Affinities in love between Taurus and Scorpio

Written by Alison

It is an explosive combination but one that is potentially very interesting. With a lot of passion and some misunderstandings, it's a shock of two temperaments! Your attraction is immediate and magnetic or there is no attraction at all. Taurus gives Scorpio the emotional security they need and can enrich them with new sensations. However, each one of you is jealous, exclusive, suspicious, or demanding!

Love compatibility between Taurus and Scorpio

This is an explosive, but interesting combination. These two temperaments will collide with lots of passion and a few misunderstandings. You will be immediately attracted to one another, either magnetically or not at all. It would be more worthwhile to rely on your instincts than on your rationale. Taurus offers Scorpio the emotional security he needs and can enrich himself through new sensations with this sensual lover.

Compatibility between a Taurus woman and a Scorpio man

This is a fortunate match for these two signs who are strongly attracted to one another physically and emotionally! Female Taurus lets her burning passion for her Scorpio take her over, forgetting her stability and down-to-earth nature. Scorpio will immediately pick up on her deep sensuality and will use his mysterious charm to enchant, destabilize, and possess her, all at once. She never feel as much like a woman as with her partner! Don't play with fire too much, though: both of these signs are extremely jealous to the extreme.

Compatibility between a Taurus man and a Scorpio woman

This won't be an easy romance between the two of you. For things to really take off, you will both need to do your part, especially you, lady Scorpio. Don't always be so jealous and possessive or else your partner could get sick and tired of your lack of trust. This relationship will need simplicity, ease, and light-heartedness for both of you to find harmony. Your sexual appetites are increased all the more together, and this is where you will come to understand each other's sensitivity instinctively.

Compatibility between a Taurus woman and a Scorpio woman

Libra, use your self-mockery to lighten things up in your relationship and to quiet your own moods. Your partner is very much impressed by you, which makes her worried when you go into your own world and your deep silences. There is a very sensual dynamic between you two that could uproot all the norms and taboos! Don't keep the floods of tenderness that your partner awakens in you to yourself. Sharing your feelings on a regular basis, freely and without false modesty - sometimes even without sex! - would be the best gift that you could offer!

Compatibility between a Taurus man and a Scorpio man

You are opposites, and thus complementary. Scorpio wonders, is passionate, goes into detail, and his moods are reactions to others' moods around him. Taurus, quite the opposite, reflects, considers the realities of daily life, and his moods are generally remarkably stable. You are complementary in that your sensuality and ways of handling things. Scorpio coldly analyzes situations, while Taurus offers concrete, and, for the most part, realistic solutions to problems. Your relationship promises to be very sensual, a little possessive, and remarkably solid.

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