiac and all the signs in them, since each one has their own way of reacting when coming into contact with harmful people and escaping, too.


Be true and 100% yourself
You are able to open your eyes quicker than anyone else to what suits you and what does not. And, since you are a straightforward and frank person, you won't bother much with manipulators. Nevertheless, no one is safe from when they let themselves be seduced. Know how to keep your distance. And here you have an advantage: you know what makes you come alive, and so this type of relationship bores you and saps your vitality. This is a good thing, since you will know right away, almost instinctively, to get away.


Sensitive to noise
Since it isn't easy for you to be rude, you could stumble across someone - a friend or acquaintance - who saps your energy just by flapping their gums non-stop. By the time you can get a word in edgewise, your head feels like it wants to explode. It is necessary to cut it short and speak straight to the other person, telling them that they are taking up all the space and that you would like to have a say in the exchange, too. Even if it's a work colleague - in the middle of a meeting, for example - this is all the more reason to assert yourself.


Put an end to the sorrow
Know how to pick out criticizers that break you down with their little digs, whether it's a friend or passing relationship. You don't need to leave yourself open this type of attack, or else you will become even more of a victim and know how important your nervous system is for your equilibrium. Adopt a protective strategy by avoiding reaction or responding, and the person will get bored all on their own, just because they don't have any power over you. And then, you will become freer and in good health.


Protect yourself
It is highly important, given your sensitivity, not to get attached too quickly to a complicated partner who is prone to destabilizing mood swings. First, try to understand them, but also why you are so attracted to them. Trust your instincts: they are an excellent antenna for figuring out where you stand. At times, this type of pathology can result in manipulation aimed at trying to get someone else to satisfy their emotional needs. Don't let yourself get tricked and play your cards right.


No more "dementors"
You aren't a fan of killjoys that tank your morale and your mood. They only see the negative side of things and drag other people around them into their defeatist logic. The author of Harry Potter who created the dementor, a sort of evil creature that absorbs human joy, is said to be inspired by these catastrophic types that demolish the human spirit. It is up to you to take action to spare your spirit from these discouraging influences since you respect yourself and desire to keep your self-esteem intact.


Set limits
Your weak point is how easily you are absorbed into any organization at work, which can be like a steamroller driving over you. It seems totally normal to you, at first glance, to receive orders and execute them. But, you can quickly become a victim of psychological harassment and burn out just as quickly. Don't hesitate to leave your job so you can thrive elsewhere - and so your health can, too. Who better than you? You, who is so principled about staying in balance!


Make the right choice
Don't expect a relationship with someone manipulative and jealous to last. Wake up in time from this thorny and suffocating relationship, or else it could drain and damage your health. You aren't an emotional receptacle for emotionally disturbed individuals. Get some distance - even if it takes some time. Start off by setting limits and don't forget to ask advice from a life coach or specialist so that you can put in place a good strategy that will help you get out.


Leave the bad-mouthing behind
You should avoid relationships with any sort of person who likes to slander anyone and everyone. You don't need to be a genius to understand that, once you've turned your back, you'll be their next target. You, who are so meticulous and exacting, will know how to pick up on these toxic relationships that are characteristic of small minds stiffened by boredom who are so enthralled by their own lives. There are so many great and beautiful things to find in life that it is counterproductive to constantly focus on the bad and on others' faults.


Avoid doomsayers
Beware of anyone around you who projects their feelings at every turn on others to avoid responsibility and make themselves look pure as the driven snow. Since you are a very sociable person, you don't ditch people easily enough and will hold onto any sort of person in your life. Leave behind anyone who refuses to question their own behavior and who only drags your morale down. You need space and healthy people who increase your chances for personal fulfillment.


Put critics in their place
You know what you are worth and won't let yourself be edged out or downplayed by an individual that has no self-esteem themselves and who seek to bring others down with them. If you meet this type of person, understand that they suffer from an inferiority complex, hence their desire to rise above the rest. You are straightforward enough not to fall into the same trap twice. Be tough and inflexible right off the bat and make them aware of their unconscious aggression tactfully, yet firmly.


Set your boundaries
With you, it can come out of nowhere, with a friend that might become a lover. But, things might not be so simple, since neither one might be capable of romance right now, making for a rocky, fiery, or even violent relationship. Take the initiative and consult a couple's therapist so that you can pinpoint what isn't working with you two. This might help you banish toxicity from your relationships and create a better psychological atmosphere in your romantic life.


Separate the wheat from the chaff
You might tend to surround yourself with troubled, even toxic, individuals. You unconsciously send out vague or nebulous signals that attract these people, inevitably, to your life. Learn how to listen to your real friends and family, who will see through their game. Use common sense, too, so that you don't fall into your old emotionally dependent ways of thinking.


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