Being scared of the bad aspects

Written by Mary

Should we be afraid of squares and oppositions in an astral theme? When you are first shown an astral theme (and even after) and you discover that it includes many aspects in red, it can be scary. Typically, it is indeed this color that we use to connect the squares and oppositions, what are called difficult or bad aspects in this tradition. But you must know that it dates back to Ptolemy (at least!) So a time when we saw in the movements of planets a kind of magic or inevitability. Psychology and psychoanalysis did not exist yet. At the time, those who attended this school, even thought that a theme with aspects in blue - the sextiles and trigones - meant you had won the jackpot: what luck, no need to do anything, our life will be blessed from heaven!

Since the turn of the twentieth century, we know very well that it is not so. For example, the theme of Sharon Tate, the first wife of Roman Polanski, is mostly full of easy aspects: that did not prevent her from being brutally murdered at a young age while pregnant ...

Aspects of tension to move forward

As for the themes lined with squares and oppositions, they allow us to advance. Indeed, astrologers have come to notice that because they generate an inner tension, they push for action. A theme of this nature will push the native to take his life in hand, not to rely on others or on luck; and that pays. Certainly, there will be conflicts to overcome, the nature of which depends both on the planets involved and the kind of aspect.

The strength of the square

The square is thus known as the aspect which announces a need for permanent adaptation between the energies in question. Why? Because over 360 ° the square, as its name suggests, represents a 90 ° difference between the planets, which are therefore in opposite elements: fire and water, for example. So the planet as a sign of fire will want to impose its law, while the other will put a stick in it's wheels to calm it. For example, take the relationship between Aries and Cancer, the first square in the zodiac order: it confronts the impetus from the beginning of the season (spring) to that of the end of the season and the transition to summer. Aries pushes to create and to show dynamism: the seed wants to grow, while Cancer symbolizes the birth of the fruit ... He wants to hide, slow down and protect. By ignoring these two signs, we thus find this same energy of constraint in each square.

Opposition and alternation

Opposition, on the other hand, connects two or more planets that are 180 degrees apart. They face each other, implying opposing signs. While the square is an aspect that can push clashes, the opposition rather announces a movement like a pendulum: at times, one planet will prevail over the other. The person feels torn between two desires and struggles to reconcile the energies available. To use the same example as with the square, let's imagine the difference between Aries and Libra. The first is associated with the days which lengthen, the second with the night which takes again the top. One is exalted, the other melancholy. One is egocentric (a question of survival),the second discovers the other. So, by extension, an opposition, whatever the signs involved, shows a dichotomy in the native. Part of its nature will be so, the other just the opposite.

Use the "negative" aspects

In both cases - squares and oppositions - it is necessary to know that the planets which mix with the part by sextiles or trigones, can help the person to find solutions. In any case, squares and oppositions force us to question ourselves and evolve. The native who has a theme of this type is well aware that they can not remain passive in the face of situations and a changing world. They will be able to make more effort than if they had only easy aspects, indicating a smooth life like a highway. The reality is that we all have, in varying degrees, some disharmonic aspects that will come to add their grain of salt.

No fatality

In short, our ancestors wanted to see in these dissonances what threats would sooner or later, fall on the head of the unfortunate native. Some even thought to see the risks of death or crimes that were announced. However, experience confirms that this is not the right approach. The current trend in astrology is to see it as a discipline (a human science),a way to allow everyone to evolve. To get to know each other better, by having identified our weaknesses and risks of deviation. For example, it is possible to channel a square between Mars and Uranus by practicing a sport that allows us to fulfill our need for speed. An artist can use the flashes of this aspect to create a striking work. But also an average person can, in their everyday life, use their reflexes, their action to simply be unique, with their qualities and flaws.

Be that as it may, today's astrology recognizes the importance of squares and oppositions as essential. With conjunctions, sextiles and trigones, they are part of the major aspects of the astral theme. From the technical point of view, again, the interpreter admits a margin (the orb) of a few degrees to take into account such an aspect. This margin may vary according to the specific criteria, but will never exceed 10 ° for the opposition, often less for a square.

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