Venus in Taurus: Your delights

Written by Mary

Venus is entering its sign, Taurus. So, as often said, it will be "at home" and especially active during these several weeks. Venus in Taurus stimulates highly sensual but a little self-centered contacts, in love as well as in finance. If well integrated, this will fill you with so much warmth, a thorough common sense in business and even some luck in what concerns money. However, if poorly managed, you can fear desires knowing no measure, all kinds of excess and certain passivity in your love affairs. After a brief description of the kind of pleasures that everyone wishes for, we will inform you on the impact of Venus' passage in Taurus on your sign.


Aries finds great pleasure in feeling alive, free and strong-willed and likes having something to do.
Venus is leaving you after having brought some disturbances to your various relations. A calmer period is expected, when you've got all the chances to stabilize your financial sphere and, for some of you, manage to put aside a couple of cents. Long standing couples regain certain serenity after some weeks of turmoil; singles will maybe have fewer occasions but their acquaintances will be more stable and reliable. After a storm comes some calm, and if nothing else makes you feel stressed in your love sphere, you could still cry over your less passionate routine, but you'd better think of it as more profitable!


Taurus finds pleasure in sensuality so easily seduced by the tiniest bird song, warm colour or delicate skin.
Venus is entering your sign and is going to blossom in it for your greatest profit, bringing you luck in love and finance. You'd better not spoil this potential break in the clouds by excessive desires, wasting money or regular eating disorders. The temptation can grow for these weeks, so get ready from the psychology side and get help from your family or your friends... Your appetite for gourmet foods can in fact cause you damage in various spheres, for example it would be difficult to lose the extra kilos gained under this influence...


For Gemini the intellectual level of pleasures is above all. They adore wits, well-crafted comedies and breathtaking novels.
Venus entering Taurus is clearing the air and adding poetry and stability to your love relations. You will prove yourself as less impulsive in your spending, both in finance and love, wiser and more faithful in your various affections. This month you're going to slightly move out of the game and recharge your batteries beside your partner, in total privacy and secrecy. This highly sensual passage should strengthen your relations and, for some, open the door for love experience. You'd better take full advantage of this voluptuous climate that will balance whatever rational your affections could have.


Cancer finds pleasure in love relations, especially among the family or the people who are his "tribe".
Venus is leaving the ardent Aries that has perhaps cost you some trouble in love or some thoughtless expenses, and entering Taurus, your friend and protector sign. Your affectionate life will come in bloom in this large mutual sensuality and in intimacy full of comfort for your feelings, for all the feelings... So, beware of harming side effects like gaining some inconsiderate extra kilos or too exceptional attachments. As for finance, you'd better take profit from the real moments of luck without wasting your savings. In other words, buy a scratch-off ticket but don't invest your salary in a casino.


Leo's pleasures flow from the command that he has over his environment, from the esteem in the eyes of others and from his personal success.
After several stormy weeks in your affections and perhaps in your financial sphere, Venus in Taurus is likely to seal the climate a little, if you don't relativize the situations in which you are engaged and if you don't soften your sometimes dominating attitudes. You risk running into someone more stubborn and virulent than you are, and the confrontations have little hope to be sorted out in serenity. The pressure can be especially sensible in your socio-professional life. Wait for some weeks for Venus to enter Gemini to request salary raise or to plunge into new projects.


Virgo's great pleasure lies in the feeling of victory and having control over the daily life.
Venus arriving in your fellow sign, the ardent, reassuring and sensual Taurus, is going to light up both your love and finance spheres. During this transit you will come across some excellent opportunities. In love, your bonds are growing stronger in confidence, consent and solidarity. Concise notions and practical dispositions will secure your acquisitions and you will find yourself in an extremely comfortable atmosphere, financial as well as affective. Indeed, as to money, there is a probability of excellent investments, you will successfully manage great deals, especially in real estate. This is a good period for pondering your projects, take your time to specify your aspirations and determine your future.


