What to offer for Grandmothers' Day

Written by Alison

Hunting up a gift for your happy Granny on Grandmothers' Day and Mother-in-law can be less evident than it seems. In this age her personality is well shaped up to the extent that she knows herself perfectly well. Here are some tips to make sure her gift package means well and never adds another wrinkle.


Lively and punchy
A Granny Aries is frank, full of vigor and life. Unless you are quite familiar with her tastes, avoid a faded or trivial present that everybody in her generation has. You will hit the mark without fail if you offer her something related to her dynamism. An exercise bike will suit her to keep in good shape, or a citybike if her environment is suitable for urban rides. As soon as she gets it, she will mount it and scurry away!


Cake Granny
A Granny Taurus loves nothing as much as spending halcyon days alone or among her loved ones. She also is generous to her grandchildren and loves spoiling them by virtue of her culinary talents. A cake spatula or a scone mold - you will hit the target by replacing or adding to her cookware. A box of chocolates will also be appropriate to content her sweet tooth.


Need to contact and communicate
A Granny Gemini loves playing, moving, talking, exchanging and reading. You will have trouble choosing something to please her as she is already having fun with her grandchildren when they ask her to take part in a game of hide-and-seek. A book of riddles that appeal to her intellect is a good first step to make her happy. You could also offer her an iPhone that will satisfy her desire to communicate with her relatives.


Family is sacred
A Granny Cancer is large-hearted. She is very tender, dreamy, sweet and endearing. All that reminds her of her family will bring her pleasure. Don't hesitate to offer her a digital photo album to be placed on a piece of furniture and where you took care to charge in advance all the family pictures including of course those of her grandchildren. She will be enchanted to place this present in a strategic location, in other words which she regularly passes by.


Shine at any age
A Granny Leo is dapper and kempt, keen on maintaining an elegant aspect for appearing in society. If you find her a lovely garment or some equally chic perfume, you will really bless her. Some delicate and remarkable jewelry will remind her to what extent you estimate her value as the elder. A certain quality pen could come in handy as well. In brief, you get it, the present she receives will matter a lot to her. No junk allowed.


Extra clean Granny
Anxious by nature, a Granny Virgo is focused on hygiene, daily arrangement and organization which make her feel reassured. You could make her pleased by offering her a plant in a pot or a book on the botanic gardens culture. And if you fail to find these items, you always can do with a household object aimed at cleanness like an electric toothbrush or a first class vacuum cleaner.


Granny Trendsetter
A Granny Libra is very sociable, loves going out to have fun, whether it is to the cinema or to the theatre; a rather waggish surprise outing will amuse her greatly, as well as some cultural entertainment. She appreciates a good taste and elegance which makes her a smart and exquisite senior. So offer her a present that is beautiful, no matter what exactly provided that it is aesthetic, provoking and flaring. This could be an art book just like a design item or perfumed candles. She will adore!


Well weathered character
A Granny Scorpio possesses an undeniable attractive charm so much she loves existence in all its vitality but also her conflict character. A fan of enigmas and of things nimbed with some inconceivable charm, she will adhere to a spiritual type of gift such as an Amerindian bracelet endowed with energy and curing virtues or a decorative weapon reminding her the way danger makes the spice of life. If you get stuck with those choices, taking her to an exhibition of advanced and extinct civilizations will feel as a sign of very good taste to her.


Rocking and roaring
A Granny Sagittarius loves life in all its splendor, richness and diversity. A ticket for a destination that will make her change the setting will be a dream occasion for her to obtain inner enrichment. Prone to relocations and trips, she will be happy to have a chance to discover new horizons and new people. As admirer of gourmet foods she will equally be enchanted by an invitation to a good restaurant for feasting there in the company of her close ones.


In a perfect timing
A Granny Capricorn is perfectly at ease with her solitude and her days organized with clockwork precision. Passionate for dated things, memory and antiquity; you will risk nothing if you offer her a vintage object, which does not mean kitsch though as she loves things with a flair or which have distinctive and classical features. A watch or a clock will be appropriate to her taste since, in her eyes, time is her best friend. Isn't Capricorn the sign of maturity?


Hype and connected
A Granny Aquarius is naturally open, dying of curiosity for innovation and for the unknown. She also keeps up with innovative technologies which ensures her alert and original aspect. A touch-screen multimedia tablet will arouse her interest when you explain her that she can learn the weather forecast and the world news by virtue of this contemporary object; if you wish to make it simpler, an e-book with its memory full of audacious novels and books related to scientific developments will also contribute to her happiness.


Extra sensible
A Granny Pisces is an affectionate woman full of imagination. She understands her grandchildren since she herself is to a certain point childish, dreamy and attached to a light and airy kind of beauty. A musical that of course matches her tastes will be appropriate, or a CD with music that diffuses wellness and bliss. Another possible choice: a weekend to regain top form in a spa; an aquatic ambience creates very beneficial effects on her physical and moral state.

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