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Knowing who you are dealing with
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Understanding the Midheaven

  Written by Daisy

The Midheaven is at the tip of the sky chart. The MC tells us the highest point, it stands as a direction. By definition it is the most important point, it represents the social realization of the individual. It is also called House X, it characterizes destiny in general. In astrology the Midheaven is not always well assimilated or understood, the reason? Nobody knows it. It is associated with the professional, the profession, the career, the ascension, the social fulfillment, the success and the power, even if most often it is the ascending sign that will determine the profession. In analogy House X is connected to the sign of Capricorn (earth sign). It corresponds to the mother in a masculine theme, and vice versa, to the father in a feminine theme.

The actions of the Midheaven represent the way and the capacity we must free ourselves from the heavy baggage that life imposes on us. House X pushes us to achieve a specific goal. Because of the education he has received and according to his condition of life, the person, lacking a marker, will act under influence and unconsciously.

The individual having a dominant House X is egocentric. He has a strong tendency to put himself forward also as regards the professional field that personal. He knows how to extol his merits, he stands out from the others, he does everything for the good of humanity. From the moment the subject finds his place in society, he accomplishes beautiful things which gives him the opportunity to shine in society.

The Midheaven acts differently for the twelve signs of the zodiac. Allow us a little overview of all the signs and find out what is its role for each of the signs.

The role of the X House offers beautiful initiatives, courage, a leader side, a curious mind.

Communication, dialogue are the assets of a House X in Gemini. All the means of expression are put forward.

The role of House X in the sign of Leo is that of educator, he guides, he directs. Under the influence of House X Leo radiates.

With Virgo, the Midheaven plays a role of analyst, curator and supervisor.

In House X Scorpio needs to look for himself and prove things. He destroys to better rebuild.

The tone is given for Capricorn, he stabilizes, manages and organizes. His seriousness can serve as an example.

House X helps Aquarius to transmit his knowledge, he advises and guides others.

Sagittarius needs to guide, he teaches, under the effects of the House X he can become directive with the others.

In House X Taurus is a real builder. All around him he builds. He is a very good manager. His life is stable.

House X will play a protective and maternal role in the sign of Cancer. Around Cancer, there is a climate of trust and kindness.

In the sign of Libra House X plays the role of balance, he advocates harmony, conciliation, under his actions the native tries to improve.

In House X Pisces finds help and assistance. He enjoys playing the explorer, he likes to relax.

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