Easter: children and their beliefs

Written by Alison

Easter is back again with its traditional eggs and chocolate figures. This gives our dear children a chance to be patient until Christmas as they dream of the magical traditions of Easter, which vary according to country and region, from the Easter Bunny to egg-hunting around the house and garden. This is a good time for us as parents to wonder at the fascinating ability of children to believe in the make-believe and, depending on their star sign, understand how they deal with the unexplainable and how to reveal the harsh reality when the time comes ...


Aries children are frank and spontaneous. They basically never doubt anything they are told and will therefore easily delight in believing in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, as long as there's something in it for them.
When the moment of truth arrives, however, there is a danger they will react badly to the fact that they have been lied to. It will need all your tact and diplomacy to explain that you told them tall stories for their sake, not yours ...


As long as Taurus children are enjoying themselves and have an opportunity to satisfy their love of good things, they will believe what you want them to without further question. However, as they grow up, their down-to-earth realism will certainly lead them to start asking questions.
When the moment of truth arrives, you should emphasise how much adults like making their children happy and reassure them that you will always love them, as these are children who don't really like unexpected changes.


Gemini children are cerebral and will rapidly ask the right questions. Their implacable logic often enables them to find out the truth about this kind of hoax very early on and they will even take cunning pleasure in taking you for a ride as well!
When the moment of truth arrives, you will need to make them understand the importance of secrecy, as they are talkative and will give away what they have discovered. Flatter them for their lucid insight and don't hesitate to make them feel grown-up, to make sure they keep quiet where younger children are concerned!


Cancerian children are particularly inclined to take you at your word. They are dreamers, who will ask nothing more than to believe in the make-believe as long as possible. Even if they have doubts, they will dispel these subconsciously, so they can continue living in their magical world.
When the moment of truth arrives, you will need to wrap the real truth in great tenderness and reassure them that you will always be there to protect them. Don't try to make them grow up too quickly; this is one of the signs that gets the most out of childhood.


Leo children are loyal and very quickly develop grand ideals. They won't doubt what they are told by their parents unless they have concrete proof that they have been hoodwinked. However, it would be in your interests for you to be the ones to tell them the truth!
When the moment of truth arrives, you should start by congratulating them on having moved on a stage to share in an adult secret. Under their airs of swagger, they lack self-confidence and this feeling of promotion will enable them to swallow the unpalatable more easily.


Virgo children are conscientious, anxious and cerebral. They are likely very early on to ask you awkward questions about magical phenomena that they increasingly find hard to believe. Adapt to their logic and don't string them along for too long ...
When the moment of truth arrives, praise their observation skills and modestly give way in the face of their lucid thinking. Make them feel grown-up and they will quickly forgive your apparent ravings, while taking care to play the role of grown-ups with younger children.


Libran children are quite dependent on their environment and will happily follow the opinions of others, which will let them off the hook with regard to making painful choices. They can easily believe what they are told, either from a taste for the make-believe or from intellectual laziness.
When the moment of truth arrives, make them see the inherent pleasure of believing in magic as opposed to the harsher side of life. Stress the fair side of letting others live in the magical world they have known. This is an argument that will appeal to them.


Scorpio children are secretive and very intuitive. They generally guess what people want to hide from them and could well take a cunning pleasure in playing at being ingenuous, either to test you or to amuse themselves at your expense. Keep an eye on them, so that you know when the penny has dropped!
When the moment of truth arrives, they could show resentment and accuse you of lying to them. All you will need to do is calm them down by pointing out the benefits they have had from your little hoax ...


Sagittarian children are the most credulous in the zodiac. They are scarcely inclined towards secrecy, so they don't notice this in others either. It will often be necessary to open their eyes before others take it upon themselves, which could make them deeply angry.
When the moment of truth arrives, you can expect them to pile on the reproaches as these are children who cannot bear lies or subterfuge. You will manage to get out of this if you show your goodwill in supporting cultural traditions, which is a notion they will understand very quickly.


Capricorn children are realistic and attach great importance to convention. If Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny are part of their usual environment, they have no problem believing in them, until they are old enough to understand reality.
When the moment of truth arrives, you should take the necessary precautions for them not to feel betrayed or made to look ridiculous. Try to appeal to their sense of responsibility towards those who are younger. They will feel pleased and proud to have moved on from the baby stage to share in the grown-up world.


Aquarian children are one-offs, who don't do things like anyone else. They are intellectual rebels and implacably logical. You should watch their development in order to work out the ideal time to tell them the truth, before they have told the rest of the school!
When the moment of truth arrives, don't insist too much that they keep quiet, as these children are often contrary. Better to flatter their lucid reasoning, even encouraging them to feel sorry for the poor “little ones” who haven't yet reached the stage where they can access knowledge reserved for them alone ...


Pisces children are the most imaginative of the zodiac. If they could, they would believe in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny all their lives and you would have to interrupt their dreams at the right moment, before they were laughed at by their friends ...
When the moment of truth arrives, use tenderness and tact to console them for what will often be a revelation that is hard to accept. Don't try to make the role of being “grown-up now” attractive, but focus more on the fact that they will still be your baby, whatever ...


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