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Tips for making more money this month

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Money doesn't buy happiness but it does contribute. A little more moola each month in your purse, to top off your income and at the same time open the doors to a new vocation, who knows! Each astrological sign has its own sensitivity, so let's take a look at the zodiac to see what kind of activity corresponds to each sign:


Be a Tourist Guide in Your City
You who are dynamic, warm and on the move, the tourist guide activity in your city is for you. Web sites now offer this one-off (or part-time) occupation as well as travel agencies or organizations. No need for a diploma, you just have to be passionate, (just like you are, dear Aries!) and have a habit of not to staying in one place, which is a little in your nature. Other qualities include, resourcefulness and knowledge of the places to visit, not to mention, an ease when it comes to interacting with strangers; something that doesn't scare you.


Landscaper & Gardner
As a nature lover, it will be natural for you to offer your services to prune hedges or maintain your neighbor's garden. For you, happiness is in the meadow and anything that puts you in touch with nature will stimulate your body and your imagination, dreaming of other sites where the grass is even greener. If you are good with your hands, nothing prevents you from extending your services to DIY of all kinds on sites like 5euros.com. This price is basic or even attractive, which means that you can sell any of your more complete services for a much higher cost.


Write on Kindle
You like nothing more than to share your knowledge that you collect through your meetings and your readings. Write a book on an original subject or one you know well, it's your business. While browsing a little, you could position yourself in a niche, or a field that is hardly touched to compose your work. After which you make it available on the net (Amazon or its competitors) in digital format to start and even in bound format. In addition, more and more publishers have emerged on the web to promote new authors. So, jump on the opportunities!


Babysit Your Neighbour's Children
Babysitting is practically the monopoly of teenage girls and yet grown-up adults can also occasionally assert their experience in this area, especially since you have, dear Cancer, a good rapport with babies, it is the least that we can say; you like them and understand them emotionally. Tons of websites exist for parents looking for a babysitter like yoopala.com or mamninou.com, it is up to you to offer your services.


Be an Extra in the Movies
With your theatrical sense and your need to be noticed, you could offer your dazzling presence to movie makers. Be an extra can become relatively profitable as long as you register with agencies and make yourself available on certain days when you will be called upon. Sites like figurants.com or 123casting.com publish daily announcements and offers are not lacking. So, how do you feel about working with Jean Dujardin or Sophie Marceau professionally for a day?


Monetize Your Spirit of Service
You are a neat and meticulous worker, ready to put your spirit of service at your disposal. Today a plethora of websites gives you the opportunity to make your skills known, whether you are a handyman, French teacher, dj or accountant. Jemepropose.com and sttotie.com cover all types of services that you can do, while frizbiz.com is geared towards homework. There are many others that can serve as a support for your talents, which are so meticulous.


Start your "lifestyle" YouTube channel
You who have a good feeling for beauty and elegance, whether in fashion, aesthetics, good taste or pageantry, simply start your YouTube channel and share your passion for a theme or things that make your heart vibrate. This may also allow you to test your qualities as a comedian, or as a brand promoter. Tell yourself, your possibilities are endless as long as you are happy to do it. And if you are, it should appeal to your audience too.


Be a «mystery shopper»
You are irresistibly attracted to unfathomable mysteries, hidden details to spot and riddles to decipher. So, becoming a mystery shopper may very well suit you. Agencies are looking for people willing to go to a store to test the quality of service, or eat in a restaurant to judge the quality of food; the possibilities and demands are very extensive. Some missions or scenarios may please you especially since they will appeal to your fine intuition and your critical sense.


Receive Guests
Thanks to sites like airbnb.com, your spirit of openness and sociability will flourish to welcome visitors from around the world to find shelter and food in your home. You will arrange a room or a small corner in the living room and your exploration needs will be fed by travelers who will resemble you in many ways. This will put a little money in your wallet and you will have traveled through foreign personalities without really having moved from home. Magic, no?


Give Private Lessons
Your elephant memory which is one of your characteristics and your integrity combined with your sense of authority can lead you naturally to a teaching activity. "But I have nothing to teach," you say ... This is not true, we all have knowledge and things to share and a site like superprof.fr brings together more than 2 million members ... If you to know how to sew a dress or paint a canvas, these are things that you can share; and sharing a passion will not fail to stimulate you and brighten your life.


Attend Focus Groups
Your taste for experience combined with your self-focused energy would ideally place you in focus groups to give your opinion. The sessions are open to all, although selective according to criteria defined by the brands but there are so many requests that you can regularly find ideal opportunities to express your sociable temperament, to get to know new products and meet strangers.


Sell Your Creations
Knitting may not be your business, but your boundless creativity leads you to design and produce your own jewelry, your own collages or even your own furniture? To personalize glasses or towels? Sites like etsy.com or even ebay.com allow you to put your handmade creations up for sale. These are windows for millions of Internet users, it would be a shame not to enjoy, right?

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