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Saturday, October the 24th
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Venus in Virgo: moderation!

  Written by Mary

Venus is entering Virgo and bringing the sense of moderation, prudence, pragmatism, seriousness. This passage creates a favourable and reassuring atmosphere, with no excess.

Such a climate delights the signs of Water (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio) and Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) but as for the signs of Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) and Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) they could find this period too monotonous.

Aries: With the passage of Venus into Virgo you've got the impression of being unable to act in your own fashion and you feel forced to bridle your arduous temper. You find the atmosphere much too serious and boring to blossom out. Meanwhile, you can entirely profit of this period to concentrate again on your objectives, hone your projects to perfection, sort out your ideas and benefit from delightful family moments.

Gemini: The entrance of Venus in Virgo makes you especially critical and snappish toward your partner. In fact, at the moment the ambience isn't cheerful enough for your feelings to shine. Therefore you tend to be highly demanding and strain at a gnat. If you do not wish to come to a sharp turn, it would be more reasonable to make a step back required to analyse the situation and to stop that absolute wish for the other to be perfect and match all your desires.

Leo: The entrance of Venus in Virgo attenuates your exuberance and emotions. This transit has strong probabilities of creating a certain duality in the sphere of your relations. Sure enough, your natural authoritativeness along with the Virgo's critical mind risk becoming a source of communication problems with your company. What is more, you've got a clear impression of being bored as your day-to-day life and activities are stamped with moderation. Here comes the right moment to choose intellectual pastime instead of crazy parties!

Virgo: The atmosphere created by the entrance of Venus in your sign has all the means for satisfying you! Whatever the sphere, you are evolving in a sophisticated, realistic and moderate way and you take special pleasure in looking after your tiny comfort and those who you love. As to the feelings, it is now essential to speak seriously of love and of your couple with the one you love. You seek to ameliorate your relationship and the security of your affection. You can count on communication and tenderness for achieving your goal!

Scorpio: With the passage of Venus in Virgo, there is harmony in the atmosphere that makes you enjoy planning happy moments to spend with your family. You are venturing any excess and ardent impulsion and making small signs of affection to your loved one. At the same time, you put everything to use in order to organize and ease the daily routine for your close ones by fulfilling their needs in a rational way and making their life more enjoyable.

Capricorn: You are in need of realism, meticulousness and security for your growth? The transit of Venus in Virgo has plenty in stock to make you satisfied! In fact, the current atmosphere allows you to count on the firm values for being able to evolve both in the social and sentimental fields. Whatever the sphere, you rely on your common sense not to make a stir and to create an ambience of harmony.

Aquarius: During the passage of Venus in Virgo you can stake on the collective for feeling at ease. Whether at work or among family, you profit from your great ideas, generosity and imagination for creating a joyful and deeply humanistic ambience. You listen out for everyone and are ready to lend a helping hand if necessary. It goes without saying you can be relied on, one can never be annoyed by your side!
Taurus: Venus entering into Virgo knows how to please you! Sure enough, the ambient climate provides you with a securing routine. You appreciate living and loving in a steady pace, without surprises or risks. In love you are fully content with quiet purring at your partner's side. If you are single, you are taking your time to weigh all the pros and cons before embarking. Whatever the situation, you get ahead step by step with extreme caution.

Cancer: With the passage of Venus in Virgo, even if your critical mind is strongly sharpened, you demonstrate courtesy towards the ones around you. In love, the reassuring ambience allows you to be more relaxed and profit delightedly from your relation. Even though your feelings are reserved, you show particular attention in respect of your partner. Far from flurry, you appreciate moments of complicity in your couple or among friends in your sweet home; for you strengthening the existing bonds is a debt of honour.

Libra: With the entrance of Venus in Virgo you are encouraged to put an end to useless gossip and start making decisions. In fact, the ambient climate is inviting you to take things more seriously, put forth your analytical mind, your consistency and also be able to reveal and battle against any possible conflict. You find this atmosphere a bit restraining and not really amusing? You can profit from it by taking a step back necessary to sort out your ideas and to truly define what you desire.

Sagittarius: The entrance of Venus in Virgo is turning your habits upside down and tends to make you a tiny bit anxious. Sure enough, this passage doesn't let you ease off completely. To the contrary, it invites you to be more rigorous and put a stop to your exuberant enthusiasm. This ambience has things in store to frustrate you. But still, no panic! You'd better take advantage of this to concentrate again on what is essential and stake on romance and generosity in love.

Pisces: With the passage of Venus in Virgo you've got a clear impression of evolving within an ambience of protection and harmony. You are feeling more secured and in total osmosis with the current climate. As a result, you maintain peaceful relations with people around you without much pain. This period is perfect for getting closer to your family and spending some delightful moments of sharing and idleness with the ones you love.

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