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Introduction: A personality apart!

Virgo ascendant Aquarius: You are attractive, because a little enigmatic, your natural friendliness, tempered by a certain reserve, reinforces this very particular charm. You are more gifted for research, speculation and reflection than for field work where you would be a little deprived. You have easily impulses towards the others, but when your lucidity is lacking, it can bring you mistakes or disillusions.

Strengths of the for Virgo ascendant Aquarius: Independent and imaginative
Weaknesses of the for Virgo ascendant Aquarius: Cold and clumsy

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Personality: Not easy to understand!

Reserved, anxious and very independent, you show a lot of modesty in your feelings, but a great intellectual curiosity, you are open to the world, friendly, generous and full of humor. More focused on the intellectual aspect of things, you are reluctant to reveal your sensitivity, your personal universe. Idealist, you are concerned with the common good and believe in a better world, but endowed with a rational and analytical mind, you only fight for realistic causes.

Vitality / Temperament: Libertarian, but authoritarian!

You want to combine practical, rational action with the realization of an abstract ideal. Your relationships are associated with prestige, you need to dominate or be valued. You are honest, proud and loyal, but you often build your relationship on a balance of power, because you want to be valued. You need distinguished partners, your associations are based on mutual admiration.

Love and emotional relationships: Loving friendships!

In love, you tend to be attracted to the impossible, so you are prone to disappointment. A love based on friendship rather than passion will suit you better. You are original and do not seek approval from anyone to achieve your emotional goals. You have your own point of view on love and you move with ease in unusual situations. You often feel misunderstood in your sentimental life, it is surely because you have difficulty to express your desires concretely.

In the family: The warrior's rest!

You make your home as comfortable as possible for you, your family and your guests. You make sure that everyone has everything they need and you indulge in the pleasures of life. You enjoy the simple things by encouraging your loved ones to do as you do. However, if you don't intend to get out of your routine, no matter what, some people might end up getting bored with your company.

Relationship with money / material goods: Eccentric career ?

Professionally, with your more scientific than director's mind, you are more easily directed towards research, medicine and advanced fields. Inventive, creative, original, you know how to impose your ideas. You are very efficient professionally, you are frank, open, benevolent and your will is powerful, but you are sometimes inclined to excess. You have a natural authority, but you rarely admit your mistakes and you do not like to be contradicted. You know how to express your ideas, you know instinctively the difference between the true and the false, the beautiful and the fake, you hate mediocrity.

Socio-professional life: Sometimes expensive for the prestige!

As a partner, you need to be appreciated, you make sure that your material life does not cause you too many problems. Knowing your weak points, you do not allow yourself to be manipulated and when you have made a decision, it is difficult to make you change your mind.

Sphere of friendship: Constructive friendships!

You are instinctively oriented towards others. Your exchanges are the source of the most important changes that you live during your existence. You know better than anyone else how to take the best of outside influences to progress, without sacrificing your individuality. Your natural need for independence instinctively pushes you to learn in order to refine your critical sense and to free yourself from certain shackles without isolating yourself.

You have an Earth sign and your ascendant is in an Air sign

You need time and solid references to trust and, in general, you tend to follow your own conceptions, sometimes set up as universal laws

Your sun and ascendant are in quincunx

You possess an uncommon psychological energy that allows you to overcome obstacles. Your questioning gradually brings you closer to an altruistic path, relieving you of your deep anxieties that have become superfluous. By going beyond yourself for a cause, you find freedom.

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