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To calculate your Celtic sign, nothing could be easier, this application is here to help you! You just have to fill in your date of birth below:

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The Celts were very close to nature. Each tree had its own specific virtues that were clearly identified in Celtic culture. Since life was given by the Earth, nature was considered sacred. In Celtic culture, the cycles of life follow the rhythm of the equinoxes and solstices. There are 21 signs in the Celtic Astrology, we invite you to discover right here. They are calculated by date of birth, and start from 21st March. Use our app to find out your Celtic sign: What's My Celtic Sign?

The Oak is the sign of those born on 21st March
This sign represents strength, courage, independence and reason. Change is out of the question for people of this sign, who prefer to keep their feet firmly on the ground! This sign bears the attributes of bravery, perseverance, morality, and practical thinking.

The Hazel is the sign of those born between 22nd - 31st March, and 24th September - 3rd October
Hazel signs are understanding and know how to charm. They are defensive of others, and are particularly tolerant. This sign represents flexibility, adaptability, and being sensitive to the changes of Fate.

The Rowan is the sign of those born between 1st - 10th April, and 4th - 13th October
This is a delicate sign that loves life and beauty, and has a certain taste for the arts. People of this sign are passionate and emotional, and who give their all! This sign represents surpassing oneself in terms of human values.

The Maple is the sign of those born between 11th - 20th April, and 14th - 23rd October
People of this sign are nervous, highly intellectual, and learn easily. They are, however, very clumsy when it comes to love! This sign represents a fighting spirit, a struggle for satisfaction, and mindful daring.

The Walnut Tree is the sign of those born between 21st March - 30th April, and 24th - 2nd November
People of this sign are highly original, and although they are not necessarily appreciated by others, they are very often admired! This sign represents authority, personal magnetism, and social influence.

The Poplar is the sign of those born between 1st - 14th May, 3rd - 11th November, 5th - 13th August, and 4th - 8th February
This tree represents good will and reliability. People of this sign seek affection, and need to have a lot of people around them. This sign represents artistic talent, productivity and creativity.

The Chestnut Tree is the sign of those born between 15th - 24th May, and 12th - 21st November
People of this sign are often disliked and misunderstood because of their shyness. They can give the impression that they think themselves superior to others, when in actual fact they lack self-confidence. This sign represents deepness of thought, the ability to summarise, and a need for introspection.

The Ash is the sign of those born between 25th May- 3rd June, and 22nd November - 1st December
This is a sign with many qualities: spirited, motivated, reliable and careful. They do need to watch that they do not ignore their feelings, however, nor their heart. This sign represents fair leadership, power balance, being good at speaking, and being quick both to act and react.

The Hornbeam is the sign of those born between 4th - 13th June, and 2nd - 11th December
People of this sign are mindful of the image they create for themselves, and take care of their appearances. They are very ambitious, and make sure they have what they need to achieve their goals. This sign represents material stability, abundance and creativity.

The Fig Tree is the sign of those born between 14th - 24rd June, and 12th - 21st December .
People of this sign love everyday life, their family, their children, their work… they love their routine! Their biggest potential flaw is that they let themselves get a bit carried away sometimes! This sign represents relaxation through leisure, opportunism, and an eye for detail.

The Birch is the sign of those born on 24th July, the Summer Solstice
People of this sign are elegant, seductive and straightforward. They are happy with what they have, even if they sometimes get carried away by their imagination! This sign represents a natural instinct to persuade others and seek security.

The Apple Tree is the sign of those born between 25th June - 4th July, and 23rd December - 1st January
People of this sign are extremely sensitive, who love and love to be loved. They live for the day and don't give much thought to tomorrow! This sign represents generosity, self-sacrifice, and being sensitively at the service of others.

The Yew is the sign of those born between 5th - 14th July, and 2nd - 11th January
People of this sign are mysterious creatures, who like beauty, and who have a strong tendency to close in on themselves. This sign represents skills of concentration and abstract-thinking, and a need to identify and bond with others.

The Elm is the sign of those born between 15th - 23th July, and 12th - 24th January
People of this sign are loyal, and like to stand out from those around them and give their opinion on everything! This sign represents compassion, defense, and seeking reconciliation with the world.

The Cypress is the sign of those born between 25th July - 4th August, and 25th January - 3rd February
People of this sign cannot stand rules, nor the constraints of life. That said, they hate being alone, and they need money to shine socially. This sign represents strength of opposition, and being emotional on the inside.

The Hackberry is the sign of those born between 14th - 23rd August, and 9th - 18th February
This sign symbolises trust. People of this sign know how to wait for the right person, and have many hidden talents. This sign represents a mind for business, as well as imagination, energy, intuition, inspiration, and independence.

The Pine is the sign of those born between 24th August - 2nd September, and 19th February - 29th February
People of this sign make a true friend, are brimming with enthusiasm, and fall in love easily. They make real Don Juans in love, with a natural charm that is really quite something! This sign also represents a sense of modesty, and the need to feel useful.

The Willow is the sign of those born between 3rd - 12th September, and 1st - 10th March
This tree symbolises good taste and honesty. It is also associated with capricious people who are not easy to manage on a day-to-day basis. This sign represents discretion, a taste for secrecy, and predominant inner physical strength.

The Lime Tree is the sign of those born between 13th - 22nd September, and 11th - 20th March .
People of this sign are sweet, flee from any sort of conflict, and give themselves completely to others. This sign also represents the need to surpass oneself through the trials of life.

The Olive Tree is the sign of those born on the 23rd September, the Autumnal Equinox
As its name suggests, this tree symbolises the Sun and warmth, but also feelings and justice, too. This sign represents love, beauty, and a sense of working as a team.

The Beech is the sign of those born on the 22nd December, the Winter Solstice
People of this sign have their heads firmly on their shoulders. They are organised, thorough, and do not make decisions lightly - quite the contrary, in fact! This sign represents sociability, and seeking to improve things; a quest of kindness.

These 21 signs form the basis of Celtic Astrology, and each one is represented by a tree. The word tree has a dual meaning: it constitutes the plant element, but also symbolises the birth of writing, words and literature. It is the marriage between the material and spiritual words.

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