Understanding the Midheaven

Written by Daisy

The Midheaven is at the tip of the sky chart. The MC tells us the highest point, it stands as a direction. By definition it is the most important point, it represents the social realization of the individual. It is also called House X, it characterizes destiny in general. In astrology the Midheaven is not always well assimilated or understood, the reason? Nobody knows it. It is associated with the professional, the profession, the career, the ascension, the social fulfillment, the success and the power, even if most often it is the ascending sign that will determine the profession. In analogy House X is connected to the sign of Capricorn (earth sign). It corresponds to the mother in a masculine theme, and vice versa, to the father in a feminine theme.

The actions of the Midheaven represent the way and the capacity we must free ourselves from the heavy baggage that life imposes on us. House X pushes us to achieve a specific goal. Because of the education he has received and according to his condition of life, the person, lacking a marker, will act under influence and unconsciously. The individual having a dominant House X is egocentric. He has a strong tendency to put himself forward also as regards the professional field that personal. He knows how to extol his merits, he stands out from the others, he does everything for the good of humanity. From the moment the subject finds his place in society, he accomplishes beautiful things which gives him the opportunity to shine in society.

The Midheaven acts differently for the twelve signs of the zodiac. Allow us a little overview of all the signs and find out what is its role for each of the signs.


The role of the X House offers beautiful initiatives, courage, a leader side, a curious mind. The midheaven in Aries offers beautiful initiative, courage, a leader's side, a curious spirit.
You need an exciting job in which you have to make quick and sometimes radical decisions. You seem unstoppable in the eyes of your professional environment; highly reactive and always on the alert, your ambitions are powerful but short-term: you manage daily life efficiently, a little less so your overall career plan. It is in the confrontation, the urgency, that you give the best of yourself. If you happen to make a mistake or fail, your disappointment is short-lived; you are quickly ready to take on new challenges with the same ardor. If you exercise a sedentary activity, it is very important to exercise physically in other ways: sport or intensive walking, otherwise you risk becoming morally exhausted and lastingly discouraged.
Beware of your impulsiveness.


The midheaven in Taurus gives real builders. In your work, whatever it is, you build, you manage efficiently, with a lot of common sense, you aspire to stability.
You are looking for a stable and constructive working life, you do not mind routine if it makes you feel useful and efficient. You are capable of great perseverance and patience in the face of long and difficult work. On the other hand, you hate going from one activity to another without carefully finishing what you started. You are naturally attracted by jobs related to real estate, the management of material goods or by everything related to well-being and comfort: you can be an excellent cook or a good decorator, fond of beautiful materials and warm colors. You prefer to work alone because agitation disperses you and reduces your output. You are very lucid about your abilities and the pursuit of your career.
Beware of your stubbornness.


Communication and dialogue are the assets of a midheaven in Gemini. All means of expression are exalted and adaptability is a real talent.
To thrive in your professional life, you need variety and mobility, you find it hard to put up with the routine that undermines your best intentions. You find it a bit difficult to bend to a strict hierarchy, but you are particularly good at dodging when the task is not right for you. You are a good speaker, an excellent salesperson, you bring a lot of lightness and humor to your daily work. You can hardly stand a sedentary job unless it allows you to use your critical sense and verve. Teamwork suits you because you like to exchange, share your methods and you are not a personal career plan enthusiast. For you, success is counted day by day.
Try not to spread yourself too thin.


The midheaven in Cancer plays a protective, maternal, nurturing role. This configuration establishes a climate of trust and benevolence yet dominated by emotions.
Professionally, you are made to nourish, care, preserve, protect. You need a job where you can invest yourself emotionally, where you feel understood and appreciated. An ideal job is for you as a second family. You are tenacious, devoted and caring, you know how to create a warm atmosphere, both with your hierarchy and with your colleagues or subordinates. But you can also be resentful or sensitive if you have been hurt. Underneath your naive airs, you have an excellent business sense, which makes you formidable in certain negotiations. Success, while important, is less important to you than the pleasure you get from working in a friendly atmosphere and feeling appreciated.
Try to control your mood swings.


The midheaven in Leo is a great place to be an educator, a director. This configuration favors the professions of guidance and organization. Leo is a sign that makes a career radiant, many artists have the midheaven in Leo.
You are a born leader; you love to take charge of a project or a team and you give the best of yourself in your work. In exchange, you eagerly seek recognition, respect, notoriety and even power. You are organized, loyal, enterprising, and generous with those who collaborate, but you must be wary of an authoritarianism that is sometimes counterproductive. You cannot tolerate mediocrity and can become aggressive when faced with a sloppy or poorly organized task. You constantly seek to be noticed and you cannot stand ingratitude or indifference to your efforts. You benefit from a beautiful creativity that inspires artistic achievements or innovative work methods. You assume your responsibilities and you are demanding but fair with others.
Do not let pride dominate you.