Libra's pleasures arise from their social life, friendships and romance. Libra's relations with others are the pivot of their well-being.
Venus in Taurus will calm down your ardent passions but will also add the density that lacked. For you this is an excellent period of comfort, beauty, luxury, calm and delight... Lucky moments are possible, leading to acquaintances, connections or in more stable and calm relations. However there is a danger of negligence, laziness or lack of care that you'll have to fight in order to profit from the opportunities. Venus in Taurus is also an irresistible attraction to specialty goods and foods, at a risk of gaining some weight or losing some savings. As always, a cool head and control of your impulsions are the best guarantee against improper excess.


Scorpio takes delight in torrid sensuality that affects their love relations as well as, in broad, all the contacts with their environment.
Venus is entering Taurus, the sign opposite and complementary to yours: your love life will be re-energised in a very sensual manner during several weeks. Everything related to your relations, whether affective, friendly or professional ones, will be awakened and push you to action. Tremendous moments in great company are probable as long as you are not too stubborn, jealous, intolerant or suspicious. Sharing delicious, sensuous and passionate moments will make you feel best, this is a great period to marry or start living together with the person you love. This is also a very dynamic aspect in relation to finance, inciting you to invest in stable, concrete and profitable things.


For Sagittarius pleasure comprises challenges, travel and personal evolution. Sagittarius is happy when he learns, wins, makes progress...
Venus entering Taurus will add a greatly sensual flavour to your affective life and will give you a taste for simple, natural and long-lasting things. Quite possible that you‘ll find your passions a bit stuck in the humdrum, that lack of dynamics and exoticism which you appreciate so much. But this period has a great merit of stabilising your financial and romantic connections for long term, offering you a gift of relations both sensuous and faithful. A little discipline could protect you from excess in food or from nervous bulimia typical for this sign. You will therefore get the long and the short of this transit without having to pay for it by gaining extra weight, love deceptions or excessive spending...


Capricorn takes delight in simple things: a stable life, a no-surprise environment, a structured routine. He is not hostile to delicious foods.
The entrance of Venus in Taurus will pour balm on your heart somewhat disturbed by the passage of this lovely planet through the unpredictable and impetuous sign of Aries. Firm and concrete values that your heart nurtures are again on your mind and will merit you a beautifully evolving relationship with your sweet darling. The routine is coming back and promising you a soothing life day after day, powerful bonds and lots of simple and natural delights, similar to your likes, classical but picky. This is a perfect period to consolidate your loving relations as well as to perform excellent financial operations, in particular in real estate.


The pleasures of Aquarius are related to his autonomy and independence. This sign loves developing his humanist side, however without expressing himself in an affective way.
The entrance of Venus in Aries has a risk of freezing slightly your love relations in a status quo that your other half will dislike. Stubbornness, jealousy and suspicion go hand in hand with passivity, routine and materialistic inclinations. You are at risk of finding your family life a bit too heavy, of feeling pushed aside from the somewhat primal delights of people around you - in short, of feeling alone. Take advantage of this to strengthen all you've achieved, to position yourself several weeks before the coming change that will bring you a maximum of new opportunities, all the more fruitful because so well prepared during this forced solitude (full of delicious little meals!).


Pisces enjoy various pleasures. These are poets blossoming at the sight of a sunset, expanding in the eyes of their other half, lovers of interaction...
Venus is leaving the ardent and somewhat tiring Aries and is entering Taurus, a very friendly and peaceful sign. This transit promises you several weeks of great well-being, of reassuring routines, purring with content and sensual, of financial success and of love relations sharing deep tenderness. Your environment will get a flavour of delicious ideas, of urge for material comfort and of soothing stability. You will just have to watch out for some excess typical for the Taurus: emotional or nutritional greed predisposing to problems and deceptions. Be careful not to gain 20 kilos or ask too much from your partner, at risk of wasting the benefits of this excellent transit.

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