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Divinatory Arts news

  Written by Alison

Since the dawn of time, humans seek to unlock the secrets of their future through the most diverse methods. These different methods are studied closely by David who, day after day, week after week, gives you the keys. The Tarot of Marseilles will have no more secret for you, the oracle of Belline will become familiar to you, the Amerindian astrology will reveal to you your animal totem... David is interested in palmistry, dream interpretation, coffee grounds and tea leaves. Follow him in his exciting explorations, you will undoubtedly discover the method of divination most suited to your temperament, your beliefs, your hopes...

The heart line on your palm

The heart line on your palm

from David, the 14/10/2019

In chiromancy, the heart line is the one that starts under the little finger and runs to the middle or even the index finger. It reflects your emotional life and your feelings. If the line is badly traced or forms small islands like a chain, this is a sign of dissatisfaction and emotional insecurity; if the line is well drawn, the individual will be confident in his own feelings to the point of being able to act even impulsively. A curved line will reveal strong desires and an enterprising side; a straight line denotes a more reasoned and measured person. If your heart line ends at the root of your index, you know what you want and are very demanding of your partner; if it ends between the index and the middle finger, you are affectionate and loving nature with regard to your loves but also your loved ones. A short-hearted line will be a lover of fleeting and irresponsible adventures. Finally, a line of hearts ending in a fork is favorable because it indicates a romantic soul, warm and balanced. So, did you decrypt your heart line?

The head line in your hand

The head line in your hand

from David, the 26/09/2019

The line of head is in the middle of your palm (2nd horizontal line), it indicates the nature of your perception of the world, your intelligence, the means of control on your emotions and your mentality. If it is very well drawn, your reasoning will be clear, logical and powerful. If it is weak or indecisive, you will be reverie, more dependent on your emotions and have less conviction to do things or defend your opinions. If it is long, it is a sign of curiosity, of multiplication of centers of interest; if it is short, you will not act for your intellectual well-being without hoping for a financial return for example or a gratuity. If your head line is separated from your lifeline, it shows that you are autonomous and independent, able to venture the risk. If it intertwines with your life line, it reflects a lack of assurance. The more lines run together, the more dependent or connected the person is with the past.

Temperance and the Devil in the Tarot of Marseille

Temperance and the Devil in the Tarot of Marseille

from David, the 20/05/2019

If you have the Temperance card in your draw, it is because you need to behave in a more balanced or moderate way in your relationship to others and to yourself. Instead of giving in to your out-of-the-box tendencies or over-the-top reactions, you must strive to become more patient and take the time to explore your feelings. This card suggests an element of cooperation or compromise, there is gift and reception of help at the same time, the sign of a harmonious, friendly or loving relationship. The card of the Devil does not necessarily mean evil. It would be more like a situation where the subject feels trapped or enslaved, resulting in frustration or anger. It may also be to combat habits that the consultant is not particularly proud of. He will have to recognize his negative emotions and have the courage to break free. This can also indicate a person around who has a hold on the consultant.

Dreams for building a better understanding

Dreams for building a better understanding

from David, the 16/05/2019

Dreams, involuntary productions of the psyche, propose a reservoir of images and feelings carrying meanings. Their power of communication has been recognized since the earliest times: the ancients saw it as a source of prophecy, and in Egypt the gods passed to address the pharaoh during his dreams. However, the interpretation of dreams has always come up against their mystery because of their symbols. Some, of course, operate at a non-symbolic level and are to be interpreted literally. But others act more deeply because of their symbols coming from the personal unconscious. By hiding its message in the form of symbols, the dream acts as a "sleeping guardian" as Freud notes. This allows the sleeper to reap the psychological benefits of his night. If we take the habit of noting them when we wake up, we can decipher the riches and warnings of our being on a given aspect of our life.

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