You and Halloween!

Written by Alison

Halloween and your fears! This is a festival of pumpkins and witches, a night when no saint or angel watches over us and the dead are free to rise to the surface of our conscious minds and come into brief contact with our lives. It's a time when the barriers between the visible and invisible worlds are the most tenuous.

The Day of the Dead puts everything back into place: the saints, angels and seraphs ensure that the chaos comes to an end. We celebrate the dead to set them on the right road back to their invisible world, so that they leave us, the living, in peace in our visible world.
We have no intention of stopping enjoying ourselves during this period of gloom! This is Halloween … A good time to examine the typical fears of each sign light-heartedly and good-humouredly, in addition to selecting THE disguise that will define you, together.

Whilst fear is completely natural and also essential for survival, anxiety is rarely objective and all the more difficult to live with. Identifying and recognising a fear that haunts you is the first step towards recovery.


People born under the sign of Aries rarely have time to feel fear and generally dive headlong into the most perilous of adventures. However, they aren't too keen on murky situations affecting them directly, even though they love horror films. They also fear things left unsaid and have a dread of delays, setbacks and procrastination. The idea of failure or even coming an honourable second eats into their love of competition, but fuels their determination to win.

As you're always in a hurry and hate complications, disguise yourself as a witch (or warlock) but don't forget your magic wand.


Those born under the sign of Taurus are afraid of sudden changes. They know themselves well and are aware they need time and reflection to act effectively in all situations. They are particularly anxious where their finances are concerned. They are frightened of having no money or running out of food. One day, some Taureans will be the richest corpses in the cemetery…

You should remind everyone of your bucolic temperament. You would go down delightfully well disguised as a pumpkin and at the same time, softening those voluptuous curves in the case of those of you who really enjoy your food…


Most Geminis are scared stiff of commitment: marrying, having children, so many things which rattle all self-respecting Geminis, even if they end up taking the plunge (with terror). A dictatorship which would take away their free speech, even worse: this would be the worst scenario of all. They also fear anything that could restrict their freedom of movement.

Your androgynous figure will look good in a skeleton disguise, as it isn't cumbersome and is easy to put on and take off.


Cancerians have irrational fears about all kinds of fantastical situations created by their whacky imaginations. However, emotional rejection and the potential loss of their loved-ones are so terrifying, that in general, they never put them into words (except some when talking to their shrink). Otherwise, Cancerians are often afraid of not getting enough sleep, to the point of counting the hours and not being able to get to sleep at all.

Your changeable side gives an irresistible impression of a werewolf on the night of a full moon. You would have warmth and shelter and be protected by your fangs.


Leos fear mediocrity of all varieties. They are afraid of demeaning themselves or looking ridiculous and losing affection or esteem. They are particularly frightened of admitting they are afraid: they would rather die! Leos, who are so intrepid, fear their own shadow, if the shadow nibbles away at their aura. They can put up with anything as long as they hold on to their dignity.

Given that you need to make an impression as king of the jungle, dress up as a lion! Yes, it does mean you will need to hire a costume, but after all, glory needs to be earned!


Virgos fear chaos and the unknown, and in some cases, small domestic animals. Above all, however, they are afraid of not finding any work to do or of doing it badly … Virgos are afraid of their own limits, while preserving them very carefully. This is a double sign which is almost a contradiction …

It's only Virgoans that you would see having the patience to wrap themselves up in bandages and looking entirely convincing, however long it takes. A disguise as a mummy would suit you down to the ground!


Librans are afraid of the dark and everything potentially destructive, as well as intense emotional commitment. Librans fear everything they desire… This is a sign constantly on the alert, flushing out the slightest breakdown in harmony and always ready to patch up situations and relationships to engender greater balance or justice. They are terrified of self-centred behaviour.

You have all the attributes for being disguised as a victim. It's up to you to choose one to your own taste and nothing will stop you from being a very attractive one!


Scorpios fear domination, loss of control or revealing their vulnerability. They are often afraid of themselves, too. Leaning over the abyss of their conscious mind, they can feel the world spinning, but no-one is in doubt that they manage their inner demons as best they can. For Scorpios, every day is something like Halloween.

The best way to avoid being devoured by others is to eat them first. You should dress up as a vampire! It has the bonus of being a disguise which can make you look incredibly sexy!


Sagittarians are not really frightened of anything. They are most often inclined to snigger at specific risks, but they are afraid of not having a direction in life. They fear an implacable daily routine potentially destroying their dreams. These are very philosophical fears, very much in the image of this sign, which sees the big picture, but fails to notice the real snares in everyday life.

Nothing like letting off steam to combat feelings of gloom. Dressing up as a fool in a jester's hat would suit you particularly well and give you the authorisation to overdo things just for one evening.


Capricorns are rather scared of Authority with a capital A, starting with their fathers and ending with God, with the police somewhere in between. They hate the idea of what others will say, and fear the unknown and unexpected. They hate being taken by surprise and are afraid of losing control. They are frightened of demeaning themselves in their own eyes. As they are very demanding and often solitary, they are not very inclined to share their apprehensions and therefore receive very little help with adopting a more positive outlook.

A ghost costume would be the perfect outfit for you. You wouldn't be noticed by others and it would allow you to make ironic comments about anyone you like.


Aquarians are afraid of someone or something restricting their independence and freedom, while also fearing losing their friends. They are very demanding and want to be loved for themselves, making as few concessions as possible. As they no longer believe in Father Christmas, this can cause them some anxiety …

If there is an alien at the party, it will be you. You have the greatest predilection for finding a particularly unusual disguise and the contorted means of pulling it off.


Those born under the sign of Pisces are somewhat fearful of everything … Moreover, they don't dislike the idea of being afraid and sometimes hover on the edge of extreme situations, with the sole aim of feeling intoxicated by fear. However, they are so terrified of feeling lonely that they will sometimes cultivate a general feeling of guilt, giving them the impression of being at the mercy of overwhelming forces. These are timorous and mystical characters.

With your mystical inclinations, you could go the whole hog: a great black cape and a scythe. The grim reaper, that's you. It will cost you very little and be put together in a trice.


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