The midheaven in Virgo plays the role of analyst, curator, and supervisor. Above all, this configuration needs to feel useful and efficient.
You are particularly gifted in the service and support professions. You are not looking for a management position, but rather a lucid and efficient manager. You prefer to work in the shadows, either alone or in a team. Your major concern at work is efficiency, profitability, and safety. You are able to focus on all the details to avoid any mistakes or even imperfections. Often skilled with your hands, if you do not count, do not analyze, you can make an excellent craftsman, you have the compass in your eye and infinite patience to finalize your work. You are also very successful in the trades. You have few problems with your hierarchy or your colleagues because you are discreet, helpful, and friendly.
Try to strengthen your self-confidence.


The midheaven in Libra plays a role of balance, harmony, conciliation and encourages continuous improvement. The quality of life dominates professional motivations.
In your work, you seek above all peace and balance. You need a pleasant environment to give the best of yourself, you aspire to good relations with everyone and a pleasant working environment. You are very gifted in commercial matters: charming, polite, often elegant, you enjoy yourself effortlessly and you can be very convincing. You prefer management to heavy responsibilities and you have a very good team spirit. You often hesitate between several solutions and you sometimes lack initiative, but your diplomacy smooth many obstacles and extinguishes many conflicts. You need a dynamic professional life to succeed in your projects.
Beware of a tendency to superficiality.


The midheaven in Scorpio needs to seek itself and prove things. It destroys in order to better rebuild. This configuration often implies an emotional investment in his work.
At work, you are rather discreet but very efficient, your somewhat enigmatic appearance may raise questions in your professional environment, but this is of little concern to you. You are attracted to mysteries and enigmas, which can make you an excellent detective, an outstanding researcher, a perceptive investigator. You put a lot of passion and bite into what you do, everything you do, you do it thoroughly. If you feel appreciated in your work, you always try to get to the bottom of things. Business suits you too because your intuition helps you see the flaws in others and your innate seduction does the rest. You respect hierarchy if it is fair and you are a demanding but fair leader. You do not shy away from long and difficult tasks because you are willing and tenacious.
Do not be too suspicious.


The midheaven in Sagittarius needs to guide, to teach, it aspires to broaden its horizons, to deepen its knowledge, to learn and to transmit knowledge.
You put a lot of good will, openness, and courage into your activities. You are constantly seeking to broaden your point of view, to surpass yourself, but you are impatient in your expectations and you take risks a little too quickly as soon as a situation seems fixed. You are an employee who respects the hierarchy and regulations, but if you witness malfeasance or a lack of honesty, you become a rebel that nothing can calm. You are very motivating with your colleagues or subordinates, but you are often overconfident. You look for the best in everyone and, if this attitude is very encouraging a priori, it can also become a paternalism that is difficult to bear for some people. You are attracted by professions related to faraway countries, philosophy, and higher education.
Do not be flippant.


The midheaven in Capricorn stabilizes, manages, and organizes. Its seriousness can serve as an example. With this configuration, we need to build something concrete and sustainable.
You are a hard worker, persevering and honest. You have high ambitions, but you prefer the right reward for your efforts rather than glorious fame. The most important thing for you is a reassuring evolution of your income. You are not attracted to frivolity and chatter, you prefer to concentrate on your task, even if it is difficult, and you often work better alone than in the company of less serious people. You are not in a hurry, you know the constraints and advantages of long-term work, which allows you to surpass competitors who are noisier but less persevering than you. You are attracted to architecture, construction, sciences, and finance. You are able to take on heavy responsibilities discreetly and if you lack fantasy, you rarely complain.
Do not be too rigid with others.


The mid-heaven in Aquarius encourages people to pass on their knowledge, to advise and guide others. It needs freedom and discoveries in a work if possible focused on the collective.
Aquarius is independent, even when employed. You value your freedom of action and always use very personal methods to achieve your goals. You need a dynamic framework, you are irresistibly attracted by novelty which, at times, can hinder your ascent. You can have a great career in any community, in new technologies or in an independent activity. You are able to delegate the most tedious tasks, but you are resourceful when it comes to innovation or a change of direction. Your career is not what interests you the most, you change positions without a second thought if your work does not suit you and you seek to renew yourself rather than follow a pre-determined path.
Do not confuse independence with disobedience.


The midheaven in Pisces suggests a work of help and assistance. He needs confidence and even an emotional fusion with his work to develop his best talents.
You are a little confused or messy in your work, but you are brimming with good will. The atmosphere is very important in the success of your professional life, you are looking for a certain osmosis and, if you are unable to find it, you work distractedly and without pleasure. Your intuition helps you a lot to capture the atmosphere and you adapt instinctively to the energies that surround you. You are not really competitive, and you prefer common or creative activities to strictly financial projects. You need to be encouraged and supported so that you do not get lost in your activities, self-employment does not necessarily suit you. The artistic world and humanitarian projects are a perfect fit for you, as well as anything that requires dedication, flexibility, and intuition.
Beware of your carelessness, sometimes your laziness.

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