Venus in Scorpio: Love in the air !

Written by Mary

Venus is leaving the charming sign of Libra to enter for several weeks the sulphurous sign of Scorpio where she will be in exile (this is an astrological term). Venus values feelings and material benefits, that's why certain difficulties can be expected in these spheres. Some signs of affection and material possessions will not survive. In all these cases the reassuring fact is that Scorpio destroys for better building later. Things that will be shattered were meant for destruction since they have been poor, obsolete or detrimental from the start. All the same, this will be a bitter pill to swallow for some of you... But the essential is that a clearer and more reliable situation could be formed for the passage of this lovely planet in Sagittarius.


According to the sentimental and financial situation of each of you at the entrance of Venus in Scorpio, you will experience intense sensual flames or watch your possessions explode if those weren't the right ones. In any case, do not expect these spheres to be harmless; and if you can come unscathed out of the game, these several weeks could turn out to be quite profitable for securing what belongs to you or replacing it if it has become obsolete.
Anything related to feelings is under high pressure and it would be quite prudent of you not to pay back in the same kind which is so common for you: take the time to collect your thoughts, it is worthwhile.


Sudden screams, sudden blows, strokes of rage, sudden turns of fate with the entrance of Venus in Scorpio, your opposite. Strictly speaking, the coming weeks promise nothing mild: neither your passions, nor your rancor or financial activities. Some of you will have to fight the tendency of radical destruction. Still, if your relations are stable this could be a particularly fruitful period, especially for those who desire to conceive a baby...
At the same time you'd better stay extremely prudent in your finance till November and try to calm your overuse, especially alimentary overindulgence.


You are one of those the least affected by this hard transit. You will nonetheless have an occasion to smartly polish your projects and put some order in your relationships. The highly sensual ambience that will reign these several weeks is likely to bring some excellent erotic moments and, in a wider sense, enroot stable relations in an enjoyable climate of intimacy and implication.
The world financial map is not at its best, so it would be wise not to commit any errors in judgments related to money and postpone important decisions in this field.


Venus in Libra promoted light and easy relations, superficial at times, that could have annoyed you these last weeks. The entrance of Venus in Scorpio makes your position especially privileged. You will benefit from the positive energy of Venus without really paying the price of abnegation and suffering paid by the others. This is a very good period for strengthening your love relations, declaring your feelings or nourishing your love sensuously.
From the financial side this is a decent moment for investing, however keeping both eyes open at the existing risks...


After several weeks of various and enjoyable communication a more intimate period is taking shape with the entrance of Venus in Scorpio. Affective contacts are likely to pass in a fervent and fast devastating mode. Suspicion is ruling, power wars are probable. Financial or affective achievements risk flying into pieces if poorly fixed. This is the period when excess will be particularly detrimental for you, as well as imprudent expenses or investments.
If you manage to spend in a positive manner the immense emotional energy triggered by these transits, then during this period you could well create a masterpiece of amazing depth.


The entrance of Venus in Scorpio means the cyclical return of a delightful cocooning ambience that you are fond of. This is a perfect period for meticulous analysis of your affective and financial life by doing the necessary sorting out. Your feelings are likely to get animated, your libido manifesting especially naturally. The fortune is mostly favourable and your analytical mind will be of much use in this passionate and suspicious climate.
You will have all the trumps in hand for raking up the fire and safeguarding your warm nest as well as solid savings.


The amicable and affective ambience is calming down and entering the dead season. People prefer staying at home, moods are not always sunshiny and conflicts swell right and left, which like a charm can make you feel ill at ease. However, by following this move of general decline and taking time to sort out what is going wrong in your life, by the end of this transit you will be able to start a new tour of long-term relations, more intense and much more progressive. Your energy is at its best and should yield you some purely enjoyable moments in couple.


Venus entering your sign is going to redouble the darkest and most sulphurous sides of your personality for several weeks. Your hypnotic charm will be more efficient than ever but the ambience will suggest torrid contacts rather than sweet brotherhood. Your radical approach to things could push you into destroying unsatisfactory relations or squandering your possessions. Self-discipline should be your helper more than ever to overcome these several weeks, intense but exhausting in the love context. Keep an eye on financial fluctuations, especially for the first decan apt to hasty expenses.


You have probably made plenty new acquaintances during the last several weeks. The hour of summing up has struck and depending on the degree of attachment to others, some relations are intended to disperse and others to power up. Not too easy but it is a good occasion to bring what you have to test, share your most private desires with your partner and bank manager with quite a chance of being heard and understood. If you are a decent manager of your affairs then you will have prepared a fertile field for Venus arriving in your sign.


The entrance of Venus in Scorpio will reinforce for a while your positions in the field of affection as well as in finance. Many of you are rather far from devastating passions by your temper. Your self-possession will serve you just too well in separating the wheat from the tares in no haste but with high efficiency. You are able to make investments that will be highly feasible due to detailed elaboration. An intimate and secretive ambience suits you perfectly; if you are in a couple then your contacts have all the chances to be unforgettable during this period. Singles will however find it harder to discover a soulmate during this period of great affective greed.


After several really pleasing weeks of smooth and easy relations, the sky is clouding over and promising a period when you can't expect annoyance but rather the risk of some losses if you don't stay extremely attentive to what is going on in you and around. The wisest would be to be picky in your battles and not to get tangled in endless and useless conflicts. If you demonstrate adaptability, you can learn some important lessons from this period somewhat unquiet but rich in extremely sensuous experience!


You are among the signs for which the entrance of Venus in Scorpio will rather bring profit if you follow your intuition. Deeply romantic acquaintances are possible, starting right off the bat by frantic attraction. In any case, everything is in place for you to experience an eventful and restless sensual life during these coming weeks. This will not go without any harm now and then, but it sometimes is useful to revise things thoroughly to have a clearer view later on and make a fresh start on a rational basis. However, some of the more sensitive spirits will find this passage quite exhausting.

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