Understanding the Part of Fortune

Written by Daisy

One imagines that the Part of Fortune has a symbolic link in with the money while in a chart the Part of Fortune is where we feel most in tune and in harmony with oneself.

Part of fortune is most often represented by a winged wheel with golden rays. Its image symbolizes an unexpected change, most often in the happy sense. For the ancient astrologers the Part of Fortune was synonymous with money, recognition and success in the love affair.

Namely that the benefits of the Part of Fortune are primarily the position signs or houses.

Below are all indications on the actions of the Part of Fortune houses and their effects on the individual. Whatever the astrological sign, all Houses have their importance and their impact.
The part of fortune in House I: in House I the individual has his feet on the ground, he has a strong personality, he will manage to handle the most difficult situations. The Part of Fortune will lead to success.
The part of fortune in House II: in House II, a good determination and good management allow the native to progress and seize the opportunities available to him in his life in general. Money and lucrative operations are well marked.
The part of fortune in House III: in House III the individual likes to communicate and to exchange on his different points of view. He takes advantage of his experiences. Traveling is lucrative and lucky.
The part of fortune in House IV: in House IV the individual enjoys a social elevation, it is fulfilled in his life. He is very attached to his roots, to his family. He can count on a balanced life.
The part of fortune in House V: the native is a good living; he appreciates beautiful things. It evolves in a good atmosphere. He knows joys, he benefits.

The part of fortune in House VI: the professional universe is represented in House VI; the native is likely to break into the profession of his choice. He gives himself the means to succeed. He shows great generosity towards others.
The part of fortune in House VII: in House VII to undertake or to stand out from others, the individual is determined. He looks at life positively, he accomplishes himself by himself.
The part of fortune in House VIII: in House VIII relationships (love, family, friendship) are fulfilling. The native enjoys harmonious relationships.
The part of fortune in House IX: in House IX the native has his feet on the ground, his chances of success are many. He likes to travel, he gets rich, he learns from his expeditions.
The part of fortune in House X: the facilities within the professional field are well marked in House X, the native has life goals, future prospects, he shows courage and ambition.
The part of fortune in House XI: thanks to the House XI the native develops a great wealth of contacts, exchanges are easy, his social life is rich. He is attentive and caring people who share his life (friends, family, etc...)
The part of fortune in House XII: House XII is associated with the consequences of the actions of the native. He is credited with mediumship, the world of the paranormal is very present in his life. He may also experience disappointments.

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